Do you know 11 Harmful Foods that Cats Can’t Eat?

Here’s a list of harmful foods that cats can’t eat: You should Never Give To Your Kitty.

The Feline race has different metabolism. Some foods are edible but some can make hazards for your furry friend and can give sickness and even death. So this article is about to be careful what you let your pets eat every day.

  1. Alcohol/Soft Drink
  2. Onion and Garlic
  3. Raisins and grapes
  4. Chocolate
  5. Raw meat, fish, bones
  6. Raw eggs
  7. Milk and dairy products
  8. Liver
  9. Xylitol
  10. Nuts
  11. Salt

What Foods Cats Can’t Eat?

1.Alcohol/Soft Drink

What Foods Cats Can't Eat

Some people think it’s so funny when cat drunk. Have you ever seen posts and videos about hangover cats? It’s not a joke actually because this is kind of putting them in danger. The intoxicating effects of alcoholic beverages can put your kitty in Coma and even fatal in severe cases.
Lots of people are puzzled about if they can give Soda to their furry babies or not. I will say absolutely not for that is totally unhealthy. Caffeine is not an important content in cat’s daily diet. It is possible to face the fatal end if given in high doses of Caffeine. What about sugar then? Though felines are not human, they also need to stabilize the blood sugar level.
The high amount of sugary drink and snacks consumption can cause dental problems, obesity, and diabetes. Being chubby maybe cute but deadly. Water is the best for hydration instead of harmful soda and alcohol. Don’t forget to fill their bowl with clean water daily.

2.Onion and Garlic

You should not feed to your car whether cooked or raw as they are severely poisonous to kittens. The poisoning symptoms are Lethargy, Diarrhea, vomiting and are shown between 2 to 4 days after accidental ingestion. Onion family N-propyl disulfide that is used for lowering blood cholesterol level in human but the toxicity of that chemical can lead to hemolytic anemia. So leave the idea of giving your kitty garlic bread, pizza or pasta. Because this type of foods cats can’t eat. If you notice the signs of being poisoned or if you think your pets mistakenly ate onion family, immediately take them to pet hospital or veterinarian.

3.Raisins and grapes

Pets shouldn’t eat these though they are the healthy food for the human. The toxin contained in raisins, as well as grapes, can cause kidney failure to cats. And you should be careful about the symptoms of toxicity if your cat eats them. Signs are usually abdominal pain, diarrhea, and weakness and can occur in 24 to 72 hours by clinical research. So you should not test or be taking risk of your cat’s health by feeding that food. If you caught your fluffy friend eating them, you may have to make them throw up and definitely should call a vet.


Chocolate is known as the exotic, romantic and savory victual for us but it’s not passionate for tiny feline as it’s not their rightful diet romantic dinner. The truth is that cocoa is very toxic because it naturally consists of the bromine compound and caffeine. These chemicals can lead to increase heart rate by stimulating cardiac system and also the central nervous system, decrease blood pressure, muscle tremors or seizures, vomiting as well. Dark chocolate contains a higher amount of the bromine than creamy and milky type. However, all kind of chocolate foods cats can’t eat. It should be kept away from giving to your kitty. This chemical component can last almost 24 hours in felines’ blood because they cannot digest like we do. The tiny amount won’t be lethal but eating too much cocoa can make your fur baby in an emergency condition. Therefore, do not let your kittens eat this fatal love snack.

5.Raw meat, fish, bones

Cat food

Being genetically carnivorous family, felines can eat raw meats and fish. It’s their normal diet of nature for example mice, birds, rats etc. Normally harmful toxicity is not in these meats but various types of harmful gems can be there. The common contagious microscopic organism such as E. coli and Salmonella are reasons of food poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea. This type of foods cats can’t eat. It’s not only dangerous bacteria but also disease-causing parasites like worms are reasonable for bringing risk to cat’s health.
I do not denote raw meat giving should be totally avoided. There are lots of raw meat diet products in supermarkets or online shops. You just need to check the expiry date and recommendation of government research organization probably before you buy. So what about fish? I have seen lots of people feed their pets raw or cooked fish with lots of bones even sometimes chicken bones. Fish has not only about the threat of parasites and gems, it has also danger of choking hazard, and internal
Laceration by bone fragments. Know the feeling when you are choked by bones, same with them too. Tuna is ok to give as an irregular treat but have to be the one especially for a cat because tuna made for the human may not have enough nutrients what cat needs. Excessive eating of tuna can cause mercury poisoning.

6.Raw eggs

The egg is full of protein and nutria’s for our daily diet but not for furry family. The enzyme avidin in egg obstructs B vitamin (biotin) absorption. It causes a problem in skin and hair coat. Harmful bacteria like Salmonella or E. coli in raw egg make the higher chance of food poisoning and diarrhea.

7.Milk and dairy products

Kittens like milk but it should not be their daily meal. Some cats are Lactose intolerant to cow milk so possible for abdominal pain and diarrhea. But it is ok to give milk as an occasional treat. However, the best advice is to buy some cat milk in the supermarket. Cheese is not kind of yummy treat and also can make tummy upset as cheese is fermented by yeast in milk. Some cheese is made of tiny insects, the chemical excrement of these insects may probably poisonous although there are no clinical statements about it.


The Little amount of liver is fine for cats but over-consuming can lead to the result of vitamin A toxicities. It affects on bones by deformed bones, osteoporosis and even can be lethal in severe cases. Some cat foodstuffs are made with liver. You need a vet’s suggestion before you purchase or better avoid them.


harmful foods for cat

Feline friends are full of curiosity on colorful candy and gum there human eat. They may meow you to share with them. Xylitol is kind of sweetener normally found in diet food especially for diabetic patients and for people who want to stop calories. You can find xylitol in sugar-free stuff (candy, gummy and baking ingredients), toothpaste, nicotine gum, mint etc. Some pet owners are ignorant about the cruel result of this chemical and give these sweet delights to pets. Depending on the amount of xylitol they ate, the symptoms can be very.
Xylitol works to support insulin releasing so it tends to decrease the sugar level in the blood called hypoglycemia. Poisoning by little dose (about 50 mg/lb) can show the signs of hypoglycemia (blood sugar level dropping) such as having no coordination, weakness, lethargy, vomiting and at last coma or seizures in extreme cases. But if xylitol is eaten in higher quantity (about 250 mg/lb) it can give severe permanent liver damage or even death after 2 to 3 days of swallowing by the initial signs that I mentioned above.
So if you ever suspect of these indications, you should immediately call a vet or take kitty to the pet hospital. It’s never too late for the result of being aware that can save your feline’s life in time.


Nuts aren’t highly dangerous to cat as they aren’t deadly in most cases. But they can cause minor affections because of high phosphorus content, much amount of fat and even some are reported to be poisonous to pets. It’s not a good thinking to let them lick your peanut butter plate or walnut/macadamia spread. Walnut and Macadamia have an unknown poison that is not lethal but painful sicknesses can come out. Common signs are vomiting, muscle tremors, gastrointestinal distress as initial and chained to swollen and weaken hind limb. Though they are temporary symptoms, they should not be ignored for being so painful for your fluff family. So how about almond? Same like apple seed and peach pit, almond has kind of cyanide called Cyanogen Glycosides. Ingesting this poison in large amount can make your cats go through abdominal pain severely, another problem is fat inclusion. Peanut and cashew have a very high quantity of fat than another type of nut and kitty cannot digest the monounsaturated fat.Therefore it is high risk to suffer from obesity, pancreatitis and can possibly kidney malfunction.
Like the human, some feline friends have hypersensitivity to peanut. For that reason, you can recognize allergic reaction signs such as sneezing, itching and choking by the swollen esophagus.


We use salt in our regular chow because meal without salt is absolute distaste. We love to put at least a pinch of salt even in the simple fried egg so for getting tasty cooking. After all sodium chloride is vital for a human. However, it is essential to avoid putting salt in your kittens’ bowl to make it more delicious because they aren’t like us. The toxicity of salt is even very possible to be life-threatening. There is a variety of self-such as table salt which is commonly found in the kitchen, rock salt, sea water etc. and all are bad for pets.
Excessive quantity of salt can cause sodium ion poisoning. The signs of being poisoned by salt are varied such as highly thirsty and urinate, energy shortage, vomiting, diarrhea, bumping the body temperature up, seizure and finally Decease.

By this conclusions, I hope my dear readers and meow lovers can have enough information about the threat of contaminated and noxious victuals that is a hazard to our fluffy family. I have been a caretaker of my beloved fur babies for years. So this is main 10 human foodstuffs that cats can’t eat. If you want to know about specific items which you are uncertain to feed to kittens, feel free to ask me in Q&A sections. I am in no doubt that dear viewers are not going to take risk of giving harmful things.

Pets are family members, our sisters, brothers, children’s and they are more than animals to us. We should watch cautiously what our pets ingest and what is in their daily meals. I wish you enjoy today’s post. And hope your next time be aware of the harmful foods cats can’t eat. Please keep continuing visiting for coming posts about nutria’s meals and safe human foods they can have. Thank you and if you know more harmful foods for cats, please let us know in comments.

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