Is it ok to feed my cat same food every day or better mix up?

Cats are special and they demand being treated specially. My cats had never tasted canned wet food because those are not commonly available in the country I lived. As in Southeast Asia, developing country, only home cooked meal and some dry pellet foods are commonly given as tradition. I prefer feeding my babies freshly cooked vegetable and meat mixture with rice or whole grain bread as the main course. And dry food as snack or treat.

Actually, felines are carnivores which depend on entire nutrients from protein and they chew plants sometimes for extra needed vitamins.It may be ok with wildlife but we can not let our domesticated cats eating raw meats and chewing random plants.So I decided to make daily fair diet system which is mainly based on protein but still have needed vitamins.main protein needs to be rotated among boneless fish, chicken and red meat which are chopped or minced.

Everyday same food for cats or a different mix better?

same cat food daily or a mix

For the vegetable, I made small amount puree with blender and finally cook together in a pan with meat.Vegan puree must be very less in ratio then meat for example 500 g of meat is only for 50 gm puree or protein taste will be ruined by the high amount of vegetable.So no pressure, remember, cats are not vegan and they will never be.While you are cooking the meat, adding healthy olive oil is better but never put salt in it.Why do I not depend on dry food?Because dry pellets are dehydrated foods and have fewer nutrients then wet canned or home cooked one. Depending on dry snacks entirely may cause dehydration and nutrient deficiency problem.For cat owners with a financial problem, scramble or well-boiled egg with boiled vegetable can be replaced the meat.

If you choose to fish, it must be boneless or tiny fish which you can eat bones. In Southeast Asian developing countries, India and Bangladesh, People still have a bad habit of throwing big hard bones to kitties for feeding.It is cats not a trash bin and feels the long fish bone stabbing your throat, yes, they can feel the same way too.Main meat meal does not need to especially rotate per day.It depends on which meat or fish you cook for your family that day.Cats are easily bored by a same repeated process.They can lose interest in same boring food daily that can make them lack appetite and refuse to eat.

Do not forget to share the fruits with fur babies.Some fruits like blueberries, banana and watermelon are Ok for a feline.Therefore just let them nibble the fruity piece.My kitties like to nibble watermelon in the hot summer time.It is Ok to let them try the taste first whether they like or not.If you are feeding them canned wet diet then I better suggest you stick with the same flavor from the same brand of your best choice until furry friends start to refuse to eat with boredom.

In a matter of a case, consult with the vet and think about to search another flavor.Unlike freshly home cooked meal, canned food cannot be switch daily and less choice of flavor.Buying one can per day with different taste from Walmart is kind of wasting time.Cats are picky eaters, so rotating only 2 or 3 flavors choice of canned meal every day may spoil them and hard to find a new one if they bored all.Therefore wet canned food must be same as long as they accept.For that reason, daily treat must be varied so they can enjoy fresh treats per day with fun.Treats can be tuna can which is only for feline or dry food pallets.

I normally use dry pallets as a treat as they are available in different taste and made with meat and vegetable mixture.Now, it depends on your choice of which one is best for furry children.Make sure not to overfeed them because they cannot eat too much at a time and those fluffy picky little creatures will not be interested in leftover food.So clean the bowl after every meal and serve them with fresh clean water.Even if you wish you can feed your cat some healthy human foods too, that must change the taste and they will like it!

Every night before sleep, best is put some little amount of dry treats in a bowl in a case to avoid the anger of midnight hungry furry alarm with no snooze bottom. Enjoy the beautiful life of happy and healthy cats.

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