Cats mating: 3 important things to understand the process easily

There is a few steps by step facts about understanding cat mating and reproduction easily for owners and newly breeders should know. Forget about complex biologically, chemically explanations that will melt your brain. These 3 simple and easy tips will make you understand fully about cats mating processes and pregnancy. Now, let’s see how papa meow, mama meow brings cute little babies meow for the blessing on us.

Appropriate age of cat in heat

Unlike humans, cats do not have under or over 18 laws of marriage and sex, also no birth control unless they are spayed or neutered. So they will make out whenever the heating season come as soon as their puberty start. The initiation of fertility in a female queen is generally 7 to 9 months and it will continue until 9 to 10 years though it depends on how healthy and obtains proper nutrient she is ready or not for cat mating. Most people get the wrong idea estrus cycle in the female cats with the menstruation period of humans.

There is no menstrual blood in the feline. If you ever found out blood from your fur daughter’s genital area, immediately show it to the vet as it can be vaginal discharge by infection. Generally, the cat heat cycle lasts 2 to 3 days. If the queen did not get intercourse at that time, her hormone level will decrease until the next heat cycle 3 or 4 weeks later. Female felines are induced ovulators as they do not ovulate without mating.

A female in heat mates with any male or multiple males nearby and no platonic case between male family members. So even adult siblings and fathers will mate if available. A healthy unspayed female can litter yearly at every reproductive season. The male kitty that reached puberty is called tomcat. Adulthood starts 6 to 8 months when ready to mate in males and reproductive fertility of tomcat can still remain until 14 years or even more. Do not underestimate grandpa tom because a senior male cat can make babies in a female queen.


Mating progress and steps

Have you ever seen Tom and Jerry cartoon series on childhood days? We all noticed that Thomas is an adult feline and trying to impress females with songs, flowers while lady kitties are flirting with him etc. Although these cartoons are made with animals in human style, the basic is about actual behaviors during the heat in cats. Tom resembled the male in puberty and his girlfriends resemble the queens in heat.

If you are the owner of a furry daughter or both feline son and daughter in a home then you might have to know the starter signs of mating. So unwanted or unexpected problems or just accept when fur daughter gives surprise pregnancy news. Tomcats can sense the queen from a couple of miles away far. When the time they can sense one another, they make the mating call which is a kind of an unusual loud meow called caterwauling.

Caterwauling can make you think the kitty is in severe pain but actually not. Alas, nature’s fault for not giving sweet tweety mating song like a bird instead of bizarre distressful meow and growl. After meeting face to face, the male will start to circle around the queen to wait for the sign of acceptance from the female.At this moment, the female will show her acceptance by estrus posture and rub the tom or denied him by hissing, growling and threatening pose. In the case of multiple toms, they will fight for being an Alpha male to win over the queen. If they are ok and ready to move to the next step, the queen will keep her sex posture until tom comes and mount her for intercourse. At this stage, male bite and hold female’s neck to make sure not to free or get attack while his penis finally penetrates into her and ejaculate.

The period of ejaculation can be very short as it lasts only 4 to 5 seconds. All male cats have penile spines on the penis which are hook alike. Those spines can cause pain and induce ovulation at the same time when the tomcat takes him out. The Female will growl loudly with pain and attempt to attack the male back as the furry Romeo has to run away as soon as he finished making love. After finish sex, the queen will wash her valva properly and then the process will repeat again after 10 or 20 mins later if another male or same one still around. The queen in heat can accept generally 30 times or up in a day over the estrus cycle until she gets pregnant. In some breeding farms, breeders use Teaser Tom to stimulate ovulation the queens that are in heat but not ready to breed. It is kind of effective method to over the estrus cycle problem without getting pregnant. Teaser toms are neutered males that have only barbed penis left to stimulate the queens.

Pregnancy period

Being pregnant by one-time mating with a single male is not kind of impossible in feline society. The queen may have to be mated with several toms or selected a single tom until she pregnant. The result will be different genetic kittens of a different father in the same litter. Professional cat breeders aware of this case, therefore, they let the selected certain male trigger female to get pure breed or specific crossbreed they want.

The gestation time duration can be 64 to 67 days generally. After mating 20 to 50 hours later the ovulation occurs which is followed by fertilization. The implantation of the embryo in the lining of the cradle form the uterus can be 15 50 20 days after the fertilization stage. The uterus can be felt like a string of pearls inside with embryos at the 16 days of the gestation period. Between 3 to 4 weeks nipples become large and pinkish which is a visible sign to guess the kitty is pregnant.

After 20 days, fetuses can be easily felt inside the abdomen. Owners should check her out with the vet regularly by ultrasound at that time regularly. Checking heart rates and the development of fetuses is very important for the wellness of both momma cats and unborn kittens. The average female can bear 3 to 6 kittens and firstborn may normally kind of smaller than late-born babies. There is noticeable pregnant mother cat behavior which you should know. Daily activity and playfulness may be decreased as you will find her relaxing most of the time. She will demand more food than she used to eat before and she will find a more comfy and warm area. You can easily see a swollen belly with the movement of fetuses after 20 days of pregnancy.

IT is necessary for a regular checkup with the vet. If you feel something wrong with lack of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea or restless behavior, the emergency takes her to the veterinarian clinic. Feed her nutritious food and handle it gently. Do not attempt to feel the fetus with your hands by pressing the abdomen because it may harm the babies. Create more than one warm and cozy place for her as she can relax in every room. Happy and healthy litters will make Momma cat and you happy for sure. I hope my writing about cat mating helps you for understanding things properly with guidelines.

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