Why do cats Purr? Surprise facts that you should know

Cat fanciers love to vote kitty’s purr as the universal sound of peace.Nowadays android application creators make mind-calming sounds with different types of cat’s purr.We also feel peace and loving whenever our soft and warm kitty curling up on us and purring.It is true that purring is one of the signs of happiness, satisfaction, trust as dogs wiggles their tails show how much they are happy to be with the owners.However, there is some mysterious thing most people misunderstand about cats that they are highly unpredictable due to sudden changes in multiple emotions.Although furry babies show friendly behavior by ” Pet my belly” position, you can not expect they will not bite your finger in second.So the main thing is purr does not always indicate happiness.I bet you may be surprised and confuse.Now, are you ready to know the interesting fun facts about lovely purr?

What is actually Purring sound from cats?

Why Do Cats Purr

When you touch the peacefully sleeping cat, the sensation of soft vibration shuddering the body especially chest, belly and throat area.Purring happens when inhale and exhale using both larynx and diaphragm muscles.The larynx problem can make purr gone from cat forever. The central nervous system is also responsible for a purring case.Laryngeal muscles vibrate max 250 rates per second by the electric signal from neural oscillator from the brain. For that reason, a purr happens when two vocal cords separate while every exhale and inhale. Each purr is special and different because some are very loud but some are low or faint rumble that you can hear only when you listen very carefully and closely.Not only house feline, wild cats and cheetah and cougars also purr but big feline which can roar cannot make a purring sound.Cats that roar are the big predators, cooperating with pride, need to haunt a lot of preys so a strong roar is necessary instead of a meow to protect own pride and family.Therefore, lions, tigers only growl and roar expect cheetah as they make the cat like-sound though they live in the group. https://www.youtube.com/embed/7KowU4tPi7Q?rel=0&showinfo=0

The different reasons for purring

According to up to date research, not only pleasure and happiness do not create a purr. As each purring is unique, the reasons behind are different too.Let’s why our fur babies purr for the specific reason.

Happiness, pleasure and safe or seeking attention

All parents of furry babies will understand what it means. The cuddling, body rubbing, curling and napping on you with soft trembling sweet little purr makes us comfort and relax too. Kitties are also in a happy meditative state to show how they are peaceful, safe and loved to be with owners.Sometimes they seek attention from us by making special type vibration called solicitation purr which is the combination of meow and purr.I had noticed when my furry daughters and brothers used to make this type sound when they wanna disturb me to get all my attention while I am doing homework or reading book.They were purring and rubbing against their body to me at the same time.When the kitties in a peaceful state, they may even smile with closed eyes and steady tail.

Momma cat to kittens

Fur babies are born with fully shut eyes and deaf until few days old.For that reason, mother feline produces soft gentle purr to comfort her babies and to show her location as a bacon because newborns can feel vibration even they are deaf and blind.Do the kittens purr back? Of course, they do as newborns start their purring at 2 days later after birth.They also produce soft gentle waves of purr to let their momma knows they are all Ok with getting all enough milk and warm love they need.It is also important communication system among newborn siblings to contact each other.It also works as a lullaby from Momma to kittens.

Self-healing and self-calming

Self-Healing And Self-Calming

According to psychological research, happiness is not the only reason that makes purring in felines. They calm themselves down when they are nervous or upset. It works as painkiller too while giving birth, healing period for injuries and broken bones by producing Endorphins. This is one of most effective Ultrasonic therapy than some expensive medicines.Research shows that low frequency 25 to 50Hz vibration waves supports the healing of broken bones and injuries while up to 150Hz is to maintain the bones and body strong.You will be surprised if our fuzzy angels can make up to 150 to highest 520 Hz supersonic frequencies when they want us to know they need food for serious hunger or attention for being a super bore.It is the same way human infants and toddlers cry with very high pitch sound which sharply stabs inside parents’ ears to ignore impossibly.But this case is rare in felines because they mostly doing soft comforting vibration.

Survival of cats

This is for wild cats how they survive in the jungle. Wild Purrer felines do not live with pride and they are mostly solitary.For that reason, they need to survive in wildlife alone.Bigger predators can sense growl and loud crying but it is not so easy thing to sense low-frequency vibration waves.It is life-saving hack while surviving and hiding in wildlife.

Purring is not only benefit for kitties, it also benefits for owners because it has great healing energy which is more effective than antidepressant pills.My furry babies used to curl on my chest and purr whenever I am in gloomy condition and in fever.They know that their beloved human need healing from love and they will never abandon sick owners. Let’s vote this little peace sound as a miracle.

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