Top 5 Ways to calm down feline in heat cycle

Naturally, cats reach the age of mature at around 6 months and up.In that time female queen cats will go in the heat especially in spring to late summer which is a typical breeding season.Then the queen kitty which is not spayed will change her behavior which will indicate the symptoms of the estrus cycle.

Felines are not human so it takes a lot to soothe during this period because of difficulty to handle and need patience.However, there is some quick fix and precaution to solve mating reason excitement problem.To avoid your furry daughters to get pregnant and unwanted litter, owners must be aware time, period, behavior and symptoms of cat heat cycle.

1.Identify whether your cat is in heat or not

Calm Down Feline In Heat Cycle

This is quite important because making sure the certain problem before solving is to avoid leading the wrong treatment.Your fur daughter will meow restlessly with heave metal voice which looks like she is in serious pain.Yes, she can be sick especially not in estrus period, but in Romance season, this deep vocalized meow and growl can turn out to be dating call to males.

This experience may kind of annoying but try not to ignore and the best is to go and check up on vet’s clinic.As the matter of fact, it can be really painful sickness so you can cure her of time.If there is not animal doctor nearby, you must consult with experienced vet online while searching important topics, articles about it from the internet.Giving wrong treatment will only make problem worse instead of solving.

2. Separation from male cats

There are two options for it.If any unneutered tom in the same home, all you need is to isolate her in another room together with food, water, comfortable bed, litter box and proper entertainment such as play tree, scratching post, squeaky toy act to keep her away from boredom and interest on the male.

Separation From Male Cats

Separation must be done as soon as you notice the abnormal behavior changes of estrus cycle or very possible to be ended with getting pregnant if you let them hang out together.The second option is to keep the female indoor when she is in the heat to separate from neighbor toms as your kitty queen will call out loud for a mate with her heavy meow and makes can sense unspayed female from a mile away.

The queen will try to escape anyhow as soon as she gets a chance so it is necessary to close the door shut at night or after every in and out from doors.Close the window so toms can not visit and lady cat cannot sneak out from there and cover the curtains if needed because seeing the presence of males can bring her more excitement and unstable condition and it can even make her stress.Therefore the better way is to keep her safe at home with distractions.If windows or doors were left open only with thin mosquito net, outside toms can sneak into princes’ chamber and you will be surprised by the miraculous pregnancy of fur daughter without going outdoors.

3.Calming the excitement during the heat

Now how to soothe your kitty gal to distract her and her hormonal behaviors, it just needs some extra time, patience and attention but there are several ways.Please be sure to provide with extra attention as even just a feeling owner nearby her will build comfort.Therefore play with her often, give a tummy petting, back petting, brushing hair while she is on your lap, sometimes warm hug and any type are the close caring love you can think.

Calming The Excitement During The Heat

She will demand more physical contact especially lower back rolling on the floor with ” pet me ” pose and meow and then just give gentle comfort rubbing.Do not let the cat bore with an old same toy for a reason to make her attention away from males.Some people try with electric or microwave heat pack to let the cat in heat sit on because they concern that sitting on the warm area will calm the queen a bit though it is not working for all time.

There are some popular herbal remedy brands which are used to calm the cat in heat.Even though some says it is effective, different kitties respond to the different remedy. But this is just too short-term stress relief.Some people try with catnip but remember catnip increase the heat cycle excitement sometimes instead of calming down.Not only humans use an Aromatic diffuser to soothe mind, there is special diffuser which is designed only for cats.

Yes, the Feliway is chemical pheromones which provide familiar scent around feline to bring her safe and calm state.This chemical takes time to adjust the hormone level in unspayed queen so it is not the quick fix.Therefore better plug the diffuser at the beginning of the breeding season for making the pheromone familiar in kitty’s sense before going into heat.

4.Cleaning the scent and litter box

Cleaning The Scent And Litter Box

female queen urine has a scent which can attract tom males.Therefore if she is marking her region by urine spraying in the house, you need to make the scent disappear before the Romeos approach her.That area must be de-odorized with enzymatic cleaner which can break the urine smell down than other cleaners.

Litter box needs to be clean regularly because cats love clean spot.If her litter box is dirty, she will choose your favorite sofa or any spot in the house for making her urine territory and as long as the smell exists, she will repeat there over and over again. So make sure to scoop her dumps daily and freshen up the litter box regularly.Therefore try to train her well to use the litter box instead of letting her make everywhere.By using bleach cleaner will bring worse result as the ammonia content in bleach will encourage her to do in the same spot again as it is smell like urine.Proper ways of litter training can be found in articles.

5.Spaying procedure

This is the most secure way to avoid pregnancy because it stops that heat cycle and pregnancy for a lifetime.Spaying is surgery procedure of removing ovaries so feline cannot be in heat even the season comes.Spaying can also reduce the risk of reproductive organ cancer. Make sure your cat is spayed perfectly because the incorrect process may cause dangerous infectious diseases and even can go into heat again if ovaries tissue is left.Though it is long term quick fix solution, must consult with the veterinarian before considering this surgery.

These points are my research from different sources. Furr babies have different responses so one way or another, try to calm her down in the breeding season. Do not forget to be patience, warm and kind to her.

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