Can cat eat rice? Treat or Diet

There is no proven serious health issue by feeding rice to your cat. The idea about the danger of rice in cat foods because 99.99% of cats from entire Asia are eating rice in everyday diet and some commercial cat foods contain rice as tummy soothing ingredient. Rice is the safest grain or carbohydrate source to feed the cat. Now I am going explain the question ” Can cat eat rice?” from various resources and own experience.

Can cat eat rice?

Is rice safe for the cat?

Well, it is definitely safer than other starchy grain and potatoes because cats have trouble in digesting starch like the wheat-based noodle, pasta, and potatoes. House cats from Asian countries are living well and normally by having rice as part of their daily diet. Other high carbohydrate food can cause stomach pain and severe constipation but surprisingly rice bring reserve effect as it can use as a cure for constipation and rice can be digested easily even for cats.

Rice can not support as main proteins which cat mainly needs but can boost digestion and some energy. Most of the cat owners from Asia generally feed their cats rice and any types of meat or fish together. Remember, cats are absolute carnivore just like their wild cousins from jungles. Therefore, do not consider rice, bread, vegetable, fruits as the main diet because kitty can suffer nutritional deficiency problems. This can lead to lethal conditions.

We feed some tiny parts of vegetable just to stop chewing random house plants because sometimes cats nibble when their bodies are in lack of specific vitamins. However, this case does not happen occasionally. Actually, owners cannot resist sharing their foods to beloved feline companions when it is safe for them. If your cat is stomach distress, sick and hard to digest formal meat diet, best is to give a little amount of soft cooked rice with typical meat or fish.

Best ways of feeding rice to cats

In Europe, the USA and other western countries which the main diet is not rice, it is usual to feed commercial cat foods and do not need to change their diet. This article focuses on people who are looking for the way to feed their cats rice and for those who can not effort standard cat foods for the daily meal. This way is absolutely efficient, low cost and give healthy meal and healthy life though I do not guarantee that this diet will be totally 100 same effects like expensive commercial standard cat foods.

All of my fur babies are with this system and they all do not have any specific health problem for this. When you decided to put the rice in cat’s daily diet, first rice must be cooked well. Rice should not be very hot and should not be more than half of small teacup because you need to feed fish or meat as main. Chopped the meat or chicken into small pieces and boiled well only with water. You can put a little sprinkle of olive oil if you want as olive oil also boost kitty’s health. After boiling, let it cool for a few minutes. And then mix with rice and feed them.

Never throw out the broth because semi-wet condition with broth can make your cat easier to digest the meal. If you want to feed fish instead of meat, make sure there is no bones and no scales. Do not put any salt, pepper, spice, onion, and garlic in cat food. Every 2 days per week I put some vegetable in cat’s meal. You just need to boil the vegetable which is edible for cats and blend into a paste. One teaspoon of boiled vegetable paste is enough for the whole meal and should be given only one time for a whole day.

Avoid feeding cat much rice and less meat. The human body needs more carbohydrate than protein but cats do not. Feeding excessive rice can cause obesity and diseases caused by lack of proper nutrients. Another best time to feed is when your kitty has hard bathroom problem because cooked rice can soothe the belly again. However, there is some side effect, consuming rice as daily diet may cause Taurine deficient than a full meat diet. Therefore when you decided to feed rice to your cats, meat and rice amount should be 80% protein with 20% rice.

Can I feed my cat uncooked rice?

Before I explain, ask yourself that you can eat uncooked raw rice or not. If you can not, cats can not too. Uncooked rice is very hard to digest even for the human. It can make severe stomach pain in cats. Uncooked rice have natural pesticide called Lectin which is toxic to the cat. The symptoms of Lectin poison are vomiting, stomach ache and diarrhea. If your cat shows these signs and does not recover within 24 hours, consult with the vet emergency. Cats are not birds so things birds eat are not for cats.

I do not force or recommend to all cats owners for giving rice to cats. This article intention is to those who want to start rice and meat diet or those who are feeding rice in wrong way. All of my kitties are fine with this system but the choice is up to you. So, the question is, can my cat eat rice? Absolutely yes, but only need to prepare with right way for the sake of cat’s health.

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