How to take care of the pregnant cat? Best ways to follow

Being a grandpa, grandma is a blessing in life. Every grandparent knows happiness because of their beloved grandchildren. Sometimes, a family does not refer only to humans. Our pets are real family members too. Therefore, If your feline daughter is going to be the mama, you are also a proud human grandparent. Congratulation! Not only human pregnant women need specific good care, but fur babies also need proper caring during the pregnancy period. I will give you the best pieces of advice about how to care for your pregnant mama cat from online resources and my own experiences.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the catSymptoms of pregnancy in the cat

Before knowing how to care Pre-mama cat, you must be sure that your feline daughter is pregnant. It is not very easy to detect as felines are not people. However, the following easy check-up symptoms will help you to confirm before you take her to the vet.

  1. Nipples become pink in color and getting bigger in 3 weeks of the gestation period.
  2. Her belly will be bigger and it may look like a pot because infant kittens in her are taking more space in the abdominal area. The big belly is visible in the 4th month. You should take her to the vet for clinical care and ultrasound.
  3. Some sickness and behavioral changes can occur in the gestation period. She will meow constantly for seeing more attention from her humans. She will sleep more and eat more than normal times.

Nutritional care and clean water

A pregnant cat needs more nutrition because of sharing her infants for growing well. Owners must give certified quality cat food that contains a high source of protein and calcium. In every feeding time, 25% more foods should be given for a sufficient amount of nutrition to babies. If you are feeding home-cooked meals, make sure to add extra meat or fish along with calcium-based medicine from the Vet. Drinking water must be refilled every morning and night or whenever it is gone. Keep the food and water bowl clean every day.

Vaccine and regular medical checkupVaccine of pregnancy in the cat

After confirmation of pregnancy, you need to take her to the vet for vaccine, ultrasound and other medical checks up. Make sure your cat is healthy. If you see the following symptoms during the gestation period, consult with an experienced vet as soon as possible.

  • Over or Less urination.
  • Blood in urine
  • Foul smell vaginal discharge
  • Over licking on the vulva area with uncomfortable behavior
  • Lack of appetite

Ignorance of these symptoms brings only bad effects on mother and infants both. A healthy and happy mother can deliver healthy babies. When the vet suggests regular medication, you must feed the suggested medicine properly until she is OK.

Comfortable and clean placeclean place for cat pregnancy

Not only human pregnant ladies seek a comfortable and warm space but also cats do too. Boxes and bed should be clean, warm, and soft. Owners must wash the cat bed-sheets every 3 days so do not forget to keep extra bed-sheets. If she demands a box, put some warm clothes or dry towels in the box so she can curl up with peace and comfy. In wintertime, put a heating pad under her bed for warmth.

These are the best 3 ways to keep your pregnant cat healthy. When the time has come, the furry mom will show unsettle behavior and seek corners or dark places to give birth. You need to stay beside her for necessary help but not too much close. Be careful, cats are shy animals. Therefore they will feel insecure if someone is staying very close in labor time. Call the vet and seek help when the mother cannot give birth first baby after 20 mins of contraction.

Do not get close or touch newborn kittens until the mother has trust in you. Sometimes, deceased babies can be still in the belly. You must take her to the clinic or call the nearby vet if you feel the baby left in the belly more than 3 or 4 hrs of the process. My 2 daughters Cinnamon and Lulu Belle were healthy proud cat moms of my puffy grand-kids. Lulu Belle let me close to her babies 3 weeks after labor. I wish you can follow these instructions to make your pregnant feline queen and her babies all well. Thanks for supporting Heymeow cat website.

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