Female cat names: Cute and meaningful ideas

There are awesomeness and fun to search such a beautiful phenomenal names for a newly furry daughter. However, it is quite difficult because you just can not call your special feline princess with just a pickup name of few second thought. Cat parents are always looking for the most special title to call special furry girls.

There are thousands of list you can research on internet and owners choose what their hearts closer to. Flowers, goddesses are typical choices but some people have different tastes in others categories like the movie, cartoons, and anime. Therefore here you can find most wonderful female cat names of different genre in the same place so there is no need to open massive tags and swinging heads this page to that page.

Female Cat Names

Flowers names for female kitty

Girls are compared to flowers because of beauty and delicacy. In ancient poetry and literature, the touch of girl’s skin was said to be like velvety soft smooth petals of beautiful flowers. Let’s find out together which one is suitable for special fur princesses as this sweet little blossoms represent total feminine nature.

Flora/Florance- A title to call all types of flower. The symbol of nobility, gentry and girly ladies. One of most use names in France. In history, Florance Nightingale was popular for her intense kindness.

Rose- The alluring fragrance and beautiful appearance of roses are all time famous throughout centuries from medieval to the 21st century. The poetry, love stories are not perfect without roses as they are considered as the symbol of love. Pink roses are the symbols of sweet, grace, ethereal, pure love while red roses symbolize burning desire of passionate love. There are the different diversions of Rose which you can count on such as Rosie, Rosa, Rosette, Rosetta, Rosaline, and Rosalina.

Jasmine- The most popular one in Southern Asia, Southeast Asia as the Asian version of the romantic symbol. This also very well known for beautiful sweet sensational scent. I have Jasmine and roses in the garden so entire garden fill with graceful fragrances when they bloom. This is a quite famous female name among western and Arabic and middle eastern countries.

Sweetpea- Just like the name, the plant possesses sweet delicious scent. Beautiful super delicate petals have purple, pink and white colors in the same plant. Sweetpea is edible and widely use in deluxe dine dining food decoration art.

Lily- It is considered to be icons of purity and innocence in the western tradition. Lily is well known for its graceful look and amazing smell. Some names like Lilian, Lilith, Lily Ann etc.

Primrose- What a lovely one as the name itself is perfectly graceful and elegant! It is also edible in both leaves and flower as people use in making oil, wine, salad, food plate decoration and cosmetic. This is one of the first followers that greet spring in Europe. Primrose does not relate with rose family.

Lotus- Sacred exotic flower for entire Asian and Indian culture. Lotus represents the purity and spiritual growth as it blooms purely against the muddy pond. It is also related to gods and goddesses in the Hindu tradition.

Bluebell- United Kingdom top most popular garden flower. Bluebell is famous for its pretty royal blue color bell shape little flowers. This plant was used for the medicinal purpose in ancient time.

Pansy- This is quite common in cat society because I often see people saying ” This is my cat Pansy” in social media. Pansies are very beautiful and colorful famous garden plant and there was a group of singing Pansies in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland animated film.

Popular female cat names from anime films and series

Popular Female Cat Names

Are you looking for famous anime and manga names for cute kitties? Here a good news for manga Otaku because you can easily find and decide the best one for the Kawaii furry princesses on a single page.

Nyu- The main female character from Elfen lied and a diverse personality of Lucy who is vengeful superhuman. Nyu is entirely innocent, lack of language like a newborn baby. In manga series, you can see her cutest talking” Nyu” which is similar to tiny kitten’s squeak “Mew”.

Misa Amane- One of the most popular idols from Death Note series and films. Misa is cute Gothic Lolita style girl. She was the owner of Death Note and devotee of Light Yagami. I really adore her due to her sweet childish personality.

Blair Flannigan- Who is the fan of Yu-Gi-Oh? Blair is a young lady who disguised herself as a boy for entering Duel Acadamy. She possesses the monster girls spirits deck to battle against boys. She lost in the final match of Duel Chazz but accepted by the academy for her skill.

Erza Scarlet- One of the main characters from Fairy Tail manga series. She is beautiful attractive sword woman with long red hair. As a daughter queen, she possesses the magical power adding to her sword skill.

Orihime- She is from Bleach manga. She has spiritual power which gives her god-like power to maintain the reality.

Rukia- Main female character from Bleach. Once a powerful soul reaper but she is living in regular school girl’s life after losing most of her power to save beloved one.

Shiemi- Beautiful young blond girl and student of secret Exorcist class in True Cross Academy. She has absolute priceless knowledge about garden and herbology. Cute little green is her best friend and spirit companion. Every fan of Blue Exorcist anime loves her for sure.I am also greatest otaku of this anime so I won’t mind calling my kitty “Shiemi”.

Female cat names from Disney films

Belle- Beautiful, gentle kind bookworm girl from Beauty and the Beast. She is one who sees a real soul from the outer appearance shell.

Ariel- 16 years old mermaid princess from the Little Mermaid film. She has full of curiosity about the human world and new things.

Theodora- A young witch who was primarily good but turned into a wicked witch by her sister’s trick. In The great wizard of Oz film, she fell in love with wizard until he broke her heart. Poor girl for having a bad sister and cheating lover.

Evenora – Such a pretty name for a most wicked witch of the west. She assassinated the great king of Emerald city who is the father of Glenda the good witch. She tricked the wizard and sent him to terminate Glenda. After all, it is still a pretty name.

Moana- A currently famous animated movie from Disney. A brave cocky nature Polynesian princess tried to restore the heart of island goddess Te Fiti.

Feel free to pick up most perfect one for your little feline princesses. These phenomenal names are beautiful even to pronounce. Dear visitors, you can search for more cool, unique male cat names, Ginger cat names, Famous cat names for more fun.

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