Can cats really see the ghost? Supernatural felines

After explaining about cat eyes and vision, we are going to step into an interesting supernatural world related to cats. Does your kitty spook you by starring empty spaces at night and hissing invisible enemies? This abnormal behavior may make you goosebumps and eerie feeling. But do not worry, your feline buddy will protect you by keeping you aware of these places. Now, I am going explain the possibilities that our spooky fur balls can really see and hear ghosts and entities.

Can cats really see the ghost?

My cats can sense invisible things

Before the scientifically discussion, let me share some of my experiences. My childhood duplex house has rumors about some ghost sightings. Actually, my family and I weren’t haunted by ghost except for the maid. My kitty brother Mr.White used to stare the empty wall beside the fridge often. That was a place where the maid saw white foggy solitude was standing. Well, the ghost can be thirsty too at night.

The second time is when I was with my girl Cinnamon. Sometimes we found her hissing, growling to the third-floor apartment room door. An unfortunate construction site worker fell down from the third floor while building the apartment. It could be him teasing my Cinnamon for fun, who knows! There are things out of beyond physical reality.

Can cat’s senses ghosts or entity?

Metaphysical things are indeed out of scientific explanation but there are always possible answers for it. As we know that spirits are made of energy and waves which is out of humans sense. But what if they are actually not ghosts what our feline seeing? Yes, seeing spirits are very possible but not all time. Furry babies have acute night vision and very high hearing ability. They can see the infrared ultra, violet rays, very faint light particles. Sometimes, the dim night light very tiny particle can reflect on wall, ceiling and even in the dark corner of the room. Their super night vision wide lens can catch the tiny light particles. So as usual, those little furry fellas may be curious enough to stare tiny spark of light that we cant see.

Cats’ white, grey and black nocturnal super eyes can also detect very faint showery vision of objects. For example, you cannot see in the dark room with very little light but kitties can. If there is another living or non-living in darkness, of course, it can attract your furry friend’s attention or just scare him.

Cats can hear ultrasonic sound waves which normal humans cannot hear. Therefore even some abnormal ultrasonic frequencies can make puffy tails and unsettle behaviors. Sometimes, they just sit like stone and listen.

The Pineal gland in the cat is more powerful and bigger than human. This gland is related to the third eye and psychic power. This is why our kitties have strong six sense. For this reason, we can see that people believe felines are related to the spirit world. In ancient Egypt, cats were believed not only as a god but also as protector and guide of dead souls in the underworld.

Actually, it depends on people which side to believe. Supernatural myth or just Science or a little bit of both. For me, my fur babies have acute senses by nature so it is possible they can see spirit energy or sound. But I am sure no matter how much different beliefs and myths, furry friends are never a devil in disguise or witches’ another form. They love and loyal to their humans until the last breath. Cats are our little guardian angel with fur and purr. Feel free to share your ” Purranormal “experiences with us. We are welcome any kind of cat-related spooky stories.

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