Calico cat: Fun facts and power of feminism

Calico babies are famous for their doodle color fur coating. Like Tabbies, they also are not the specific breed. This coloration can be found in some breeds but most common in Japanese Bobtail and others like British Shorthair, American Shorthair, Manx, Exotic Shorthair, Turkish Van etc. They are also known as Tortoiseshell-and-White, Chatte d’Espange in Franch, Tobi Mike in Japanese, Lapjeskat in Dutch, Tricolor cat etc. Calimanco is for diluted color mixture and Caliby is for mixture with tabby patterns. Earliest origin was Egypt and they migrated to Mediterranean, Europe, and Asia. There is some basic knowledge about these lovely calico fur babies that every cat lovers should know.

Calico cat

Coloration and Appearance

They generally belong to the tabby group as the tortoiseshell pattern. The typical pattern is two or 3 colors patches on white based hair coat. There are 3 main different types of calico patterns. The Dilute which has no specific color intensity. The Tortie has black and orange cover most of the body and very less white which appear as random tiny spots between the mixture of 2 colors. And the Patches have orange and black patches on the white based body. There is another diversity of tortoiseshell pattern which is called Caliby ( tabby stripe plus tortie patches).

Each Calico kitty has unique tortie patterns so there are no identical patches in different cats even they are twin from the same litter. So these adorable most colorful fur babies can give you the feeling of having 3 cats at a time. Unlike other cat breeds, you cannot breed to get this unique color pattern because it happens naturally and magically. All calicoes patterns are not allowed to in Siamese points and solid color fur coat breeds like Siamese, Javanese, Balinese, Himalayans, Bombay, Russian Blue etc.

Calico cat personality

All of them share the common tortie genetic trait behavior called Tortitude in addition to each specific breed nature. They are sweet, fun loving and loyal but you can not take the wrong advantage of their goodness because these Tortitude babies are more fierce, braver and more independent attitude than other breeds. They do not hesitate to protect you and love you unconditionally just like Katty Purry’s song. They quite get along with children and dogs if they are not being disturbed a lot. Therefore owners should not be mistaken My both fur daughters are calicoes and they are sweetest bravest baby girls as they are not shy to expose their love to me. They are kind of good hand in mouse hunting.

Therefore these elegant fur ladies will prove you that they are not just for showcase princesses except for Persian because they are gentle luxury kitties. These adorable tiny predators are active and agile as they will be seen playing or sneaking mice apart from cuddle and napping times. My calico daughters love to bring their preys to with full of pride. As far as I know that these tri-color patches felines are intelligent and easy to be tamed well.

Mysterious genetic: Is there any Calico male cat?

While 20% of Gingers are female, 99.99% of Calicoes are females too. Genetic coding is a very deeply mysterious thing so we often call the magic of nature. I will explain you as clear as I can because genetic coding things are hard to understand for normal people like us. Every female has XX sex chromosome which only indicates to female gender while every male has XY sex chromosome which indicates both masculine and feminine gender. A pregnant mother shares only X chromosome to the infant because she has only female trait but a father’s gene chooses to give whether X or Y.

Therefore mother never decides the sex of infants but the father does though it is kind of different in calicoes case. In naturally, calico patches color chromosome always pick up feminine X from the father. That is why almost all Tri-color patches babies are ladies. As we all know that the same litter can have different fathers for cats. If Tri coloration chromosome of mother rarely, accidentally picked up Y from any of those different fathers, the magic happens which means a rare Tri coloration male can be born. And these tomcats have 3 sex chromosomes XXY. For detail, only 1 chance to be male in every 3000 females. That’s why patches tomcats are considered to be luckier than lady cats.

Health and Lifespan

The typical lifespan of calicoes is 12 to 16 years. A well cared patched fur baby can live more than 20 years. They do not have specific health issue because their health problems are related to the specific breed they are. For example, a Persian calico will get health issues related to Persian breed. However, this is for only for females. Unfortunately, tomcats carry a lot of health problems and genetic defects. A ginger girl can be a mama but all male calicoes are sterile.

These poor furry boys usually suffer from Klinefelter’s syndrome which has the symptoms of genital deformity, weaken bones, diabetes due to weakening insulin production, some behavioral disorder, and a shorter lifespan. Owners should take care very well of those boys. After all, all feline companions need great care to live healthily and happily.

Famous Calico cats

Symbol of a State– These lovely tri color kitties have the same coloration to Baltimore Orion baseball team. So they are officially declared as the State Cat of Maryland.

Fluffy Lucky charm– In South East Asia, Japan and China, tri-color felines are well known as the icon of good fortune. When I rescued my daughters, my mother said they bring good luck because of their color. The famous Maneki- Neko ( the beckoning cat of ancient Japan tradition) is actually tri-color Japanese bobtail. Arent they adorable? Lucky or not, I am sure they bring warm love and happiness to the home.

Superheroes with fur and purr– There is a famous case of a brave calico kitty saved the family from burning house by continuing scratching the bedroom doors. One of my daughter tortie saved me from a dog by bravely standing in front of me. You can check this interesting case in my rescue stories. There is a very famous celebrity station master in Japan which saved the station from being shut down. Is she so pretty to lure people? Yes, of course, she is pretty little kitty which instantly famous and attracts visitors to the station.

Famous in a weird way– There is a funny superstition that the tail of calicoes can cure the wart. Well, you can try but they may feel uncomfortable rubbing your warts with the tail. Former Attorney General John Ashcroft surprisingly believes that these kitties are the sign of the devil.

For cat lovers, having fur babies is never enough. A house full of meow and soft warm kitties is paradise for them. If you ever want to fill the home with adorable feline kids, you should consider having these calico babies. You will never regret keeping them with you because they are so brave enough to save owner’s life. They are one of best companions for kids too. For me, my lovely daughters are furry wonder women.

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