Top 11 most expensive cat breeds in the world

Millions of people around the world have cats in the home but not all those people cannot have some specific breed every easily because they are most expensive cats of all time. Want a kitty? You can simply adopt out from shelter or rescue feral babies but it is cost a fortune just to own a specific luxurious breed plus maintaining costs. Their physical characteristics are unique along with behaviors and lifestyle.

Those golden pot kitties are mostly for people who are participating cat shows and for people with standard luxurious life. You will wonder why a domesticated feline can possibly be so pricey enough to make us shout ” Oh my god” by putting hands on own chest. So let’ see why and how much they are so costly to get. The lists will explain the lowest price to highest. The prices given are a just close prediction of minimum to a maximum amount.

Ocicat $300 to $800

Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World

Ocicats are wild, athletic, agile felines with lovely, cuddly nature and they have a lot of fan for that untamed look and gentle nature. Actually, they are not the original breed but instead the hybrid as the result of cross-breeding between Abyssinian, Siamese and American short hair. Those spotted adorable tabbies love to be socialized and cuddly apart from their wild appearance. They are also athlete active felines.

Korat $300 to $800

Korat cat

This silky silvery grey fur coat owner cutie pies are originated from Thailand like the Siamese breed. Because of their color, they are considered as a lucky one in South East Asian tradition. Korats are really affectionate so they won’t mind cuddling for hours long with you. Babysitting is not a problem for them as Korats are known for child-friendly, gentle, kind nature to kids. However, you will see super active when they need to play as happy bouncing cats.

Maine Coon $500 to $1000

maine coon cat

If you ever wanted a cat but also like dogs that will wig their tail to show happiness, then better have Maine Coon. This big fluffy dog size felines will wig their tails for greeting you while you come back home. They are extremely loyal and cuddly to the owner.Do not mistake them with aggressive canine because Maine Coon is well known for being kind, patience, friendliness and intelligent despite their large, fluffy mighty body. They are one of best mouse hunter breeds and very well resist the extremely cold environment of their native Northeast of the United States. You can have a cat and dog both with only Maine Coon if you could effort the cost. Legend says that Maine Coon is the descendant of wild Norwegian felines which were brought to America by Vikings 1000 years ago.

British Shorthair $500 to $1000

British Shorthair Cat

Adorable kitty with thick dense silvery short hair kitty is famous in the UK along with their laid back and strange personalities. I have reason to say strange because they are friendly enough to get along with every family members, kids, pets and snuggling but dislike being picked up and put on lap. This gentleman cat will not super agile and playful like some other races but strong and a bit clumsy. British Shorthair is known since Roman Empire period in England.

American Curl $800 to $1200

American curl cat

If you searching for affectionate fur baby for those who love to cuddle with pet most of the time, the American Curl is one of the reasonable choices. These sweet, social outgoing kitties are famous for unique curl up ears. Their by-born normal ears curled up automatically at around 16 weeks after birth. Cat fanciers adore them for the unique appearance, sweet personality, and silky medium length flat coat.

Sphynx cat $900 to $1500

sphynx cat

Some people really love kitties but sadly allergic to cat hairs. Get a Sphynx and problem solve because they are totally hairless and possess a wrinkled body. Some people think they are ugly without fur but only owners know how lovely, loyal and passionate they are and also healthy and resistant to minor illnesses. Those special looks and abilities make them one of the most expensive breeds. These cutie pile bald will not tired to play and snuggle with you all day long with a soft happy purr. Do not be lazy to give shower just because of lack of fur because skin can be oily.

Russian Blue $1000 to $2000

Russian blue cat

Who can resist silverly greyish blue fur with attractive emerald green eyes? Yes, this Russian Blue is one of the most attractive and popular races among feline lovers. They are also considered as a symbol of luck to the owner. They have strong body build and good health so easy to take care of them. They are great for kids and other pet families though not quite social with strangers. Russian blues are smart and curious about new things.

Scottish fold $1000 to $3000

Scottish fold cat

Another unique ears cat with beautiful short dense fluffy fur and big eyes. They are popular on the social network for funky sitting style and cuteness. Their downward and forward folded ears make them have nicknames” owl ” or ” teddy bear” along with big round hypnotic eyes.

Persian and Himalayan cat $1000 to $5000

Himalayan Cat

The original breed is from Persia ( now Iran) but later they became the topmost symbol of luxurious and nobility because of the soft silky coat and phenomenal pansy face. They are affectionate and love to stay like the prince or princess’s luxury lifestyle. World cat fanciers consider them on the list of best show cats. However, the detail health care and fur maintaining need to give them a healthy life. The Himalayan cat is as pricey as Persian due to their Persian body and exotic Siamese points.

Bengal cat $2000 to $20000

bengal cat

What the price! There must be the reason behind it. Yes, Bengal is second most costly fur babies to have because they are rare and possess the mighty feature which will bring wildlife essence in the home. They are hybrid of Asian small leopard and domestic short hair so there is no surprise of having exotic leopard alike color coat and strong athletic muscular body. Despite high intelligence, Bengal babies are fire up in fun and playing activities so kind of hard to handle. Although they have wild blood, they are very gentle, calm loving nature to human family to nap on lap and cuddle.

Savannah cat $20000 to $50000

savannah cat

Some people believe Ashera cat and Savannah cats are same. Whatever, the main thing, they are in the first place on the most expensive cat breeds list. First place by costing a great fortune to buy. They can be seen in only millionaires, billionaires possessions. The crossbreed between African Savel and domestic house cat bring highly intelligent majestic large size feline. Spotted fur coat, long ears, and jungle feline face make people remind of majestic leopards which are lurking in the deep forest. Their well-known loyalty is not less than dogs and has very curious nature. They can jump higher than the best normal house cat can do.

Do not consider the given prices are fixed as they are closely expected price after a lot of research. The actual cost may vary depending on each country situation. The native breed of a specific country may be less in cost then rare breed of that country. For example, Korat is very common in Thailand so you can have one in cheap price but can be rare and expensive in other countries.

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