8 informative cat care systems you need to know

Nowadays, people are caring for cats as own children or family member indeed they are regarded as more than pets to human owners in the whole world.Among them, kitties are not just for protection from vermin outbreak anymore.Yes indeed, they are still catching rodents as a naturally born duty but they become spoiled little prince and princess of the house at the same time.Some parents do not want their fur babies to eat mice, outside small animals and insects.

cat care systems

How to take care of your cat

You may think it is possible to lead them away from natural canine behavior but every parent wants their beloved furry babies safe and healthy.Eating mice and insects may bring unwanted parasites and diseases to cats though you can not stop what is come from the primitive gene of the predator so only you can do is to keep them safe and healthy as much as possible from your side.Here I am here to show how to care cat with authentic ideas and systematic ways.Remember happy cat makes a home sweet home.The following important basic facts that every kitty lovers should know to keep furry friends healthy and cheerful.

1.Feeding regularly with well-balanced meal

It is very important to give your cat healthy nutritious food because they are originally active animals so most of the calories and energy are burned down while jumping and playing time.Main is they need highly source of protein for being carnivore just like big feline cousins from the jungle.Therefore do not even think about to make them eat Tofu for protein source even you are vegan because lions cannot survive with vegetables so do they.The feline biological system is different from humans so forcing them to be vegan is a truly inappropriate thing that you should never do.Another mistake some owners do is giving dog foods to the kitty. Seriously? Thinking of cat and dog can eat the same thing every time is not just right because of different quantity of nutrients is needed for dog body and not same with meow baby.

Therefore, letting the Meow friends eat puppy food will make them ended with sickness or malnourished. You can buy premium cat foods in supermarkets and grocery stores.There are two main types of food for the kitty that are most common to find, they are dry food known as kibbles or pellets which contains very low or even no moisture in it and wet/semi-wet food which consists of high wetness.Among them, you can get dry food on the cheap and its long-lasting shelf life may save financially for several months.It’s made with meat or tuna which is completely dried.

Although this is cheap, has bad assuming for imbalance or incomplete nutrition.As I mention above fur babies need the right amount of energy for daily activity and some felines are so picky enough to dislike dehydrated kibbles because they need a lot of water to digest these pellets and can think tasteless.However, lots of companies are producing high-quality dry food with complete nutrition for daily need so it is not a big problem to keep kitty healthy with the dehydrated meal.Then what about semi-moist or wet meal?This is actually well-cooked meat or tuna pressurized in sterilized tin cans or frozen in plastic packages.This one is kind of favorite for felines and comes in different forms such as chewy jelly, meat in gravy or meatloaf.

As usual as being canned food, you have to worry just little problem about contamination’s because even canned meals for humans are sometimes contaminated with harmful bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella.Therefore you should take the suggestion from veterinarians for the right brand which is safe for kitties.Raw meat and fish are acceptable to feed them but must be careful about worms infections, bacterial infection, and bone fragments.In Myanmar( Burma ), canned cat meals are not as popular as dry food.But normally kibbles are just for snack time because owners give their felines freshly cooked protein and rice instead of a preservative canned thing.My rescued babies used to eat tiny fish paste and rice though they are not the picky eater.

They ate 2 times for main course and pellets were for the treat.Actually, it depends on their body weight as one ounce of food per pound of their body weight daily.So in general 6 to 7 pounds cat need 6 to 7 ounces of the meal.Therefore maximum 2 times is enough for the main course per day for them plus yummy treats.Do not forget felines can be in obesity too if they eat excessively.Fat and fluffy fur balls are cute but unhealthy conditions may lead short life term.

Teacup size is enough for each time meal.According to my experience, first, boil the little fish or boneless diced meat without salt and then blend with blender machine. put the cooked rice in a teacup for measurement and mixed with blended protein paste.Among my furry friends, only diamond became fat just because of excessive eating of treat all the day for meowing every hour for a treat.After all, whatever your choice of moist canned item or dry pellet, better think about every side like balance diet, hygienic, vet’s recommendation before you buy.

2.Drinking water

Your active furry friends need a large amount of water per day for daily activity.Not all of them are suitable for milk though lactose-free milk may not give any problem.They must be given clean fresh water just like the human.Some humans put basin faucet water but not all pipeline supplies are hygienic for example in India and most of the Asian countries, you can not drink directly from the tap.By drink, this unhygienic thing, diarrhea and other contagious diseases may occur and can even lethal in severe cases.

Unlike wild feline cousins, domesticated cats need clean and fresh water to get a happy and healthy life not only for them but also for their human companions.Of course, it is really needed because some parasites and diseases can transfer into the human from pets but instead of blaming innocent pets, you have to make sure they are healthy and safe.It’s important to fill their bowl with fresh, clean water 24 hours per day and also need to check there are dust or any dirty things falling in it or not.

If you found any dirty items or dust floating on, need to change that water immediately with a clean one.Felines are natural born active and playful animals and the more they do an activity, the more body hydration decrease. Dehydration can be also happened by diarrhea, vomiting, fever etc.Poor kitty that is in dehydration may show the symptoms of Dry mouth and gums, lack of appetite, lethargy, crack skim and frequent urination.If dehydrated kitty’s condition is not enough ok by oral water feeding, need to go clinic as soon as possible.

3.Cozy bed, housing, and furniture

If you are sleeping on a soft warm mattress while your kitty is sleeping on the floor, it’s just not fair and not a right thing to do as a human.Of course, our fur babies must need comfortable housing to get peaceful sleep.They are independent beings so they may choose to sleep on your bed or on the chest but can not take it as the poor reason not to give proper bed.Private space to sleep, nap or just for relaxing is necessary.

Housing must be clean and cozy because a place which is covered with dirt and dirty things will not be good for a feline friend.It also needs to be the dry warm place because the high level of humidity can cause skin diseases and fungus infection.There are different kinds of adorable beds and houses in Amazon store.For those people who are not ok to buy will not need to be worry because you can make a cozy bed for your little feline easily.

Fist you need is the proper size shallow basket because small basket will not be fixed and muffin top sitting will appear without being comfortable.Second, put a warm fluffy clean towel or clean blanket in the basket and then homemade bed for kitty is finished.Remember to wash the towel or blanket regularly when it becomes dirty to keep it hygienic.There is another way to put soft pillow which can act as a mattress. Being genetically active little creatures, cats love to climb high place and love to scratch a lot as a result, they ended up pushing books, flower vases from shelves to get space or giving claw marks on Sofa and carpet.Of course, they need own scratching tree or post for daily activities and scratching exercise.It’s better for them to have own equipment for fun.Bring boxes because they love boxes which are one kind of favorite furniture.

4.Having a safe and sound environment

The well-known proverb ” Curiosity kills the cat” has not appeared meaninglessly because felines are by born curious about everything especially what their humans doing or new things in the environment.Though it is adorable, sometimes it brings danger.Therefore it’s the parent’s duty to make fur children’s forever home safe.Domestic kitty should live indoor exceptionally living in an apartment or in downtown traffic areas.To avoid an unwanted accident, keep the windows and main door close without necessity or put metal bars to prevent cats from getting out but to let fresh air in.Make sure they happy inside the home with toys because a boring house can force them to flee out for outdoor pleasure.Some people love to put plants inside apartment room but it’s better to avoid poisonous and thorny plants for pets’ sake.

Household chemicals must be put in the safe storeroom where they cannot enter easily and dangerous kitchen utensils such as knives and forks should be arranged neatly inside kitchen counter drawers. Never let them come close to stove while you are cooking.Some of our curious fluffy balls love to watch washing drum spinning so check carefully before you switch on and make sure to close the washing machine cover tightly because they may enter and trapped inside.Outdoor cats are mostly found in country sides and urban area where their homes have big lands and gardens.Though they have more space to play and dump, there are some important things to be careful about safety.Wild animals such as coyote, raccoon, fox and feral dogs can attack lethally. Chance of being infected by flea or tick is higher in the outdoor kitty.

If you have gardens, I must warn not to pant any poisonous things for the furry friend.They are not vegetarian but sometimes chew leaves.Therefore having intoxicated pants and flowers is absolutely risky for feline friends.Identification is also one of the important things to do.Make sure they have collars with name and address on it.Technologies are highly advanced in the 21st century as very tiny microchip can be implanted under the skin of pets as the result, it’s getting easy to monitor and find when they are lost in somewhere else.Feel free to check my another detail information about specific pants and flowers which are poisonous to the cat.

5.Regular and emergency medical checkup

Medical cat care is highly important and serious recommended to every cat owner.Kitties must be taken to a nearby veterinarian clinic to get an annual checkup and also vaccine shots if necessary.Do not ignore if you see any symptoms of sickness or being poisoned and immediately take them to vet or animal hospital as soon as possible.If no clinic nearby, never hesitate to consult with experienced veterinarians from online as fast as possible before it is too late save.Every six month, parasite check and worming is necessary.

Bring the stool sample to vet laboratory for a checkup and the vet will suggest you proper treatment if worm problem was found.Never try to feed unknown medicine without clinical recommendations.Notice the behavior differences because furry babies make abnormal natures and symptoms if they are sick.You need to check the following signs if suspect kitty is a health problem.
1.Urine ( bloody, frequently going )
2.Abdominal area ( diarrhea, lack of appetite, vomiting, abnormally swollen belly)
3.Respiratory system ( constant sneezing, coughing with mucus, breathing difficulty )
4.Eyes and ears ( discharge, itchiness, redness, look sideways )
5.Skin ( excessive itching/hair falling, rash, wounds, swelling, discolor skin )
6.Genital area ( swelling, discharge, redness )
and with other symptoms like lethargy and seizure.There is also an article about detail in signs of common sickness and diseases from head to toe which will give you priceless information.

6.Personal hygiene: Litter box and grooming

The litter box is a very important thing for cat’s lifestyle, especially for indoor ones. Our little felines are picky enough not to use a dirty litter box.Therefore it needs to be cleaned regularly or you may have a chance to step on or sit by accident on their Poopy trap around the house.More then one litter box is needed for a home with more than one fur babies.Massive sharing a place to relief may cause lose attention to use it so at least 2 kitty toilets should be put in different places in the home.

Try not to put the litter box in busy and noisy areas of the house because of same like humans, cats do not like to go relief in noisy or busy places so respect their privacy.It is necessary to scoop one-time per day, have to wash box with liquid or powder soap regularly and dry well.Kitties are clean animals and most of the time they are grooming themselves with their little sandpaper type tongue.It’s original nature and impossible to change it.However, additional cleaning tips are shown for those who want feline babies healthier than before.

Give them regular shower with warm water and cat shampoo because unlike dogs and human, hairs easily fall out so the chemicals in human or dog shampoo may affect severely on skin and fur.Try not to rub hard with a towel.First rub gently with the soft towel and then dry with a hairdryer.Gentle brushing on fur is needed at least 2 times per day to find out hair Knox, fleas and skin condition, to reduce the risk of blocking hairball in the digestive tract and to support blood circulation under the skin.It also can bring deep bond with human companions.

Brushing teeth is not quite necessary too like bathing though getting popular in United State and Europe nowadays.Having pro care in the dental clinic is kinda costly so brush their fangs and teeth in the home once a week with a specific brush which can be found at the vet clinic and pet store.As the good result of having dental care, gum pains and infections by bacteria will be effectively protected plus foul breath will not be coming out when you kiss furry babies’ face.

7.Spaying and Neutering

Though every queen should be a proud mama at least one time if you cannot handle coming newborn kittens, better spay her instead of abandoning poor newborns.Here is a problem in human society that throw or abandon baby animals out mercilessly as females are believed to be the main source of unwanted litters.I rescued two feline daughters which were thrown out or left by previous owners just because of being female.

I didn’t spay them at first for let them be Mama but after population became up to 15 from only 2 queens, my mom decided to them birth control.Yes, there are billions of stray cats around the world so overpopulation affects badly in finding forever home even shelters are not enough to take care of them.Therefore these poor kitties suffer painful life and even killed brutely by humans.Safer and healthier way is to spay the queens and neuter the tomcats as sometimes human also need birth control for unwanted problems in the family.When males are enough age to mate, they spray urine to mark their territory and also aggressive and easy to fight problem to be an alpha. For females, feline reproduction rate is so high to handle and excessive litter can risk the health.

Spraying can protect the furry friend not only from ovary and uterus cancer but also bring healthier happier life without unwanted rehoming, unwanted litter and increase overpopulation.Neutering tomcats can protect against testicular cancer and behavior problems.The perfect time is 4 to 6 months and definitely, need experiencing vet’s surgery for having a fast recovery and proper process.You can get more information by detail article about neutering, spaying and how to care about surgery.

8.Give attention, love, and entertainment

Once you decided to have a cat, you must love and give together time to fur baby because kindness and caring bring strong bond between human and pets.Interaction with your kitty every day is really important because playing with their humans make them happy and mentally strong.It is also kind of exercise which will make good health and fitness.Cats enjoy playing with toys like toy mouse, balls, laser pointer of course as red dot is very popular among feline society.Windows are like amazing and interesting HD TV where they can watch outside environment so make a place near windows such as the porch or putting kitty Condo at the place where has a great view of windows. Create close relationship by hugging, petting or let them sit on your lap or chest.

These furry little felines are easily bored with the same item so do not forget to rotate the toys because it is so wrong to think just a ball or feather pen is enough for an entire month.Cats are well known for demanding attention as they may disturb while you are reading a book or laying down on the keyboard.Well, it’s just they want to say ” Please give me attention and I love you” so do not treat them badly.Kitten stage is a better time to get close bond than an adult because kittens are easily believed and long-term relation will let them understand who are their beloved humans.There are some acts to adapt for those who adopt grown shelter or stray one.Grown kitty has less trust issue, therefore, it is not easy to get close.

Keep them some distance instead of chasing or hugging in sudden because they can feel threat or fear by that sudden close.If they think you are a threat, clearly going to be difficult to make relation so keep some distance with respect.And then slowly take time to get closer.Let them go around in the same room without chasing or talking and bit with a treat because the yummy treat is also a weapon to get furry friend’s trust.Tease with a toy for a little bit far to draw out their curiosity and interest near you. When they start to come to you, do not try to catch and pet immediately or you will end having painful scratches.

Be patience and treat them with love and kindness, you will become their true one.Caring for cats is fully beneficial not only for owners but also for happiness and healthy life of furry children. By reading the cats history, we see, cats are always a very good friend of human. So we must take care of our lovely cats and keep them happy.

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