Ginger Cat: Interesting facts about Orange Tabbies

Do not mistake with delicious gingerbread cookies of Christmas holiday. Actually, ginger cats are alive furry fluffy orange color tabbies and sometimes they are called the red cats, marmalade or Mellow Yellow. They are the best choice for those who always dream of having tiny lion or tiger because they can have both in a single kitty. There are some amazing fun facts and mystery of male population dominance about gingers that every cat lovers should know.

Ginger cat color variation

Ginger Cat

Not all tabbies are red cats but all red kitties are tabbies. They are not a specific breed as they can be found in most breeds around the world. Those orange tabbies can be short or long hair.Just like a typical tabby, gingers also have classic swirled, striped, ticked and spotted. Among them, mackerel striped and Agouti ticked patterns are more common compared to other two fur coat patterns. It is mysterious how their orange color happen, Isn’t it? Their color comes from a specific pigment called Pheomelanin which also makes red hair in humans. Yes, it is surprising to know that natural born red-haired people and marmalade kitties have same hair color pigment. There is another interesting thing that there is not solid orange color. They all possess any one of green, amber, or copper color eyes but not a single trace of blue eyes in marmalade babies except when they are all in kitten age.

Ginger cat personality

All feline family members throughout my lifetime were tabbies and 2 of them were red tomcats.They are fully social and affectionate. Some genetic experts say that color may be related to personality in some cases. Those little furry sunshine babies are quite good in temperament, great lovers though well known for laziness. Each kitty has the specific personality so you can not take it solid as some orange kitties can hunt very well. While black and white felines are mysterious and shy, ginger kitties are easier to bond with but they will not be chatty like Siamese. For example, one of my orange fur balls was a fully lazy fat while another one was extremely active and playful.They are well known for getting fat easily because of ” Love to eat every edible thing” nature. They may not like all time cuddling though it is Ok to pet them well. Have those beautiful sunshine felines in the home and you will not regret it because they will turn the house into a home with love.

Ginger Cat Personality

Is there any female ginger cat? Mystery of male dominance

Have you ever wondered that mother nature is so mysterious?An interesting fact is that 80% of all domesticated marmalade felines are males.You may surprise and so do I. The genetic experts consider that some color gene link with the sex of cats but no one can clearly still now. However, there is a possible explanation. Generally, red and black are two original color genes in the cat. The red gene is called genetic symbol O. When an unborn infant who carries red gene generally also come along with x chromosome which is male sex chromosome. I do not mean that there are no female ginger tabbies because they exist but only 20% when males are 80%. A marmalade mama cat can transfer her red gene to any of her daughters too. Alternatively, most Torties and Calicos are known to be females.

Famous ginger cats

Not only blackie, white and tuxedo but also red kitties became Hollywood superstars throughout history. Some are main characters but others are supportive characters but played in crucial roles.

Garfield-One of all time popular comics, cartoons and Hollywood film. Everybody knows super chubby moody fluffy orange tabby and his puppy best friend Odie. Although he acts like a bully on Odie, he has deep secret care inside.This lasagna living fat kitty melt fans’ heart including mine.

Crookshank– He is not the main character but well known as Hermione’s peke faced magical feline familiar from famous Harry Potter film series. He is Persian family breed and looks like a senior cat.However, he became famous along with another character Mrs.Norris.

Thomas O’Melly– I think Disney forgot that orange cats do not have the solid color coat.This handsome white and orange mixture Aristocats star must be considered as a tabby in real life. Thomas reflects the easy going, loving, caring, fun nature of real life marmalade felines.

Jones– The tough survivor from Alien planet along with his owner Ripley in outstanding super famous Aliens movies series. He is long hair red tomcat.

Orion– A kitty who was worn entire galaxy as a belt.Yes, it was in one of Will Smith’s iconic films “Men in Black”.Who knows that our galaxy can be on kitty’s belt!

Orlando– Although he was not a Hollywood star, he was well known among children for his funny stories and adorable illustrations on children’s book.Orlando was created by Kathleen Hale and first printed in 1938.He became popular as children’s book icon in The United Kingdom so his stories occupied the Children’s hour of BBC’s radio.

Having a ginger fur baby must be absolute fun.You can definitely own a tiny tiger because house kitty shares 96% of DNA with real majestic tigers. Best fun time is when you can also turn them into a mini lion with fake lion mane costume on Halloween day. These brave loyal little tabbies will heal you with warm and purr.

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