FIV Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

FIV ( Feline Immunodeficiency Virus): AIDS in Cats

AIDS is very well known in humans but feline can have too. There scientifically differences HIV and FIV which is really important for cat owners to know as general health facts. The meaning of FIV FIV is the short term for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus which can cause Acquire Immune Deficiency Syndrome ( AIDs) in cats.This virus is retrovirus which derives…

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Why do cats Purr?

Why do cats Purr? Surprise facts that you should know

Cat fanciers love to vote kitty’s purr as the universal sound of peace.Nowadays android application creators make mind-calming sounds with different types of cat’s purr.We also feel peace and loving whenever our soft and warm kitty curling up on us and purring.It is true that purring is one of the signs of happiness, satisfaction, trust as dogs wiggles their tails…

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Cat eyes

Cat eyes: 3 scientific and fun facts you should know

Kitty’s own the most powerful weapons to melt our heart and of course, those are eyes. Pursuation mood can be switched on when they become big and round. But only a few people except vets know some general things about kitty’s eyes scientifically. Every parent knows about that common knowledge about fur baby’s important body parts which has a magical…

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Christmas cat names
Cat Names

Most adorable Christmas cat names and their meanings

Holidays are wonderful not only for humans but also for furry babies. Among them, Christmas is holy and amazing holidays ever as a day of blessing, goodness and full of fun.Every X’mas symbols have beautiful meanings behind them.Why should your feline fella not has Divine special names inspired by this saintly day.Let’s sing “jingle bells” and write a letter to…

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Catnip: Important facts and uses you need to know

Catnip is very popular among cat lovers society but some people still have no idea of what actually is it.Therefore it is necessary to learn information and how to use catnip for every feline owner.I believe this easy and informative research may help you to understand it because some people still think it is unsafe to give the kitty and…

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How to make your cat happy
Behavior, Cat Care

3 super easy tips to make your cat happy

Every cat parents want their fur babies happy and have a strong bond with them.Having a feline companion is same as having a new baby because kitty totally depends on you for its life, for loving family.I always compare kitties with a human toddler because I recognize every single one of my cats as own blood family, little sibling, own…

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