Can Cats See in the Dark? Mystery and nature

Cats whether big or small are well known for mysterious super senses beyond human capability. Because of their nocturnal behavior and ability to see in the dark, these furry friends had been worshiped as the god and misunderstood as devil throughout history. Ancient people believed cats have magical power. Extreme superstitions about cat’s night vision and witchcraft slowly disappear after biologically scientific solution came out. Since we are the cat parents, we should learn basic about our beloved furry friends. Let’s learn how our kitties see the world through their version.

Can Cats See in the Dark

Night vision in cat

Yes, kitties can surely see in very low light or in the darkness with very little light. However, they can not see in pitch complete dark. It is actually nothing about Hocus Pocus. It is all because of their unique eye structure. Kitties have very large eyes compared to the size of the head. The iris can expend very wide so even the very little faint light can enter through the lens to the retina.

The retina has two types of photo-receptor cells which receive the image. Cones cells are for day vision and colors while rods are working as a detector of brightness and grey color. Rods cells are very less active in daylight and colors receiving. Cats have a very high amount of rods which is totally opposite of human eyes. This is the reason why we can see colors very clearly and kitties can see in very low light than us. The concentrated amount of rods cells sensitively response the faint light and produce a clear grey version of surroundings.

Colors in cat’s vision

When humans are enjoying the colorful environment, kitties cannot see the same way as their human parents. It does not mean that their world is only with grey, black and white. In daylight, the cat can see the environment as the grayish, foggy version because the outnumber cones cells on the retina cannot support well to see all colors clearly. There are three types of cones which detect three different colors red, green and blue. The high amount of these 3 cones cell in humans bring rich and intense coloration. But for fur babies, their view is same as color blind people who normally cannot detect red and green colors.

Cats are nearsighted. They cannot see far but can know the danger and preys by advance hearing.

Glow in dark eyes

If you see your feline’s glowing eyes in the night, do not run with fear. Your kitty will not call fluffy minion of darkness for sure because it’s just their one of eye features. As the mention above that the iris in cat eyes open wide to let the dim light in for night version. So the light directly reflects the mirror layer and we all can see spooky bright silvery greenish yellow eyes. Humans do not have this extra mirror layer. Therefore, instead of silvery glow, humans have the red eyes effect due to the reflection of blood vessels on the retina inside eyeballs.

A British man Percy Shaw invented the “Cats-eyes” which are tiny blocks in the center of the road that have mirror reflection system inside. He got the Idea from glowing actual cat’s eyes. His Invention saves millions of lives especially in mountain highway at foggy nights.

I wish you enjoy learning and seeing the world through our furry friends’ vision. Each living thing is gifted with different and specific ability by nature. Parents should aware of kitties’ eyes for unwanted infections and blindness. You can notice if the kitty starts to hit nearby objects without seeing clearly then you may need to show to the vet for a medical checkup. There are more informative articles will be up soon. Do cats see the ghost? Well, wait and see in the upcoming article.

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