Top 10 pretty and best names for your Persian cat

Having a kitty from Persian breed and trouble in naming?This breed is very sophisticated and one of the most luxurious show cats due to their unique facial structure and fluffy body. Male or female is not a factor, they are glorious gentle being so no super activity or playfulness like other breeds. There are countless wonderful names ideas for Persian cats which are also related to every other hybrid of the peke face, a fluffy family such as Himalayan, Napoleon, and Mini Persian. Now let’s start with beautiful meaningful name title for female furry princesses.

persian cat names

Beautiful and meaningful female names for Persian cats

Unlike other histories, the ancient legend of Persia surprises me with phenomenal leaders of legendary armies.Yes indeed because there were very beautiful and mighty brave commander women and troops of female warrior soldiers who supported in the making of the greatest golden era of Persian Empire.And there are successful modern Iranian ( which is ancient Persia ) women who are popular scientists, technologists and powerful founders of great businesses. Our kitties are thankful for choosing us as their lifetime companions. Therefore they deserve to have the greatest pretty names.

Parisa – This is from Parisa Tabriz who is also well known as ” the security princess” of Google.She was born in the United States in 1983 by the Polish bloodline American mother and pure Iranian father.She is very intelligent computer security expert who was registered by Forbes in the list of ” 30 tech pioneers under age of 30″.This genius girl is currently working as Google Chrome security team leader.This name is amazing to inspire smart show kitty.

Roxana – The short term of Roxana Moslehi, the Iranian associated professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Albany, State University of NewYork.She is known for her dedicated research about cancer and cancer procedures.Her studies give the great help in the comprehension of congenital causes of the diseases and the overwhelming of the gene-environment function in developing diseases.This is another perfect name for the intelligent furry daughter.

Anahita -“immaculate one” in meaning and she is mighty great famous water goddess of ancient Persia also known as the goddess of fertility, patron of womanhood and war.Her spirit animals are peacock and dove as she represents clarity, purity, pride, and beauty.She is shown as a beautiful maiden wearing the golden cloak, a diamond tiara and carrying water pitcher.She is compared to great greek goddesses Artemis and Athena.Some kitties are calm in nature which make them suitable for the name of Anahita.

Azura – Very beautiful and perfect name for blue eyes Persian and Himalayan.Azure is the sky which is peaceful clear blue.It also related to serenity, peace, trust, and power.Azure is another name of Lapis Lazuli stone which as believed to have divine power associated with third eye chakra. Egyptian god Amun was portrayed with sky blue color skin which resembles the great power of the sky, sun, and creation.Well, let’s say your puffy ball is blessed.

Cyra – Great vintage essence title to call gentle lady fuzzy cat. According to old Persian Kur, Cyra means the one who born by the light of the sun.It also inspires the mighty Cyrus and Great of Persian Empire.Our felines are a little gift of light in life and princess with fur and purr.

Artemisa – Originally derived from the warrior goddess Artemis. Just like the goddess, Artemisia is one of the topmost all-time legendary grand admirals in history.Despite her immense beauty and noble appearance, she is well known for her bravery and dangerously intelligent art of war.She was grand Admiral and chief commander of entire powerful Navy and even ruler of some colony areas under the great king Xerxes.She became the living idol of every Persian woman.A well-matched title for the majestic brave feline.

Strong meaningful male names for Persian cats

Male Names For Persian Cats

Not only for furry daughters, feline sons can amazing names that match with unique personalities of bravery, fatherly love and caring, calm and peace mind.Therefore the following creative names will help you to find out a perfect title for the kitty.

Ahura – Directly come from Ahura Mazda, the supreme creator god of heaven and earth.He is considered as lord of wisdom and host of Heaven.His duty is to keep the evil gods away from the world.The mighty kitty boy shall get a mighty name to call for keeping the owner away from negative thoughts, pain, and sorrow by a purr.

Mithra – Ancient Iranian god who takes care of the cosmic order.He is the god of friendship, light and also well known as the son of Ahura. This mighty God helped his father to fight against the evil army forces of the fearful evil god Ahriman.It is also good one to inspire the mental healing energy of purr possessed by your furry friend.

Xerxes – Who is a fan of 300 film? If you, then you probably know, who I am talking about. Actually, the king was not weird like what Hollywood movies portray. He was one of the greatest kings of ancient Persia from Achaemenid Dynasty. Like previous great emperors, he his territory spread Egypt, Asia Minor and some parts of Greek. His brought his empire to the apex of richness and prosperity. In 300 movie, he is pronounced as the god-king. It is a good choice for Hollywood fans who are searching mighty names from movies.

Cyrus – The another inspire the name of Cyrus the great, one of the top most powerful emperor of Persian Empire. His supreme region reached to Balkans and west part eastern Europe, central Asia and most part of south-west Asia.He is the first one who wrote the human right law.Because of his trying, the region was in most peaceful time ever in history.Not only humans but also tomcats should be called to inspire the great king.

Firouz – The name of the great Iranian space scientist can be a suitable choice for intelligent fur baby.This Iranian American scientist Firouz Naderi got great respect in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for 30 years.He won NASA’s Outstanding leadership medal.You can take the first name or last name Naderi. In his honor, NASA named Asteroid 1989 EL1 as 5515 Naderi. This is an amazing and honorable title after all.

This is a great honor to help you find the great name for Persian kitty boys and girls.I hope my research give you fun and satisfaction. Do not forget to check other interesting creative cat names too in my other posts.

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