Face in the hole: Where my cat’s face should be?

Face in the hole is quite popular among cat lovers who want to spread hilarious photoshoots of their kitties via online. By this way, some cats become celebrities in social media. You can see images of cat cute faces in bread hole, waffle hole etc. If you want to make a cat face in hole for becoming famous in social media, try these new unique hilarious ideas because old things are boring. You can use anything posters, hand drawings, Adobe Photoshop and other easy photo editor applications. There will be main 2 categories which make you fun editing your kitties’ adorable faces.

Face in the hole: foods

I love foods so the kitties are. This is best ideas for cat owners who have a yummy sense of humor. Not only humans are funny because this furry comedian will bring happiness out of you with their cuteness. You can create with real foods but some are impossible to use real food but only with photo editors.

Cats face in the hole

Face in bread hole– This is recently popular on social media. So this is not a quite unique but easy and fun. All you need is just take a slice of square shaped bread. Make a hole which is enough wide for cat’s head in. Put that bread on kitty’s face. After that laughing out loud while looking at that hilarious fur baby’s face and take a picture. I am sure your friends will love it.

Face in the waffle hole– Same like bread which you can use real food. The funnier way is to put on a ginger cat because it will make the kitty looks like a mini lion with delicious waffle mane.

Face in Donuts hole– This one cannot make by using real donut as a kitty cannot put the head inside the small hole. However, this one of the cutest ideas if you can use photoshop applications. If I could ever open own donuts shop, I would use this idea for the logo.

Face in Pumpkin hole– Do you want an epic unique idea for your cat on Halloween Day? Leave the old repeating way of putting a tiny witch hat on cat’s head and pose. Sometimes we need to step outside of classic things and search a fun way. Put your spooky fur baby inside hollow Jack o lantern with a wide mouth in front. Sometimes kitty loves to enter by himself for the sake of curiosity. And then, he will peak out from the mouth of Jack O Lantern. Do not forget to take a picture of it because you may forget by laughing. Oh my god!my cat is eaten by pumpkin monster! Do not be afraid. It is just best Halloween photobomb.

Famous people and characters

Nowadays, face switch photo editing software and applications are popular around the world. Instead of switching human faces into the face hole with your favorite idols’ bodies, using cat faces are more hilarious. I cannot write any specific names because there are thousands of popular people and everybody has own choice.

Movie characters– Do you have any idea how much fun even for thinking Harry Potter body with cat face? I do love to put cat face in the hole of movie characters. There is a little advice that brings you more fun. Instead of using normal action characters, superheroes and fantasy characters will be hilarious if with a cat face. For example, I created cat pool to inspire my favorite badass superhero Dead Pool.

Dead pool funny cat

Are you still out of the idea which ones are best? No problem, this some little example will help you to get new photobomb cat face in a hole with epic bodies. For superpower fans, any DC and Marvel heroes and villains are the best choice but for fantasy crazies, Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring will be more epic. Dark Lord Voldemort will not mind if he turns into Voldemeaww.

My personal choices are X-men, Justice League, Avengers, Teen Titans, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Frodo, Gandalf and other Lord of the Ring characters. Popular icons from Star Trek and Star War are great to have fun too. Have you ever tried this on the Twilight poster? Cat version will be a lot cuter.

Singers– I hope Katy Perry will be happy because she loves cats as much as I know. Here is a little trick too. The more you choose unique and epic singers, the easier to be recognized by people. I mean if people do not recognize the original body of the singer with a cat face, that will not be hilarious.

Funny singer cat face

Therefore I pick up singers like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry etc. I edited cat face in the hole with Katy Perry Darkhorse. This my little Catty Purry will make you smile. If you can ever imagine about wrecking ball with your fur baby face, you might have a serious creative sense of humor.

Holiday themes– Well, I am a huge fan of Holidays. Even though you do not wish to ruin favorite idol’s pretty face, ideas are never going to run out. Fat cat face is the best match for fat Santa body or you can try elf on the shelve theme too. Ho ho ho, Santa Paw is there to bring Christmas present! Wait, I am not forgetting about Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving. Have fun creating a face in the hole with epic monsters, Easter eggs, and Turkey etc. There are lots of wonderful holidays, you just can pick any of them.

Cartoons and Manga– There is two way in this case as you can draw any manga, the cartoon on paper by yourself or you can edit with software and apps. Classic Disney characters, 3D animated films, world-famous animes and manga such as Naruto, One Piece etc. I drew my little Mewrial and I really hope my viewers love it.

Cat face in cartoon

You can try with non– living things such as Dollar bill, book cover and anything you can think. It is also fine to use common characters like police, firefighters, doctors, ballerina etc. Sometimes, those funny public heroes face in the hole with beloved kitties will make people fall in love unconditionally.

You can have wonderful happy time with super hilarious face in the hole photo bombs from upcoming unique funny cat pictures article. I will be so honored and really appreciate if my beloved viewers leave a critic comment of like or dislike under my post. Feel free to share if you have a more wonderful creative face in the hole ideas via the comment section.


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