About Me

Hello & Welcome to Cat Lady’s blog Heymeoww.com, My name is Nadia Wrobel, the person behind this blog. If you are reading this then you might also a cat lover like me. I’m a die-hard lover of cats for over the past 15 years, I always loved to play with adorable kitty and cats. I have got my very first cat when I was 13 years old & her name was Nala, but unfortunately, I lost her in an accident.

Since that time, I haven’t brought any kitty for almost 2 years, because after I lost Nala, I was so depressed.

And from the 3rd, I have again started pet my cat, currently, I have 4 cats. These are kinds of my family members, they became a precious part of my life day by day. They have created a lot of wonderful memories with me, protected me from dangers because if a kitty chose someone to love, that means a lifetime to spend with that chosen one but never be a temporary one.

I spend most of my free time with them to care for them, feed them, and playing with them. And, I really enjoy it very much.

And, here at Heymeoww.com, I would love to share my personal experience.

Stay with me