Cinnamon: kitty my hero

After my first cat Mr.White passed away, my broken heart didn’t heal faster than I wished. Every day everywhere in the home was filled with memories.My parents tried to buy a new expensive pet for me but it was hard to replace my brother and I wanted to rescue helpless ones instead of getting from pet stores.Whenever I went out, became a habit to look around everywhere if there was any feral baby or not.

2 years later, we lost our saving to bankrupt. We didn’t have the choice to sell duplex home and moved to an apartment in downtown.Everybody was busy as my mom opened tailor shop for extra income.I was also busy with my study.I even started to lose hope to find orphan kitten.Who knows that unexpected things come in surprising moments as an Itty Bitty furry baby entered my life!

Cinnamon the brave cat

She was a priceless gift from God after bro White.The funny thing was I wasn’t the one who found her but my mom did.My entire family is cat lover that I mentioned before so that tiny fur ball melted mom’s heart immediately.Believe it or not, love, at first sight, does exist really.It was also a normal school day only difference was I little bit grown up.As soon as I stepped to enter the house, a scared skinny kitten was waiting for me.According to mommy, she went out to buy some spices and then that dirty, extreme skinny infant cat was sleeping near the doorstep of the store.

The salesgirl said the baby had been around for more than 3 days and she tried to feed some dry cat food but she couldn’t eat until only skin and bones left for lacking nutrients.When mama woke her up, she could barely walk thus she could die very soon if no one took care of her.Without hesitation, mommy decided to bring her home plus she added fat-free milk and a syringe in shopping lists.Dad has to call veterinarian aunt for emergency nutrient supply.

Aunt gave a drip feed and also provided with some medicine including the one cast out worms and parasites.About an hour giving half of that pill, kitty vomited with worms everywhere in the home.My aunt said not to worry and to ready the skimmed milk for feeding little one as soon as she stops throwing up.I have a phobia about worms so I could not go down from sofa even though I was worried sick for the tiny cat.Aunt waited until my small feline relief and ready to consume some milk.

After drinking milk with the syringe, she fell into peaceful sleep. It took few weeks to regain her health and proper body weight back.Mama and I used to care her, mostly if I was in the home. Naming a pet is not an easy thing because everyone has different passions in choosing a name.Mom liked to give vintage names like Dorothy, Peggy, some things like that and dad was thinking about names of famous actresses. Passing lots of quarrels, I decided the name Cinnamon to give for the reason that she was found when the mother went out for buying spices.

I was a little princess for my parents, so my order was confirmed though they liked the name or not.Finally helpless little orphan feline became Cinnamon the new member of the family. She has 3 colors, orange, deep gray on a white base.There is a superstition that the cat with 3 colors is considered to be a bringer of good luck, harmony, and prosperity but colors don’t matter for my family as we love no matter in which shade even the black ones.She had very beautiful green eyes that she used them to bewitch us whenever she wanted treats or when we scolded her for destroying furniture.

Litter box training was one of the major problems as she used to toilet in a bathroom and in the kitchen when she was a baby.Soon dad had to buy litter box and sands.We faced many problems of having a pet without proper extra land because the ground is the animal restroom given by mother nature.It was more difficult than human baby potty training. Cinnamon was a naughty stubborn girl. We used toy water gun because we never want to beat little family member we love plus she became superior spoiled queen by the entire family.

With the power of patience and time, we successfully tamed her to use the litter box.My furball loved to scratch the sofa and carpet even sometimes curtain.We weren’t financially stable yet so it wasn’t easy to buy a scratching post.No problem, my dad made DIY one.Cinnamon wasn’t overactive and kind of graceful because of being female maybe thought she was a fearless warrior.One day I came back home with a take-out meal from nearby food stall and ended up with being blocked by big dog from a neighbor.

The owner tried to pull his leash but hard to control such a strong big dog which was furious with the smell of food.Only one weapon I had that time was an umbrella holding in one hand while another was with taking out a package.I screamed to mother helplessly but standing and trembling as chaos happening in an apartment hallway with my scream, dog owner’s shouting, and loud barks.Suddenly mama opened the door to save me but small little fluffy shadow came near me very fastly as soon as the door opened.

My kitty rushed toward the furious dog and attacked with her sharp claws very bravely.The dog was hurt suddenly and ran back to his room.Finally, I could hold my brave cute babe with relief. The neighbor could not blame cinnamon for attacking his dog by knowing that I could be injured if my cat didn’t save me.

Everybody was surprised by her heroic act.Well, she got a special treat that day by sharing my takeout meal.I almost forget to say about her behaviors, She wasn’t like my first sibling.Mr.White was childish, overactive and cuddle lover. But this tiny sister was a little bit independent. No matter we called her name, she didn’t come without her wish. You may think she was kind of bossy but really was that she kept her loyalty deep inside her heart.I always believe that she will not let anyone harm me.

Although not being a cuddle fan, she used to sleep on my blanket near my legs.Even a tough girl had true love that wasn’t just for show.Time passed, my hero kitten found her mate and soon became pregnant.My parents and I were busy again for coming newest fur balls.I was the happiest and proud sister.Months later, she gave birth four beautiful babies,1 girl, and 3 boys.Only one boy was black because of their father but others were just a tiny copy of my cinnamon.The brave and proud newly mama cat was busy with her children.And then, the second episode of name choosing tournament started as we were selecting lots of names.At least, Mom gave Isa to the girl,2 boys were named Orius, Seth by me and then daddy gave Theodore to the last boy.

New problems waiting for us because of being lived in apartment so less space for both humans and cats.In a little while, mother bought a land in a village outside of a city to start an agricultural business.She had to move there for supervising the detail processes.we all considered that kitty and her children would be freer if they lived in the farmhouse for having extra spaces.So we sent them to farm but I cried whole day because it was so much pain to let my loved ones go even for their goodness.

Mama comforted me, said that I can visit them anytime and promised to take care of them well.I felt the house was suddenly empty since the day they left.I was alone again but sometimes mother sent me news of how much they are happy and playful.Dad told me that kitty hero becomes new protector of the farm.She protected farm animals from outside wild dogs and foxes, even killed poisonous snakes and insects.Sometimes I visited them, played with my feline family.She lived until next 10 years until she passed away.Even though she was gone, her generation has still being protected the land until now.This is a brave cat in my memories that I will never forget.

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