About Me

Hello, dear visitors, my name is Nadia Ruby. I am a mother, teacher, and artist. I was born in Myanmar(Burma) and now currently living in a small town in Bangladesh with my wonderful husband and a loving baby son.

I had been owned by cats over past 20 years as I got my very first furry sibling when I was 5 years old.Since that time, these family members with four legs and a purr became a precious part of my life. They created wonderful memories with me, protected me from dangers because if a kitty chose someone to love, that meant a life time to spend with that chosen one but never be a temporary.

I am with my baby boy. He is one year old now and his name is Aryan.

Having a fur baby at the first time is like becoming new parents of a first born human baby especially when facing with infant kittens to take care of. So we may have no idea how to care them day to day while these tiny little fragile things are depending on you and then we have to search ideas and advice are as much as you can.Here is a point why I compare cats with the human kid because they have never been animal to me even though they are animals in reality.I also faced struggles when the first kitten was adopted because of the lack of experiences about caring a kitty.

Around 1997, the internet was not invented I think because even the computer was rarely known by most of the peoples. Therefore my parents and I had to call a vet or run to the pet clinic for every time we felt something wrong with our own fur baby. The more I passed time with those little furry friends, the more experiences I got from them. Nowadays things are getting easier after internet entered into humans’ daily life. Hundreds of pet care websites popped out that help us to give solutions and ideas in simple cases with well-researched sources. I am so grateful to those who created wonderful websites because not all people can go to vet every time so getting help from online is very convenient these days.

I always wanted to make a website everything about the cat for helping people who like to depend on online knowledge.My husband is a very intelligent IT technologist and he knows very well in this field.He supported me to create my dream of assisting cat lovers from around the world via online.Before I create this web page, I have to learn from up to date clinical researchers, information by the variety of online resources.As I am not native English or American, my posts and articles may not be classic and standard but I tried my best with the simple writing style. Another reason I create this website is about sharing arts, the creativity of my own because drawing and painting are the things along within genetic code since I was childhood.

For some reason my parents did not support me to be a professional artist, I didn’t have a chance to share pictures and portraits that I create with my ability and imagination. However because of my wonderful husband, now I can show to all of the dear visitors that is so grateful for me. It’s my greatest hobby to create fine arts and cartoons about felines and cat related fantasy creatures. Indeed, every cat has different personalities.

My first kitty brother, Mr. White, was so active, playful, and not too much a snuggle lover though little-spoiled prince Diamond was just a funny and childish lazy fat cat just like Garfield in the movie. Among my two fur daughters, Cinnamon was active but not an extra playful and fierce protector, So what about Lulu Belle? She was a sweet and gentle but silly little baby. Each of them gave me unforgettable priceless memories and caring experiences which are now turned into heartfelt stories. Mr white filled my lonely life, saved me from a snake but he passed across the rainbow bridge very early. Cinnamon fought back a salvage bravely just to protect her weak and scared human. And about Diamond, well he gave me fun and warmness by his childish and adorable nature as I still remember he used to make big eyes for getting treats and used to jump on laps or belly unexpected time.

Thank you so much for visiting this website and for support my hard work!