Can cats eat bananas? Risk or Nourish

As we all know that kitties are born with curiosity, they will definitely watch you sitting and eating with pleading big eyes or meowing and rubbing against you for a piece of share. We easily share our food most of the time.Sometimes owners have trouble to share when they are eating fruits like the banana because the fruit is not a cat’s thing and not sure about safety.Humans, monkeys and even minions from animated film love banana. Owners may want to share a little piece of chomp while their mind is worry about unknown consequences.This researched article will inform you how fur babies and this sweet yummy fruit going through. Can cats eat bananas? The answer will be given for you to find out.

Can Cats Eat Banana

Is banana toxic to cats?

This is very tasty, nutritious fruit for the human and rich source of potassium, fiber, and Vitamins.However, it is not a valuable nutrient source. According to ASPCA bananas are not poisonous but also no nutrient value for a cat. So you can share a few bites that will not make a problem. For felines, it will be nothing more than a sweet treat and they are not addicted or craving for sweet fruit. Some people say bananas a few extra health benefits.
For example, Fibers in this fruit reduce obesity, control weight and can make soften stool for stopping constipation although some think it can cause minor stomach upset and constipation for not being able to digest. I fed my fur daughters only 1 or 2 times in the very little amount of chomp.It actually softens their dumps but I avoided not to give often for the reason, my protein based eater fuzzballs do not need a vast amount of potassium, minerals, and vitamins like humans. However, excessive feeding daily can bring opposite result of benefited health issue as natural sugar in it make cat diabetes and obesity. So do not try to feed every day in big amount as the main meal because you can not make feline a vegan. Having a limit on non-toxic but less value some human food.
Some owners try with frozen bananas, it does not work most of the time because fur babies do not wish to swallow icy cold frozen food or boiling hot meal.

People ask why cats afraid of banana sometime? It is possible if they see the long, bright yellow unfamiliar looking weird stick with funky smell suddenly popped in front, they will definitely jump up to the sky with fear. There is another possible fact that kitties may disgust the smell of ripened fruits which can be a reason why some owners try on frozen ones. It is on the list of non-toxic foods, therefore, it is up to you to decide for sharing or not sharing to those with pleading big eyes while meowing.Remember not all of the kitties like it because they can even walk away after sniffing for few second by losing interest.Dried chips may give the same result with ripened raw one though some commercial chips have extra sugar, dye, chemical and the lasting agent which can cause unwanted harms to fur fellas.

Is Banana Toxic To Cats

Can cats eat banana peels?

After the soft part goes, now its time for peels. People just love to feed weird things to pussycats.There are lots of medicinal researched posts on the internet about how banana peels are healthy for humans and not to waste the peels etc.It is not about outer hard peels I am saying but about inner soft string like peels.Peels are hard fibers which make lethal choking, stomach, and intestinal problems if consumed.So be sure to skin out well before sharing a tiny piece of your cat.

We all love to share our foods is with furry beloved ones but sometimes we need to learn which is edible and which is harmful.We also better learn to resist the big eyes and meow weapons for their own sake if necessary.

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