Can cats eat bread? Just a tiny treat or diet?

After finishing the article about rice and cat, the new one ” Can cat eat bread” starts because only about rice will not be fair for beloved fur babies from western countries. Actually, the variety of different types bread is available around the world, in every culture, every tradition. A typical American and European eat 35 lb of bread per year. Bread is fundamental cheap food for most people even in countries where rice is considered as basic food and very easy to buy. For cat owners who are thinking to share a piece of bread but not dare, this informative article may help you well. Let’s see what is going to be with cats and bread.

Can cats eat bread

Is bread safe for cats?

Yes, it is safe but there is some bad news. Bread do not give any nutritional value or any health benefit unlike rice though there is no harm if you want to give a teeny tiny piece just for an occasional treat. However, most of the cats love to chomp bread pieces. Sadly not all slices of bread are safe for cats. When you are in supermarket or grocery store, you may see soft sweet white bread, delicious raisin bread or garlic bread are tempting you. Those bread will even support nutrient for humans but they are harmful to your kitty cat.

The white slice bread contains the high level of chemicals such as preservative, sometimes bleaching agent to get white color and high amount of sugar and salt. These contents are harmful to cat’s tummy. Other harmful bread is milk bread, raisin or nutty bread, chocolate bread and garlic bread. According to international cat associations’ research, raisin, chocolate, garlic are hazardous to the cat.

Bread has protein but the very little percent of compared to carbohydrates. That tiny amount of protein content is not enough for the cat to survive plus the vast amount of starch and carbohydrate will make the cat fat because the reason bread is not being supported to feed the cat in the large amount is salt and sugar. Bread does not have Taurine which is needed by cat’s body. Cats cannot generate Taurine from their bodies while dogs can. Taurine deficient problem is a long-term effect on the cat with hair loss and decaying teeth.

Should I feed my cat raw bread dough?

This is one of the very dangerous things that you should never feed to your cat. Cats are attracted by yeast and some commercial cat foods contain yeast. However, yeast from rising bread dough is a great danger because the dough will keep rising in kitty’s stomach.

This happens when yeast continues the fermentation process and keep rising up inside cat’s stomach because severe symptoms such as heavy breathing, swollen belly, blood circulation trouble in the abdomen, severe belly pain can happen and be chocking if the piece of dough is stuck in the throat. A lethal case can happen depending on the amount of bread dough kitty consumes by showing the signs of coma, seizure. There is another reason that you must avoid raw bread dough. That is alcohol poisoning. Your kitty may not need to take a sip of cocktail or beer because fermented yeast from the piece of rising dough in stomach gives the same effect.

Your cat may suffer from vomiting, trouble walking, dizziness, and coma in severe cases. If you see your cat accidentally ingests bread dough, immediately go to vet for an emergency cure. Owners should be careful whenever you make bread dough. Do not let the cat into the kitchen and always cover the dough and put it in a safe place where the kitty cannot reach. Never feed the kitty even a tiny piece of raw bread dough.

Can my cat eat Roti?

Is Roti safe for the cat? This is actually considered as another version of bread which does not have yeast. That may make you think quite safe to let your cat nibble. However, Roti is also dangerous like bread dough even without yeast because roti dough has to be made by mixing with boiling water and salt to get very starchy, chewy texture. Therefore, the cat cannot swallow or digest easily. Therefore cats should not be given Roti even as a treat.

After all, nothing good for overfeeding any human foods to cat even these foods are so-called ” Safe” because all of them are harmful in one way or another if cat consumes excessively. Best thing is to keep along with formal cat foods or feed not more than a piece of your fingernail size whenever you wish to share your cats. Plain bread is safe to feed because it is not intoxicated but no nutritional value and even harmful in overeating. This brief information will help you to realize the right amount of bread you should give to your cat without any harm.

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