Ashera cat: rarest and most expensive hybrid feline

Ashera is also known as an exotic designer cat which is only for super rich feline fanciers. Some people believe that Ashera and Savannah are the same breeds but Ashera is said to be hybrid of African Serval, Asian Leopard, and house cat while Savannah is a result of cross-breeding between only African Serval and domestic house kitty. Although they are not significantly different in physically and biologically, Ashera cost double price of Savannah.

Ashera cat origin

Ashera Cat

You will wonder who would ever buy with such an immense price. Yes, of course, there are people who are ready and willing to pay but those people must be millionaires or billionaires for sure. Therefore, this hybrid is also called ” Luxury cat”. There are only around 100 of this beautiful kitty are being sold in every year as each queen can only give birth only a few kittens per year. International cat associations and cat show organizations deny registering as a specific breed as they believe it is same with F1 Savannah. This amazing leopard like feline was started from the Biotech Laboratory of Lifestyle Pets Company which is one of the world largest pets breeding companies. Lifestyle Pets is well known as the first creator of genetically modified non-allergic kitties so Ashera is also bio technically designed as complete non-allergic to humans.


There are 3 types color fur coat patterns according to breeders’ research. First one is Royal which has small golden orange color spots. Royal ones are rarest as merely 4 kittens are born per year. The second type is snow Ashera, which is an absolutely beautiful mini copy of snow leopards and mountain tigers. The final one is typical which possess jungle leopard-like spots. An Ashera can stand more than 3.3 ft from hind legs and can grow to 30 lb although normal adult size is 100 cm high and 12 kg.

These cats are the size of small to medium size dogs so they can be taken for a walk outside with leash like dogs. They have the small wedged head, green or amber eyes, thin and elongated body, legs with fine muscles. The ears are wide at the base but round and tapered at tips. Their neck is a little bit longer than normal domestic fur babies which indicate the sign of wild big felines’ bloodline. Their soft shiny fur is firm, short and very less shedding so people who are allergic to cats can stay close to them safely. Despite fierce majestic appearance, they are extremely well temper, calm and kind fur babies.


Ashera Cat Behavior

They are super friendly to dogs, babies and even strangers. Those tender loving natures make them one of best friendliest human companions alongside with dogs because they are also extremely loyal to owners. This race is also perfect but we all know that everything is not perfect by universal law. If you have one, be careful about your beautiful favorite curtains, carpets and fragile decorations because these little leopards are very active and playful. They will not mind not to tear up expensive curtains and hanging on there. Therefore, be prepared to add budget for extra spare curtains, carpets, and decorations they will destroy addition to 22,000 dollars of kitty price.


Maintaining is a lot easier than some other hybrids and pure breeds. They are generally healthy and genetic deficient diseases are very rare. Only one trouble is sensitive digestive tract. Sometimes they can not digest food well. Owners must be careful while feeding because of a sensitive digestive system. They should be fed with exclusive premium quality canned or dry cat foods but they prefer raw fresh meats due to wild ancestral bloodline. Instead of big pieces of meat, chopped meat is good for better digestion. Meat must be fresh, clean and need to be chilled in the blast freezer for 2 days before giving to the kitty. Spoiled or unchilled raw meat can cause food poison or diarrhea by harmful germs.

Ashera cat cost

There are verified commercial raw diet brands in the market so you can buy with vet’s suggestion. Other basic general cares such as spaying, neutering, annual checkup, and vaccination are necessary to keep these furry fellas healthy and happy. Litter box must be unusually bigger size than normal house cats. For being rarest breed, people who want to buy an Ashera must wait 9 to 12 months to get one even cash is ready in hand. The additional service package fee $2081 must be paid to Lifestyle Pets company for 10 years consultations of world-famous vet Ronald Tripp, A microchip of identification, legal insurance, veterinarian certificate, climate control transportation etc. A kitten price can start from $22,000 to $30,000.

People love to buy very expensive jewelry but having a wonderful stunning feline companion with the same amount is also not a bad choice. Most people think it is a stupid idea for spending a huge amount of money for a cat. Actually, this is absolutely worth it for having such a smart, mighty, graceful and loyal companion while some people are buying expensive Chihuahua or poodle dogs for show. Because Asheras are not only for show of richness and luxury, they represent royalty, majestic and grace.

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