Diamond: Daddy’s little monster

Diamond was my lazy fat feline brother. Actually, we were together for only a few months because he lived in another town that is on the upper side of the country. In 2010, my father got transfer order to a small town surrounded by mountains.Mama and I could not follow him because she was busy with farms and I was busy with my study.After finishing the final exam of the summer semester.I nagged mom to make mind refreshing journey to the beautiful town where the father was living.I had reasons for targeting there as the town had cold weather, full of pine trees, cherry trees, flowers and of course I heard that two super adorable kittens in daddy’s home.

Diamond the fat cat

the story of fat cat

Therefore, mom left her farms with trusted manager and workers than me, mommy and aunt started our journey by highway express bus. There is something about our traveling style, we mostly do not take place on local trips instead we usually use bus or train.It is not about being penny-pinching as we just love to enjoy the lovely views of nature while going around.It was such a wonderful moments to see wild sunflower plants from both sides of the road, tiny waterfalls, tea gardens on mountain slides.

The cold fresh breeze coming across from pine forests took all the tiredness away from me.Finally, we arrived at the bus station nearby district town where dad was waiting for us with his office jeep because Express buses can’t reach the little place in father’s office. I was jumping with excitement to meet my new brother and also wanted to know how he occupied papa’s, heart. Before going home, the driver stopped at a famous food shop for breakfast where fresh big strawberries dipped in pure thick milk cream dessert is available. And then we headed to the main destination.Big surprise caught me as I expected village type with wooden little huts but the reality is that 80% of the entire town is 19th-century colonial-style mansions made of woods, bricks and sometimes a mixture.

Dad smiled at me as he read my inner surprise.The home we were going to stay was huge wooden castle like a house on the hill even it reminded me of a spooky haunted house.There was a pine forest attached beside and also flowers and vegetable gardens in front of the house. I rushed inside to meet diamond but he wasn’t there so my father explained me about kitty’s routine of sleeping on the roof under warm sunlight. We put the suitcases in the bedroom and took a rest.Soon I heard meowing from the living room as an alarm of fat furry bro coming.It’s quite impossible to get a close relationship with a strange cat at first sight so I must know the secret love spell called treats.

As soon as I saw him, I was holding myself not to hug and squeeze him. He was so fluffy with medium length hairs with white soft fur on the belly, face and four legs though back were deep gray, black in color.He reminded me of Garfield from the movie as the only color was different.At first, he was staying away from me however with the help of powerful weapon named dry kitty food, I could win the love of a fluffy prince.Dad told me about his little feline monster that he had an orange color ginger sibling which looked like Garfield totally. Unfortunately, that kitten passed away when hit by a car. They were given to father by one of his friends but the cat breed was kind of unclear. I felt so sorry for the ginger cat then decided to give all love to Diamond.

He was absolutely adorable and also funny whenever he stuck in pet’s exists at down side of house doors.I told daddy to make bigger holes but he wanted to leave them that way.My feline brother loved to eat almost all day that made mom upset because she dislikes over spoiling.However, dad and I secretly feed him without mom’s known for not having the ability to resist his universal cuteness of big eyes weapon.He wasn’t so active because of heavy body weight but surprisingly quite healthy.One day, he left a dead mouse on my blanket as a gift to show he wasn’t completely worthless.I really appreciated but the only problem was that putting in a wrong place.There was a wooden cart in the garden where we used to lay down for getting warm sun rays.

Sometimes, big furry puff also loved to jump on our belly and take a nap.He loved to jump on laps or belly at an unexpected time in the un-excepted moment with his super fatty body to show his love.He also used to curl near my feet at night just like warm living hot water bag with fur and purr.Soon we noticed that a lady cat from nearby house often came around our prince.Looked like she fell in love with him but our boy showed to much innocence in front of us by hiding under showcase or bed.We all thought he was still a baby who didn’t interested in heat so he was trusted by beloved human sister and papa.One day cute little naughty mask revealed when he came back with a minor injury after fighting and being attacked by his girl friend’s big brother who caught their secret romantic meeting.

The whole family was so sorry but it was just a little scratch on leg though he was overacting on pain. For not a single vet available in this town, our love hero ended up with just antiseptic gel and bandage. I had a relief as he recovered very fast at least.The outcome of being cast out by future bro in law made him stable in the home for few weeks plus healing period.Soon he found his second love as he is kind of lady killer in cat version.Well, this time no future family in law problem but ex and new fighting started near home, in the garden or on the roof when ex-wanted to come back to Mr.Kitty Romance. However falling in love with feline ladies, gladly he was still childish with us as an adorable innocent baby with charming big eyes.

As far as I knew, he had never killed even a single rat because he realized that we feed whenever he uses cuteness overload looking style weapon and excessive meowing.I had unforgettable memories with though some are funny. By staying in an old creepy house, it brought fear to my type people who are afraid of the ghost since childhood. It was Friday night, I was still watching television until 12 am because my favorite paranormal investigating program was on TV.My aunt was sleeping deeply beside me so I was awake alone with the only light source from a television screen.Suddenly I heard scratching sound under my bed, and then I felt my hairs standing up, goosebumps and petrified with extreme fear.

Though I was so much afraid, curiosity forced me to check the main reason for coming sound.Therefore I slowly looked under the bed and the whole house filled with my scream as soon as seeing the two glowing eyes moving into the darkness. My aunt fell down from bed with sudden awake and my parents rushed into our room to see what was happening.After the put the switch on, there was my fat cat came out that I was mistaken for a ghost or creature. The entire family was laughing at me by giving me a new nickname ” courage the coward dog”. It was embarrassing but that didn’t make me hate my beloved brother. Time flies so fast as we had to go back to city home for my university and mom’s business.

I didn’t want to leave Diamond so I cried and for that father promised to bring him home when he comes back.The night before I left, I gave him more time, extra treats, snuggling and I really want him to remember me no matter what.The next morning was the time to say goodbye to dad and furry baby. Coming back home wasn’t bringing happiness as something missing in my soul without my cutie kitty but I tried to calm down by hoping we will meet together again.I was sent his photos and news often.Soon I heard he was OK again with the ex and they are going to have kitties.About 1 year later, Dad had to move back to the city because his project there was done. I was so happy to see him back along with my papa but the heartbroken news was waiting for me that our diamond refused to come city home.Officers helped my father to capture him but he ran back to his wife’s home.

He abandoned us for his new family that made us feel mentally broken especially papa so he arrived home with broken heart.Later the neighbor family sent our chubby monster and his tiny fluffy clones which are extremely adorable.He and kittens are still alive but we lost contact with that new owner.However we had been together for a short time, he will be always part of my soul, my family. I wish he can live long happily with his beloved family. Now my question, do you really like my story about “Diamond the fat cat”? If so, then show some love with like and comment.

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