How to discipline a cat from peeing outside the litter box?

All feline owners face inappropriate urinating problem whenever the new kitty arrives at home.The moments getting the smell of pee from your favorite carpet or sofa might distress you and make you lose temper. However, you must deal with the cool head without doing misbehave on the cat.For that reason, you need to find out the reason behind everywhere peeing first and then find the solution how to stop it without hurting the beloved fur baby physically or emotionally. Adopting kitties is for sharing each other love between them and owners so rough action will only make them run away from you with fear instead of having a close bond.This process needs lots of patience as felines are one of kind stubborn little creature and they are mischievous too. Now let’s find out the possible reasons why this out of litter box case happens.

Why cats avoid to urinate inside litter box but everywhere in the house?

How To Discipline A Cat

Medical issues-Sometime furry babies have excessive urination that they can not control even if they want to.It can be seen all over the house not only in the litter box.Possibly because of the health condition such as urinary tract infection(UTI), diabetes or even the symptoms of kidney problems. Therefore you should check with the vet first as soon as you noticed the abnormal pissing in inappropriate areas in-house.
In Clinic, urine and blood sample should be given to analyzing the health conditions.If the kitty has UTI, bacterial level in sample test must be very high and genital area will be also swollen and red.Diabetes result shows the higher amount of glucose level in blood and urine than normal condition.Urinary tract infection and kidney problem normally make painful when pissing so uncomfortable to pee in the box sometime. The best thing is to take the kitty to vet for the medical check-up before losing temper first on poor baby.

Declawing-This is one of the top most common facts why cats stop using the litter box.Declawing is not just nail trimming but it is amputating entire first toe bone with surgery. Same as the result of every surgical process, it has a long painful period to heal.When freshly declawed feline tries to use the litter box, the badge on toes may make uncomfortable sensation when they attempt to scratch the sand.
Another possible thing is that they may feel pain when litter granules enter the bandage holes. For that reason, they start to refuse using a litter box and to pee on sofa, carpet, walls or even corners of the house comfortably. This is the critical time which you can not force them to sit in an uncomfortable litter box.You need to check what make them trouble inbox and then discuss with a vet after that must replace with the different type of litter which the vet suggest you the best.

Some reasons why cats avoid using Litter Box

Some Reasons Why Cats Avoid Using Litter Box

Dirty litter box-Kitties are the clean freak as they pass the day by cleaning themselves at least 3 times.Let’s compare with humans because humans do not want to use if the bathroom is smelly and nasty.So do they and imagine an unclean litter box with full of dumps and pee.Even felines are smart enough not to use it instead those furry babies will spot on carpet, bed, and sofa to make toilet territory. Therefore the best solution is to keep the litter box clean by scooping Poopy every day and changing the litter every 2 days if possible.Fresh clean litter box plus happy kitty equal to home sweet home.

Not enough litter box and litter inside-If you have multiple cats in the home, one per one feline sandy toilet is possibly needed.I do not mean to have 15 if you have 15 furry fellas and what I really meant is at least enough for them to share the toilet well.Second important thing is to fill the container with the right amount of litters which does not matter you use a different type of specific spoiled baby. Trying to be a cheapo by putting a little level of sand will make you get special cat piss perfume on the bed or on sofa and carpet in living room. Remember cats have nature of digging the sand with paws to cover up dumps.If they do not see there is not enough sand to cover their poopy, they will not use that container again.

Wrong size and perfumed litter box– You cannot use kid size toilet, Can you?Then know the feeling of kitty which got the small or fit container.The litter box must be at least half in size bigger then user cat.Furry friends can not talk human language so they will not say you that their toilet in the wrong size and then they will simply choose to relief outside of a small container.Perfumed litters may make the cats confuse to mark the specific place and refuse to use the box. For that reason, never ever put scented air fresher into cat’s toilet as fur fella dislike flowery or sweet scent but the smell of own urine territory.

Now, there are some easy simple tips for discipline the naughty little fellas which urinate outside of own sandy toilet.

Cat Litter box problems solutions

Cat Litter Box Problems Solutions

Privacy– kitties are shy creatures so they avoid to urinate or dump in public or a place where crowded with people.Putting their toilet container in a crowded room is not the right thing to do.Respect their privacy as the same thing humans demand own privacy. Give quiet and peaceful spot at home to relieve the nature call.

Encourage to use the litter box– Put the clean and fresh container very close to the place where kitty’s wrong bathroom territory so little fella may consider using the comfortable new box instead of wrong place. Never put nose forcibly on litter because forcing against their will to do a thing will not get any benefit but also they will avoid that specific place later.

Forbidden to enter bedroom– If your furry babies targeted on the bed that should not let them in the bedroom until they settle in proper place.Close the door whenever you are away and take them out immediately.

Extra litter box– Buy an extra in a cause of needed because they can use the second one comfortably when the owner is so busy enough not to have time to clean the first one.

Using odor neutralizer– Cats remember where they marked so it is important to remove the scent of urine on bed, carpet or sofa.Different brand of pet specific scent remover can be found in the market.Clean the area with a cloth soaked with warm water before using the odor neutralizer. Avoid using the ammonia-based spray because ammonia-based spray will make them remind of their own urine as ammonia is in urine.

I strongly recommend not to beat or shout the cat because severe punishing can break trust and love bond between you and fur baby.Some people use water spray to punish for inappropriate behaviors. That method works or not is depend on different cats mentally. It works for some owners but scared cats slowly far away from owners.Instead of forcing, slowly encouraging in the right direction is good for both sides.The main is just to provide clean, proper size litter box every day.These simple important tips need patience and time but these will make the feline fellas can stop peeing everywhere in the house.

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