Top 23 Most Popular French Cat Names that You will Love

When you hear the word France, beautiful Paris with Eiffel Tower, Regal fine dining foods will pop up in your mind. Yes, Paris is the Jewel of France and a dream honeymoon place for every couple. Actually, the whole of France is very beautiful with shabby cozy country houses and flower gardens. If you are finding classic elegant cat names, I will be glad to help you by sharing the most wonderful names.

Popular French books and films character names for the cat

Some Hollywood films are based in French culture, Fairy-tales. Sometimes, movies and books characters have match personalities with fur babies. It is fun when you give your favorite protagonist’s name to your cat.

Remy– It is not quite ok to call your cat ” Ratatouille ” but can name your foodie chubby kitty “Remy”. Remy is one of a kind talented rat chief. He loves foods and he can create one too. Remy proved the true meaning of Gusteau’s quote ” Anyone can cook”.

Colette– Tough and talented chief from “Gusteau” restaurant. She shows that the female chief needs to be tough to get space in high restaurants. If your fur daughter is quite dominant and a foodie. Colette is the perfect name.

Linguini– Normal son of genius 5-star chief ” Gusteau” who does not have any cooking talent of his father. However, he is the kind gentle boy who is befriended with a little rat. They both together bring up the restaurant to the top. This is for a silly funny male cat.

Ego– Cold, dark, and tough top food critic of Paris. His heartless comments can break the restaurant’s ranking in second. But he always accepted the genius person whatever they are. Ego never afraid to tell truth even it can bring bad on him. Ego honored the 5-star chief ability of the extraordinary rat by the “Ratatouille” dish. This is a good name for a cool black cat.

Lumiere– If you are a fan of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, you will definitely know jolly open-hearted talking candle holder Lumiere. He is his partner Cogsworth the table clock is competing for each other since childhood. Lumiere does not like the strict grumpy nature of Cogsworth. He fell in love with the castle maid Fifi. It is also the meaning “light” so your cat is a little jolly light of your life. Lumiere is best to call him.

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Fifi– The sexy pretty castle maid who was turned to be a feather duster. She always loves to flirt with Lumiere. I think they will be Happily ever after too when they were free from the curse. Fifi is a cute name for the female flirty sassy cat who loves to get attention from humans all the time.

Top 5 French popular places names for the cat

I haven’t written about famous places like cat names. France has full of beautiful places such as snowy mountains, outstanding medieval villages, breathtaking beaches with blue water etc. Fans of France should know not only Paris but also wonderful places in the whole of France. Well, pretty places names for pretty kitties that I am going to offer.

Paris– The number one main capital city of France. Paris is one of the top 3 romantic cities around the world. Every year, millions of tourists visit this wonderful jewel of Europe city for its fine delicacy foods, famous buildings, royal Châteaux, etc. The world-famous Louvre museum is in Paris. It is for a romantic kitty who has a flirty nature.

Louvre– The monumental art gallery where the Mona Lisa and other priceless masterpieces of art within. Louvre was actually the palace of kings. It is the best name for Tortie cat because they have artistic color fur.

Versailles– It became remarkable in history not only because of its beauty and delicate detail fine architecture but also because of Marie-Antoinette and France Revolution. You can imagine an absolutely high standard lifestyle of French royalties by seeing the most expensive and beautiful luxurious arts and architecture of Versailles. Some cats are proud and act like the royal king. If you have a proud spoiled little prince, it is Purrfect to call Versailles.

Cannes– I think you had seen it infamous Mr.Bean’s Holiday movie. Cannes is famous for its international film festival and a beautiful beach. So Cannes is best for those who love clear blue water and yellow sand. Because of the film festival, I chose Cannes for a pretty drama queen kitty.

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Eiffel– For honoring the main symbol of France “Eiffel Tower”, You can call your kitty ” Eiffel’. The tower was built in 1889 as the International Exhibition entrance by architect Gustave Eiffel. It is a good choice for every kitty both male and female.

Random common beautiful French cat names

They are my best selective names for owners who are looking for just pretty French names for their fur babies. Some of them are already popular names while some are adorable and funny. Enjoy and have fun.

Aurelie– This is a pretty name that means “Golden”. It has full of ancient magical medieval essence.

Camillie– Camillie is mostly found among noblewomen of 13th to 18th century France. It represents royalty, pride, and the Gothic period.

Fleur– Fleur means ” Flower” in French.

Augustin– It is for the male cat. Augustin means “Greatness and Almighty”.

Louis– Royal name for the male kitty. Louis is used by countless kings and noblemen. It means “Brave Fighter’.

Gaël– It is a mighty Gaelic inspired French name for the male cat. Gaël can be translated into “Mighty Lord”.

Renada– Renada means the one who is reborn. If you have rescued a kitty who needs a new life with a forever home. You can give the name”Renada”.

Rosette– It is “rose” in French but also rose like decorations made of ribbons.

Claire– Claire is a common French name that means ” pure, clear”.

Aramis– Popular name from famous Three Musketeers novel.

Armand– It gives gothic style and Armand is for ” Brave Army person, mighty soldier”.

Marquis– Marquis is a ranking title of noblemen in the Kingdom.

This wonderful name selection will help you choose a Purrfect title for your kitty. There will be more pretty names from different countries such as Russian, Italian, etc that I am going to post soon. These are European names but if you like to try exotic Asian cat names you can find unique and meaningful KoreanJapanese cat names. Therefore, have fun and stay tuned.

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