Christmas furry tale: Naughty kitty’s first X’mas lesson

Long long ago, there were momma cat Rose, papa cat Jack and a baby kitten Tutu living in an old rusty little cottage.Rose is sweet, gentle house mum and she can take care of her family very well. Papa Jack is a smart, mighty and protective father who is the mayor of their little town and protecting them from big bad wolf Grey lived in the pine forest on the top of the mountain. Selfish wolf owned a large area of fine, beautiful pine trees which makes him so proud and he never let anyone entered his forest to take the trees. Animals nearby avoided old grumpy Grey.

Christmas Furry Tale cats

Tutu’s father always warned him not to go inside bad wolf’s area but Tutu was young and naughty enough not to care Jack’s warning so his parent had to keep an eye on this little fuzzy baby. Tutu is 3 months old kitten who thinks he is the luckiest cat in the world for having this family.At the first of December month, the three months old kitten was so excited about his very first Christmas experience.His momma told stories about how the tabby ancestor protected and give warmth to baby Jesus in the Holy night, Santa and his elves, north pole and toy workshop.Though he wanted to be a good kid, Tutu was always overwhelmed by the bad curiosity which made him denied his parents’ words.Tutu thought having most beautiful Christmas tree will make Santa happy so he can get a lot of presents.

Soon papa cat brought big pine tree to home, it was big but yet not perfect.The kitten was upset about not getting a beautiful tree that is inside old Grey’s forest.The angry little fur ball was disturbing his mom who was decorating the room and also destroyed some branches and decors until mama scolded him to go bed.The silly little baby had a silly bad idea that his parent did not know.He pretended to fall sleep when momma Rose checked him up and gave a good night kiss. He and his naughty neighbor friends sneaked out of windows while their parents were sleeping deeply peacefully because they planned to steal greedy old creature’s beautiful pine. The wicked crooked monster was always patrolling and guarding the forest at night especially near Christmas but those silly kids did not as they never listen to parents.Kitten and his friends crossed the border and tried to cut the nearby perfect strong tree down.

It was a heavy snow night with strong wind so kids’ strength was not effecting in cutting the pine tree even less than normal trying.Soon big bad wolf caught them up unfortunately in the middle of stealing process.The old monster was so angry and scared the kid away with furious loud growls but foolish tiny feline was so afraid and jump into the ground hole nearby instead of running away.Wicked Grey could smell the poor frightened baby so he was sitting in front of the hole and trying to catch the tumbling cat with his big paw but he could not reach into deep where the kitty was hiding.However, he knew the kid can not hide there forever.His face was wearing evil grin of having new dinner.

At the same time, the neighbor kids were screaming and run to Tutu’s parent’s house that woke Jack and Rose up in terror.After knowing his son’s condition, clever papa cat made instant plan to save his son.He asked his wife to heat the leftover meat stew with a large amount of chili powder and pepper powders.And then he put the pot on a trolly and went into the pine forest to the place where his son was left alone.Soon he saw the sitting wolf attempting to put paws in the hole.The old greedy monster asked ” Who are you dare to enter my lair?I will break your neck and cook you” with a devilish wide grin as he was kind of confused about having stew smell from papa cat.” I am here to offer the full pot of delicious warm stew and let my son go, please!

Eat the warm yummy stew hurry before it becomes cold,” Jack replied sweetly with calm voice although he knew the greedy creature will eat them both after stew.”Ok, I will eat the stew first but you both have to stay here without going anywhere until I finish,” Grey said with a twisted idea.The smart feline agreed because has had a better plan too.When the greedy wolf came close to taking stew pot, Jack suddenly splashed extremely spicy hot stew onto Grey’s face and eyes.The evil monster was screaming with intense pain in the face and in eyes but he was trying to attack and kill Jack furiously blindly.

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So Jack lures him out to the icy slippy cliff with his voice.The angry wolf was running in the direction of voice with his painful blind eyes and then he fell off from the cliff and died after crushing by stones and ices beneath.The Clever cat came back to hidden son and took him back home.Tutu thought his mom will punish him for his guilt but he found out warm hug and a gentle smile waiting for him.Instead of scolding, Rose smiled at her baby and said ” I do not need to punish you my little sugar bear because you had learned lifetime lesson in one night.Now come and take a bowl of warm soup and put soft warm clothes on”.

Dear reader, I do believe you can guess how Tutu is going on.Yes, he became good kitten who always listens to parents’ advice and valuable words.He had the best Christmas ever the next day as a good kid.He got a cute squeaky toy as Christmas present.Since that time, Tutu lived as a good, kind, clever like his father and mother happily ever after. Merry Christmas!!

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