20 Amazing famous cat names ideas for furry babies

Felines have the different characters such as cocky, bossy, play, gentle or silly that make them unique personality.Some popular kitties from TV, books, and internet may similar with your own fur babies or you may just inspire those characters as childhood fun.Therefore is it not a surprising thing that people search for famous cat names to give newcomer fuzzy balls. There is some good idea of choosing perfect one which comes from different sources of various diversity. Even you can check out Witchy black cat names, I have written before. So Relax your hot head because this is going to be fun to inspire the all-time celebrity felines.

Famous Cat Names

Famous names for female cats

Having trouble how to call your very new fur daughter? She can be anything from princess to all-time favorite character or writer but it is all depend on you to choose match one for smart, graceful fancy daughters.

Mrs.Norris – I am Potter fan so I do love picking up names from Harry Potter films series.Students of wizardry school hate this fluffy supernatural kitty but I really love her as she is adorable red eyes fuzzball.She patrols the whole castle at night to check any student sneak out from dorm or not.She is doing her duty well there along with her owner.Poor kitty was petrified in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret.Some fur babies are little stalkers like Mrs.Norris that love to check you up every time.

Jasmine – Very smart and bold Arabian princess from Waltz Disney’s Aladin movie.She is very strong in personality and the one you should not mess with because she won’t cry for a prince to save her instead of fighting back like a warrior.The fearless pioneer of new ways by breaking old tradition.The most suitable title for an intelligent and brave kitten.This is also beautiful and sweet fragrant flower from Asia and India.

Mitten – One of my dream cats to adopt although she is an animated character from Bolt.She was declawed and then abandoned heartlessly by her owners but she could manage to survive very hard.She may be quite emotional due to her painful past but she has ultimate kindness and pure friendship inside her heart.She showed Bolt to understand the reality and how to be a happy real dog.Mitten is such a beautiful thing to call your beloved furry fella.

Duchess – A wonderful name for a kitty with princess’s attitude.Duchess is one of the High Ranking titles for royal blood women in the European tradition.It represents gentle, noble and graceful lady.In Aristocrat animated film, the main character is sweet, gentle lady white cat’s name is Duchess so no problem if you call your royal princess the same way.

Kitty White – Another beautiful title for adorable white fur daughter.This is a name of cute white Japanese bobtail from worldwide popular iconic Japanese cartoon ” Hello Kitty”. Every little girl knows about this cartoon and lots of successful products icon in the whole world.

Jiji – Adorable talking magical black feline form Kiki’s Delivery service cartoon.She has cutest big round eyes and kind of cat that I would like to have. Jiji is a boy in the cartoon though he has a cute female name. Jiji lost his talking ability after mixing along with a normal mate. Need an emergency thing to deliver? Jiji will help with active, agile nature.

Catarina – Famous Tortie fur baby because of her owner Edgar Allen Poe who is one of the greatest writers of all time popular horror, thriller stories, and novels.Although he wrote his ” Black cat” story as horror version, he was actually indeed crazy cat lover as Catarina was a beloved spoiled princess for him and his wife.They treated her like own blood child.

Delphi – Ancient Delphi oracles were very famous for their mysterious works and prophecies.The sanctuary was located on Mount Parnassus of upper Greek.Those oracles were dedicated worshiper of sun god Apollo.The first Delphi was described by an old woman who was possessed by the spirit of God Apollo and then later widely worshiped by Greek people.Other new oracles were also selected by temple officiated higher priestesses.I feel it is such a wonderful name for mysterious black or graceful white kitty.

Audrey – Short from Audrey Hepburn, one of the most famous silver screen Hollywood actresses from the classic era.After seeing victims of war, she swore to help them as much as she can.She was a ballerina but later she became the popular actress in Hollywood and won multi-film awards including Oscar. After retiring, the kind-hearted actress joined with UNICEF for charity and helping needed people.Our drama queen furry princesses need a nice name like this wonderful silver screen legend.

Dixie – She was not a first lady but first cat of United State.Very few people know that the great father of nation and president was actually fur baby lover.Yes indeed, President Abraham Lincoln was her loving human dad.She was given as a kitten by Secretary of State William Seward along with her brother Tabby.So the great president became a new loving caretaker of those orphan kittens.They got elite lifestyle in the presidential suite and fed from White House dinner at the same time every day.It is such a great honored to call your furry friend same with the great president’s one. Isn’t it?

Famous special names for male cats

Famous Special Names For Male Cats

It is now for picking up the Purrfect title for furry son with four legs and a meow.Most tomcats are super playful, active athletes or lazy Chubbies sometime. However, I just have right names for both types.

Pusheen -Very popular fat kitty sticker from FaceBook social network nowadays. Everybody loves Pusheen.I am his fan and always waiting anyone creates Pusheen pillows to hug and I must have one.If your tomcat is not interested in the healthy diet than ready to change his name to inspire cute chubby cartoon sticker.

Garfield – We should not forget this fat, fluffy orange tabby because he is one of the most popular feline characters in history.Honesty, he is the one who first introduced me to Lasagna when I was a kid.He showed me how much Lasagna is delicious as it is his favorite symbol.Garfield and Lasagna cannot be separated.He seems to be a quite selfish but very good heart inside.My hubby calls me Garfield sometime and I am really proud of it.So why we should call Garfield to super adorable chubby tabbies?

Azrael -This is originally the Angel of Death but it turned out to be well-known villain orange tabby loyal familiar of dark dumb wizard Gargamel. Although he is a pet of Gargamel, he is wiser than his owner.He loves to chase and catch the Smurfs to please his beloved wizard.I do love Azrael because he is such a cute ginger tabby after all.

Stubbs – Beware, he is not a typical kitty but a mayor of human town named Talkeetna of Alaska.You must be surprised how can a cat be Mayor.The folks said he was put in the campaign when he was a kitten because town people did not wish to select human candidates.This mayor with 4 legs and meow loves to patrol around his town and cuddle with his people.This adorable puffy ginger politician spends time by cuddling with town people, playing and having little regular catnip.The town became tourist attraction site because of its phenomenal mayor.

Shakespeare – One of most well-known authors through centuries.His novels and plays are being published millions of times by different language in different countries.The creator of world most popular “Romeo and Juliet” and others stories.If your fur boy is quite passionate and drama king, Shakespeare name will be ready for him.

Draco – Harry Potter fans know well who is Draco.The attractive villain with pale golden hair and naughty smile melts million of fan-girls’ hearts.He is not evil and all his doings are just because of no choice, rejected by society for family reputation, no real friends and loneliness but he has good deep inside.This is a good title for a white kitty with majestic pride.

Remus – Another Harry Potter character and he is good Wolfy while others are from the bad side.The best teacher of wizardry school and loyal best friend of Harry’s father.He died like a great warrior in final battle along with his beloved wife.They both are remembered ultimate heroes for their sacrifice.It is also from ancient Roman mythology about twins called Romulus and Remus.

Thomas O’Malley – A fun-loving orange and white mixture tomcat from The Aristocats film. He is romantic, outgoing and brave while his lover Duchess is graceful, gentle lady.He will do anything to save his beloved ones from danger just like your brave felines.Although he was stray male, he grows fatherly love on the kittens of Duchess.

Rajah – Who said tigers cannot be with the human? Rajah is fully domesticated and extremely loyal companion of Princess Jasmine.He is mighty and will fiercely protect his human.Our fur babies can be like mighty royal Rajah too.

Aslan – The creator of Narnia the magical parallel dimension of our world.He is loving great lion king of all Narnians. He sacrificed himself to save a human boy but later he was revived by ancient magic and he left Narnia to humans’ hand while he is ruling afterlife.However, the great fearsome lion he is, one side is very gentle to be a pet companion. I do love Aslan so much more than any other characters in Narnia movie series.

I do believe that I can give amazing and creative suggestions for cat parents who are brainstorming to choose suitable Purrfect names for their fur kids. All these are my research from different sources to match felines with different behaviors.Thanks for reading and I will try to post more creative and unique names just for beloved furry friends.

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