How to know the differences between Balinese and Javanese cats

Most people misunderstood which one is Javanese or Balinese cats.There are 4 simple and easy facts to understand about each of them.These little fun facts will let you know better and closer to your specific oriental feline friends. Actually Balinese and Javanese are cousin breed on the same basis of Siamese cat though Balinese is closer to Siamese than Javanese. Most people misunderstand that they came from Indonesia because of their names.

The reality is those felines are as elegant as the dancers and beaches from Java and Bali islands but they are not from there basically.However they interact with each other breed, there are some basic differences in appearances. Here I am going to explain about origins, appearances, personality and general health of those oriental beauties.Now I will start with the background history of how did they first appear in human cat lovers society.

Origin of Balinese and Javanese cats

The original Siamese kitties from Thailand region started to be popular in Europe and America around in mid 19th century.So they had been imported from Thailand to cat fanciers of western countries.Siamese babies are well known for their slim body, silky short hair and unique dark color patches on face, tail, and legs. Among them, the litters of some Siamese couple showed genetic mutation by having long fluffy hair kittens.

Javanese Cats

Official cat breeders Marion Dorsey of Rai-Mar Cattery, Helen Smith of Merry Mews Cattery, Sylvia Holland from Holland’s farm cattery discovered the long hair mutation kitties among original ones.Those genetically mutated kittens were called long hair Siamese on the first register in 1920.In 1928, those long hair exclusive kitties first appeared as show cat in American Cat Fanciers Federation. Around 1950, long hair Siamese cats were vested popular among luxury fanciers in whole the United States of America. Therefore the breeders managed to get more of those long hair ones as a separate breed. Later the original owner Ms. Helen Smith changed the name to “Balinese” for inspiring the graceful, soft appearance and movements of the elegant dancer of Bali, Indonesia.In 1979 the International Cat Association officially registered this breed as ” Balinese” the new separated breed.

So what about their beautiful cousin ” Javanese”? Unlike Balinese, Javanese are hybrid of crossbreed between Siamese, Balinese and color points short hair, Persian and normal tabby cats.Those are modern hybrid race though they were registered as a type of Balinese different by colors at first by Cat Fanciers Association.However, in 2008, The International cat Association affirmed that Javanese are outcrossed division of Balinese and put in Siamese family.Instead of giving separate name, primary breeders decided to call “Javanese” to inspire beautiful cousin Balinese and it’s oriental bloodline.

Appearance and colors

Balinese are just long hair version of Siamese kitties.They have long slender body shape, legs, and basic Siamese color paints.The traditional Balinese had an apple shaped head, heavy bones, sturdier body, large triangular ears, blue eyes and significant color patterns of primary parents. But the modern ones are longer, more slender body with wedged shaped head.They have basically silky smooth medium length hair though offspring of two Balinese parents may much longer fur coat than original breed.The tails are normally fluffy long hair.

The general colors of Balinese are the same standard colors chocolate point, lilac point, blue point and seal point like their Thailand blood parents. Tabby patterns are not shown in this breed. Unlike other races, color points of those adorable kitties can be spotted by paw pads color.Blue and seal point patterns are for dark paw pads though pink pads are for chocolate and lilac point.They are single coated and least shedding than other long hair cat races.The silky fur can be groomed easily.Due to large ears, regular ear cleaning is needed weekly.

When the Balinese kittens are born, they are pure cream or white in color and visible pattern points start to appear until they are clearly visible to identify the type of color standard pattern on tail, legs, faces, and body. Chocolate and seal point can grow darker with age. As Javanese is the mixed race of Balinese/Siamese to another breed, not only original standard color points but also tabby gene patterns such as tortie and faint or visible stripes along with Siamese patterns. Javanese also has a silky smooth medium length fur coat and fluffy tails though face, ears and body structure more Siamese alike than Balinese.


Balinese cat

Javanese kitty has an almost same personality as its ancestor though slightly less demand nature than Siamese.Both breeds are elegant outside with funny jolly roger soul.They have full level curiosity on whatever their owners doing.They are a super caretaker and try to help owners most of the time. If feel disturbs about being followed and monitored, these cat breeds are not meant for you. They are very friendly, love and care to human as also demand attention and love from owners.If you have one, be sure to entertain them well because they are very active, playful and agile kitties.

Passing boring days can bring depression.These cat breeds are well known for smartness, intelligence, and extraordinary adaptability. As I mentioned friendliness to human but they can be ok with dogs too.They enjoy having a very close bond between them and owners.As a perfect emotional healer, they will always try to check your mood.If you are sad, those little furry healers will warm you up with love and gentle physical contact.Whole day running, playing will not be enough for the super active breed. So please be careful what you decorate in rooms.

Vases or China will be at risk of being targeted as well as Sofa, carpet and silk curtain. Fragile decorations should be displayed on close shelves.They are very talkative kitties as they will meow you about everything.You should meow them back because they do love chatting with you whether you understand cat language or not, it does not matter for them.Ignorance can break their loving heart and may lead to lethal depression.Do not have one if you can not tolerate adorable full time talking.Fun and attentive people are the best matches for Balinese, Javanese, and overall Siamese family.


A general average lifespan of Javanese and Balinese is 18 to 22 years.But genetically defected kitties have a short-term in life. Crossed eye syndrome is most common among Siamese family and all three breeds share same genetically defect problems, unfortunately. Most certified cat breeders give health guarantee but they will never promise about 100% fine health with defects free. If someone does, that is a lie.

There are general health problems which are commonly found in Siamese, Balinese and Javanese family.

1.The liver disease called Amyloidoses which is a result of amyloid protein depositing in the liver.
2.Aortic Stenosis heart defect
3. Crossed eyes
4.A neurological problem called Hyperesthesia which can make kitty paranoid about excessive grooming themselves with when they are touched until hairs fall and gone.
5.Rapid eye movement by neurological disorder etc.

Over these, both breeds are better safe as indoor because of their excess activity and playfulness.Give them attention, love and physical close contact and patience.Brush their silky fur coat once a week and bath are not necessary at all.Ears need to be clean with a cotton ball soaked in warm water and vinegar mixture.Dental cleaning needs to be done at least 3 times per week. Clean eyes discharge with soft, damp cotton cloth.Their slender body structure should keep it that way for good health. Excess obesity can bring structural and bone problem along with bad health. Make your smart Meoww kitty healthy and happy.

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