Hallow Eve and Black Cat: Tradition to Super Famous Icon

hawlloween black cat

Hey, what’s up, everybody? Today I m going to share my two Halloween witch black cat drawing and poems.

“Hush baby, hear my voice
No whisper, no more noise
Now it’s time for Halloween Night.
Full moonlight is so bright
but the world is in darkness’s side.
Whispering wind as Sirens sing
Scarecrow with evil grin
what a mystery this night shall bring.
green eyes and coal black furs
Twisty witchy black cats can be seen from far
Sure they are grace of darkness
little missy witch of greatness
hear their hissing, growling as they upset
searching for a soul which their tummy accept.
Once you face, will be the last regret.”

Trick or Treat! Halloween black cat

Yes, one of a kind spooky holiday is coming.This is only one night for scary funny costumes, candies and horror stories. For this special time of year, Hey Meoww will celebrate with significant topic and stories.First of all, I am here to explain how adorable black kitties become very popular Halloween icons which are necessary for every decoration.You can notice that any spooky house decoration is not perfect without an image of the kitty with coal-black fur and green eyes or even sometimes red eyes for getting more evil and scary.

Haunted houses, shops The matter of fact, it becomes a tradition which is actually based on the sadful heart has broken superstition.Just like other icons such as pumpkin, ghosts, and monsters, the black cat is also for a meaningful reason for this fall season holiday. Halloween is based on the Celtic ancient Wiccan seasonal sacred day called Samhain when witches believe that the veil between the physical realm and the astral realm is thinnest.They also believe that the souls of deceased people can come cross between two worlds in a night of hollow eve. Therefore witches and ghosts turn out to be specific signs of this special day.

So what about kitty Blackie?It was started from medieval time to United state Plymouth colonial period.The specific settler groups called Puritan Pilgrims from Plymouth colony followed very extreme and strict Protestant living style so they against everything which is suspected to be related to witchcraft and devil worship. For they were still following medieval( dark age ) beliefs, they fear black color felines as a devil, witches’ familiars or even witches themselves.There are lots of folklore how witches shape-shift into a black cat and how the devil gives them one as magical familiar.As the result, poor furry Blackie babies became the symbol of unholy things just because of their nocturnal nature and fearful folklores.

Around the 17th century, phobia of witchcraft had risen to peak especially in Salem with trial time.Alongside with the popularity of hanging and burning witchcraft practitioners, burning the black cat on Thursday was also quite famous among Pilgrims and in many places of New England which were believed to get safe from a house fire.There is another reason for becoming a specific symbol of Halloween is that belief of ” bad luck ” superstition. In Germany and France, black cats are regarded as the bringer of bad luck though become a symbol of good fortune in England. People say they can see supernatural things that humans can not see and they are nocturnal.

In a lot of European Gothic horror stories, they become famous as some kind of supernatural creatures along with wicked witches. In the 19th century, super famous horror stories writer Edgar Allen Poe created a bone-chilling specific story about a black cat which made sure those furry babies into a significant horror icon.However, most people stop considering Blackie fur babies as bad luck and the act of killing or torturing these innocent kitties also almost disappear even though there are few narrow-minded extreme superstitious humans still remain.After all this cruel dangerous fear and beliefs turned out to be fun, decorative tradition.In this hallowed eve, this spooky kitty images are not only just to decorate home and yard for haunting the coming trick or treat with their alluring green eyes but also getting famous as costume among young ladies and children.

Yes indeed, ladies love to wear sexy or cute anime costume inspired by a black cat.Turns out!Halloween is not just for human anymore!There are the variety of funny and adorable outfits for our small felines too.They are also our children with fur and paws so they should celebrate traditions of the important annual holiday together with us.Do you have a plan for any lovely outfit for kitty?No need to brainstorm for choosing perfect costume because hey meow website will suggest you wonderful and variety of cute and funny costume designs which you should not miss observing. Now I will end the topic with a little treat. Hope you enjoy, meow!

spirit of halloween

Spirit of Halloween Eve: black cats!

Leaves turn red and orange, falling on ground and beauty it brings
Autumn wind flowing and whistling, hollow night mystery begins
when pumpkins glow with an evil grin.
Traditions should not be missed or be devoured by Halloween spirit
must let the Jack O lantern light your place, and let the black cat sit in grace
this is not just for the trick.
Monsters, ghouls are ready to out, ready the candies and don’t let them out
this is a night of creepers and make them proud, Trick or treat as they shout
misfortune to those who selfish and doubt.
Beware the witches flying on broom, their laughing will make your goosebumps bloom
Devilish black cats will get you soon, for taking to the realm of doom
Though you hide, they will never be gone.
Werewolf howling under moonlight, vampire bats flying sky high
Time for horror stories, Is it right?
Indeed, let all dark creatures listen and come to sight.

This poem does not mean to offend any animals as this is just for fun to express the creepy tradition.If you have more poems and ideas, welcome to share freely with Hey Moeww website. We will happily publish your true Halloween spirit.

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