Amazing unique and creative names just for your black cats

Are you searching unique names for your Black cat? I guess, you are having a new Black kitty and you have no idea what to name or searching new fresh name of your desire. Here easy and famous black kitties names for your fur babies. Thinking new names to babies or new pets, dolls are brainstorming but a lot of fun in it. Everybody wants perfect names for their loved ones. Everyone has different attractions as some are the horror fan, some are the superhero fan. No matter which genre you are following, you can find the perfect name for your special black kitties Superheroes to fantasy, simple to wicked. For make it easy, you can choose unique names by genre subtitles even from legendary famous cat icons from TV shows and real life.

Names for black cat

Purr Model – Ebony.
Owner – My sister Darlene Barger.

Name Ideas for black cat

Let’s have fun together by picking up a specific name for the specific Black little cat.

Black cat names

Black cat names from Television shows, real life, and history

Pluto – Everybody knows Edgar Allan Poe the super famous writer of classic horror novels and stories. One of his well known best selling stories was a black cat as he was a crazy cat lover. He used to put kitties in some of his masterpieces. In 1840, he wrote a horror book about the guilt of alcoholism called ” The Black Cat”. It was an unfortunate kitty named Pluto who came back from beyond the grave to revenge his abusive owner. It is a good lesson for cruel people who torture own pets. By that book, the main character furry baby “Pluto” got public sympathy and became a superstar immediately among horror lovers around the world. It is a good name to give to your beautiful mini panther.

Sylvester – All kids born in mid 20th century to 21st century know this unlucky tuxedo feline which is from Looney Tune cartoon series. He is a famous villain and always trying to eat little canary bird Tweety Pie. His shows entertained children and adults for a decade and won 3 Academy awards. Sylvester perfect for classic Looney Tune likers.

Blackie -Leave the silly superstition of bad luck from the black cat because millionaire luckiest black kitty ever was in real life. People were dying to be this richest feline’s new caretaker. He got 12.5 million dollars from late antique dealer owner. Blackie is quite common and famous as it is simple and clear about color.

Tommaso – Another new age richest kitty in 21 century was also the center of media. In 2011, 4 years old black fur baby Tommaso inherited 10 million Euros from his 94 years old late owner. He was a stray for years before step on Goldie luck pot.I just wish the kitty was survived from the hand of greedy people. Tommaso is uncommon unique but cute to call your cat.

Coraline – It is not a direct name of a black cat but it is from a movie which a mysterious stray feline in it. The movie was also based on the superstition that cats have an ability to cross between two world or dimensions of alternate universes. That little spooky baby is a stray, acts like emotionless but he did care and helped Coraline to escape from a witch. Even though he has no name in the film, you can put Coraline for a furry baby girl because it is kind of mysterious name after all.

Salem – Name is definitely obvious related to witchcraft. Yes, it is from famous fantasy television series Sabrina the Teenage Witch which is later reappeared as 3D animation series on Cartoon network. This witty and adorable talking back fur baby brought life to the show as supporting character. Salem is perfect for both male and female black kitty. Sabrina is also beautiful Witchy name and both are popular among Gothic and spooky fan owners.

Figaro – Who remembers the adorable fluffy kitten from Disney’s Pinocchio? He is a cute little attention seeker. He showed his unbreakable love, caring, loyal bond and protective nature not only to his human old Popa but also on little goldfish friend. This European name is not quite famous for feline but should be considered to the honor one of loyal and affectionate Disney’s legendary characters.

Felix – In modern day you can see ” Felix ” word very common as cat food brand, calling title for kitties and other pet-related products brand. How did it start to well published all around the world? Actually, Felix was the first and earliest famous superstar cartoon kitty of golden age silent silver scream era of 1920. From that time, Felix became popular as the trademark by his cute grin.

Binx – One of the most famous Halloween icon classic movies Hocus Pocus could not be alive without charming black fur ball Binx which is similar to the sound of Jinx. Binx was a boy but cursed to be an immortal cat for 3 centuries by 3 notorious witches. Different felines were used to play Binx’s role while making the film. He is wise and aids to defeat bad witches. If you are Halloween fan but afraid jinx name as bad luck superstition then Binx is perfect.

Isis – America’s one of top 10 famous science fiction television series ” Star Strek” has supernatural shapeshifter blackie kitty. She was named after Mother goddess Isis of Egypt and she has the power of turning herself into a beautiful lady. She wears a beautiful sparkling silver color collar in both human and feline form. She speaks a special unique language which only her owner and partner can understand.

Black cats names from superheroes comics and movies

There are millions of DC and Marvel comics crazies in the world.Kitties are sometime superhero with fur and purr for their humans with the power of love, affection, and protection. Therefore they do deserve to be called with hero titles. There is some epic super hero’s name that you may like to check out.

Hal – The initial of Hal Jordan. He is one of the universal peace and justice organization Green Lantern. Everyone knows fear is the worst enemy of every living creatures in the universe. However, the fearless mighty superhero Hal the Green Lantern defeated fearful powerful villain Parallax alone. He is also Justice League member from America. Why should Hal not be a perfect calling title for our fearless hero cat?

Katana – She is cold-blooded, emotionless skilled ninja assassin but she is not evil. Katana eliminates criminals with vengeance by helping government’s secret agents.Later she joined with suicide squad which was temporary group of world most dangerous villains who were turned out to save the world. If you have super playful ninja kitty, Katana is kind of reasonable name.

Flash – Yes, the fastest superhero and one of the original founders Justice League. He posses the epic superpower of light speed. After inhaling heavy toxic vapor by accident in the laboratory, he gained superhuman speed. Cats are agile and fast animals so they deserve the name of speedy superhero though they do not have superhuman power.

Wonder -Do you ever think your black kitty is might furry warrior? Wonder cat is ready to protect you from snakes and stray dogs. Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince is immortal Amazonian warrior which represent the absolute power of strong and independent women. Though she is a mighty warrior, she can love, affectionate to those who she chose. Just like Diana, your wonder Blackie fur baby will fight for you.

Epic Gods and Goddesses names suitable for Black cats

Freya – Major goddess of both Celtic and Norse belief. She is the queen of Asgard, wife of Odin and mother of Thor and Loki but Loki is adopted son. Freya rules over the half of heavenly afterlife of warrior souls from Valhalla. In modern culture, Freya is well known as the goddess of fertility. Her patron animal familiar is cat, especially black one.

Thor – Popular ancient Norse and German god of thunder and lighting. He is also famous Marvel comics superhero. The original Avenger group which is protecting the citizen from supernatural villains. Thor is the most precious son of Odin and well known for his victorious battle records. When you have a new black kitten, do not forget to remember the name of mighty Thor for him.

Loki – The Mischevious god of Nordic mythology and famous for his devilish mind and bad sides. But he is a fun lover trickster and uses his power to fool around everyone. He always jealous of Thor and lacking someone who will accept the way he is. People say cats are mischievous so why if Loki name is fit for dark spooky mysterious black felines for accepting the way they are.

Nyx – One of the primary greek gods even before Titans and Olympian gods who were from since the beginning of creation. She is a goddess of the night as shown as shadow figure at first but later portrayed as a beautiful woman with black veil robe. Even almighty Zeus has to fear and respect her.Graceful black furry friends are very OK with the name of the beautiful goddess of the night sky.

Erebus – Epic but uncommon for cat owners. Erebus rules deep darkness and shadows. His place is a region between Hades’s underworld and living world. As the son of Nyx and one of the primal gods, he is feared by Olympian deities. If you have out of ideas for searching epic uncommon name, then try Erebus for a little mini panther.

Hades – This is an absolute match and also quite common among feline lovers. He is supreme god of underworld, death, and afterlife. In popular culture, Hades is shown multiple times in modern entertainments Hollywood films and cartoon as a villain. Black cats are mysterious and even considered as magical beings. So the name of underworld god will bring their mystic nature alive.

Hecate -This name is chosen by most Wiccan and spiritual path followers to give their black kitty familiars. A very popular goddess worshiped as patron god in witchcraft and Wiccan culture. She is another Greek goddess of Underworld and icon of witchcraft, magic, crossroad, necromancy. She also brings the knowledge about herbs and poisonous plants. One of top 10 Wiccan goddesses worshiped even until modern time.

It is possible to have fun searching unique and amazing names for black cats. I have written about cats in history before and you can take a looks there for more information. I hope that helps you for finding a suitable black cat name, at list gives you some unique ideas. Our little fur babies can be anything superheroes, powerful myths and a copy of famous felines. I would love to add some more for Halloween fans as black cats are the main iconic symbol of Halloween. You can even try spooky, spook, midnight, Witchy, pumpkin or Samhain which will let you feel the essence of Halloween whenever you call out the kitty. Imagine the mysterious black cat with glowing eyes in darkness supported by Jack o linear light, the amazing match ever. These name ideas will make you easy to find out the suitable name for a new black cat furry baby.

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