Best 25 amazing funny cat names

Cats are the adorable furry entertainer for our lives with their cute or silly behaviors. They will never let us down even in the saddest moment. Are you looking for cool and funny cat names for your new kitty companion? I am going to help you with adorable unusual funny cat names which will make you smile and fun whenever you call your cat.

Funny cat names

Funny female cat names

Who says girls are not funny? Of course, they are. Your kitty princesses may have different personalities. They deserve funny but cute names because I believe cat owners never want to give offended bad humorous names to beloved cat companions. Therefore I will present top cute hilarious names for female cats.

Poppin– From famous TV character Mary Poppin but it is actually for active kitties which love to play, run and jump around.

Grannycat– If you are having trouble finding a name for a new adopted senior cat from the shelter, this is the best name which is full of respect. Well, you should respect the elder cat which is older than you.

Bubble– Having a bubbly kitty cat is good for your health because she will heal your gloomy time with her talkative meow just like bubbling bubbles. Therefore you should call her bubble and it is also the name of a famous cartoon character from ” Powerpuff girl”.

Fatbulous– Turn out! Chubby cats are fabulous so I have the best name for them ” Fatbulous”.

Pussycat– Do not forget that cats have their own ” Cattitude” which is unique attitude of all felines especially female cats.

Clawdy cat– Does your cat love to play with your fingers and give you some love scratches often? This is the best suitable name for her.

Meanie– Some cats are quite mean but that does not mean they have no love for their humans. Yes, those furry queens provoked their humans as forever companions. Embrace her with this name if little mean fur princess chose you.

Kitty Puff– Suitable for puffy fluffy cats as their fur may remind you creamy soft delicious puff.

Sassycat– Another best name for female cats with full of “Cattitude”. It is not sexy but a common unexpected nature found in cats and women. Just kidding!

Bouncie– Playful kitty loves to bounce and they will proudly take this name.

Funny male cat names

We all agree that our cats are multi behavioral beings. But all of them possess adorable jolly fun loving personality which can also cheer up their humans. Check out amazing hilarious funny names for kitty boys.

Porkchop– Rise your paws if you love porkchop. Good and yummy food name for cats.

Fuzzybutt– Best name match for a fluffy cat with fuzzy nature.

Chowder– It is not about warm soup but it is about some kitties which have full of curiosity and loves to nibble every food their humans eat.

Goofy– Well known best funniest cartoon character from Disney who makes my childhood wonderful.

Bugs– Bugs Bunny, the famous badass rabbit from all-star Looney Tune. A very good name for a naughty cat. Award-winning, Oscar-winning classic cartoon that is popular worldwide. What’s up Doc?

Daffy– Owner of adorable mean greedy kitty should consider this name because Daffy Duck’s character is perfectly matched them by name. Mine, mine, mine!

Grumpy– This is a good name for short temper sensitive fur baby boy. This also name of top most famous internet and social media king Grumpy cat.

Scooby Doo– This funny dog is the main character of Scooby Doo cartoon series. This brave name is for a cat which always runs and hides whenever guests come to the home.

BooBoo bear– Little bear from the famous Yogi bear cartoon.

Yogi bear– Funny smart genius bear which loves to steal picnic foods from people. Cats love to steal food sometime just like Yogi, especially male cats.

Unisex funny cat names

Some hilarious names are so adorable and perfect for both male and female cats.

Doodle– This is purrfect for calico cats and tabbies which have a mixture of stripes or triple color patches.

Meatloaf– Chubby kitties which love to eat and sleep all the time should have this cute name.

Gummybear– If you have soft warm cozy cuddly cats, it will not be a problem to call them Gummybear.

Pokerface– Great choice for stubborn cats.

Kittycula– Count Dracula? No, this is “kittycula” which will steal your soul with gentle love bites.

Giving funny names to your cat bring fun to you too. And cats are our furry little source of happiness. There are more interesting cat names you can check out. Thank you for supporting Heymeoww.

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