Do you know how cold is too cold for cats in the outdoor situation?

Cats are living things so they can get cold and hypothermia just like humans and other animals. Therefore you must consider about putting naughty furry baby outside at cold night or snowy as even for punishment.Some owners of outdoor felines also must care about them roaming in freezing temperature.

It is necessary to learn about feline’s general cold endurance level and tips to keep them safe from getting pneumonia, common cold, and even frostbite.For feline owners who are living in a temperate zone like South East Asia and Latin America should worry about pneumonia and the common cold in furry babies.Due to almost daily rain, wetness and humidity level are very high which is enough to get severe cold and fever.Their fur coat is not waterproof and not totally air proof too.Soaking in rainwater while cold air raking your skin does not give a pleasant feeling for sure.

Which temperature is too cold for cats?

How Cold Is Too Cold For Cats

Yes, they can also feel that terrible situation just like humans so better has little kindness in the heart.Not only domesticated felines, poor feral kitties also deserve to get a spark of love and kindness.If a stray kitty ever tried to take shelter from the heavy rain under your roof, let the poor baby stay on the porch or somewhere safe spot.Even you can put some paper boxes there as the temporary bad weather shelters from coldness and wet.

Currently, I put an empty box at the corner of the porch where it is free from cold air and rain.Sometimes I see random feral babies come and hide from the rain. Even I can not rescue them, at least I can give them kindness and warmness.Another reason why we should not let our cats stay outside under rain is fungal skin diseases.In the temperate zone, both humans and pets have a high chance of infected by microscopic fungal pathogens which can cause severe skin diseases.Furry creatures hair coat do not dry quickly so unwanted skin problems can come due to high humidity and moisture.I do not need to say about dry hot zone because it has no chance of being sick by coldness.

Sometimes, mother nature gives more favor to some breeds by giving long fur coat to adapt the cold weather areas of their origins, for example, Ragdoll, Norwegian forest cats, Maine Coon, Persian cats etc. Even Scottish fold type breeds have thick medium fur at least.Do you think sphinx and normal short hair kitty will survive outdoor in European, Minnesota or Alaska winter?Only silly people think long fur cats can endure freezing icy cold weather because this is somebody parts like paws, ears, and nose which are directly contacted with freezing air or snow.

Felines do not wear warm socks or ear cover so those uncovered parts can get frostbite.Normally kitty can have a severe sickness with hypothermia if saying long outside when the temperature is about 9’c to -3’c.Down to -3’c can start to make them frostbite when -18 tp -20 is definitely lethal to stay outdoor.Sometimes our beloved furry babies love staying outdoor even in winter because of their independent nature.For those type stubborn kitties and for strays, make some proper shelters outside of home or apartment alley.Extra over the sophisticated place is not needed there but must be simple, safe and warm.Just put some plastic barrels or boxes filled with dry straws and old wanted cloths.

The 90th-period old desktop box is Ok to make a DIY shelter. Do not forget to leave some food and water nearby shelter but make sure water and food will not freeze in that space.Not only frostbite and hypothermia, there is another very dangerous risk too.If they could not find a proper place to warm up, they will take shelter under the car and on wheels.Therefore their life is extremely dangerous and even can be killed if the car owner started the engine and drove off without knowing little fellas were under the car. Most heartbroken tragic happened when stray mamma took shelter with infants, unfortunately.Therefore help as much as you can for those innocent furry fellas to know that humanity and kindness still inside you.

What is Hypothermia and Frostbite in cats

What Is Hypothermia And Frostbite In Cats

Average body temperature for a feline is 100 to 102 degree Fahrenheit.When the temperature is lower than average, hypothermia happens. Depending on the coldness of weather and duration of staying outdoor can divide mild level to severe level hypothermia.Frostbites are started to be seen in severe stage.Extremely law icy freezing temperature and strong cold winds can cause frostbite on uncovered body parts such as tail tip, nose, ears, paws, and toes.This is kind of extreme weather effect which kill the cells.So tissues in that area will be dead and break apart like ice stick.Only amputation procedure is to solve the frostbite problem.Sometimes rescue agencies found unfortunate ferals frozen under thick snow with severe signs of cold shock and frostbite on tail, ears, nose and entire lower legs.Some survive but rest of their lives ended with incomplete body parts.True cat lovers should not watch over only on won kitties but also need to help poor feral furry babies from every side as much as they can.Secure house doors and windows to make sure the curious feline babies not to sneak out and spread kindness and warm love by building shelters for homeless feral fellas in cold freezing winter.

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