13 famous Egyptian names for your cat

Instead of normal common ones, ancient names are unique and powerful to call your feline. Cats were a sacred symbol and widely worshiped by entire Egypt once an upon a time.To inspire the ancient glorious time of mighty feline, I will present you with famous Egyptian names just for your little furry cat lords and ladies. They are all from real life history, movies, gods and goddesses so you will love it and have fun by choosing the perfect one for the furry fella.

Egyptian names for cats

Egyptian pharaohs and queens names for cats

Le’s start with the royal bloodline.Cats are majestic beings just like royalties.Every kitty owners treat their babies as spoiled princess or prince so there is no excuse for not calling them with pride title of nobility.Egypt had great pharaohs and queens who brought peace, wealth and prosperity to their kingdoms.Their glories still remaining throughout centuries until now as the great Nile has endless stories and fables has to tell.Great Pharaoh name should be the almighty majestic cat.

Khufu– This is very famous great Pharaoh who ruled the 4th Dynasty of Old Kingdom.He has the positive reputation for being good king which ruled prosper time.He built the great pyramid which is later also known as Khufu pyramid.

Khafra– The owner of the famous Giza pyramid and the great Sphinx.He was also the king of 4th Dynasty of the old kingdom.Legend says Egyptian citizen built Giza pyramid instead of slaves.Giza is the second largest but higher elevation than Khufu.The pharaoh creates the tax system for supporting the workforce for buildings.Your mighty cat deserves the name of the mighty king.

Hatshepsut– She was the first successful great female pharaoh of 18th Dynasty which was called one of the best new kingdom.Even though she was a woman, she ruled her kingdom by the complete authority of male pharaoh.Egyptian tradition that did not let women hold total power could not stop Hatshepsut to become almighty and most powerful ruler.When she was 20 years old, she obtained the most honorable title for the woman in entire Egypt” The God wife of Amun”.In the golden time of her reign, she focused to thrive the Egypt in prosper, wealth and peace instead of expanding territory with wars like male pharaohs.She was also worshiped as divine demi-god being in some area of Egypt in that time.This is the perfect name for fur daughters which has kind, gentle and motherly in nature.

Cleopatra– One of the most powerful in ancient Egypt but also popular in modern literature and culture.For centuries, poets and artists praised her as queen of beauty by poems, arts, plays, novels, and films.She was not fully Egyptian according to legend.She was the descendant of Greece origin ruler Ptolemy family.Her love story between Julius Caesar and Antony is very famous around the world until the 21st century.Well, our furry babies are beauty queens too.

Egyptian Gods and Goddess names for cats

Here comes the time of power and magic for the creative names of cats especially for Egyptian breed.Thousands of years ago, cats were worshiped as a god and their majestic appearance still remain until the present time.If you ever have Egyptian breed, why shouldn’t we give them powerful famous names of gods and goddesses?

Ra– Originated from Amun-Ra which is ” Hidden Light” in meaning.One of the top most famous great gods of ancient Egypt.He represents the sun and recognized as the ultimate king of gods and god of kings. Pharoah was believed to be the son of Amun-Ra.Majestic kitty can be a spark of light for our lives.

Anubis– This is the perfect name for every black kitty as they are mysterious and graceful at the same time.This is also quite popular names among the owners of a mini panther.He is god and dead who helps mighty Osiris in the underworld.He is patron god of mummifying and traditional funeral ceremonies.

Bast– Suitable cat goddess name for real furry babies.Under her ultimate power, house kitties were sacred to humans.She is powerful and well known for protection, joy, and fertility.Anyone who killed or tortured cats got the death sentence for upsetting the fearsome goddess.She was mainly worshiped in lower Egypt.

Seth– The villain god of desert, chaos, and sand.He is quite similar to rebel son Loki from Norse mythology.He killed Orisis to take his throne but he saved Ra once for having little goodness inside.Some kitties are naughty and mischievous just like Seth but they also have secret care and love for owners.

Horus– The ultimate god of life, prosperity, and fertility.He is the son of Orisis and opponent of Seth.Horus is also popular as the god of sky and war and married to Hathor the goddess of the sky. It can be an easy and superhot name for your cat. I really love this “Horus” name for my little kitty. Very easy to understand, recognize and spelling.

Hathor– Alternated version of bloodthirsty war goddess Sekhmet. She is a goddess of sky, love and cosmetic art.She was mostly worshiped by women in ancient Egypt.

Famous Hollywood movie character names for Egyptian cats

People love movies about myths, legends, and histories of Egypt. There are all-time famous Holly Wood films that have creative characters names to take for kitties as people are the fan of spooky Mummies and amazing pyramids.Let’s make our feline the tiny copies of ancient Egyptian characters.

Imhotep– The most fearful mummy that gave people nightmare for decades. He was nominated as one of the most powerful villains ever. He was powerful and trusted high priest of Pharoah who skilled in necromancy.Later he fell in forbidden love with Pharoah’s wife and betrayed own king for love. Although he is a monster, he is great and loyal lover after all.

Asenath-She was real in Egyptian and Jewish legend as the wife of Joseph.She is kind and gentle noble lady of the royal family. She is understandable to her husband’s and help, encourage while Joseph is in the struggle.

Anamet– Universal studio created fearsome female mummy to stop the tradition of male mummies. She made a path with Seth to have godlike dark power for ruling the world and killed her little stepbrother. As a result, she was sentenced to be buried alive. But she came back as one of most powerful mummies ever and also my favorite villain too. One of my future feline daughters must have the same name with this fearful, vengeful super cool princess.

I think it is enough to choose one suitable names for your Egyptian cat. Some time, phenomenal titles are needed to separate apart from boring ones. As furry cat friends are special, the calling title must be special too. You may also be interested to check out the phenomenal name ideas for Persian cats. I hope you got a right name idea for your little newborn Egyptian cute kitty.

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