List of Healthy human foods cat can eat

Every furry feline loves tasty nom-nom to share with their beloved humans and they do love yummy treats. Kitties are born with a nature of curiosity so they really want to taste when humans eat something which looks so delicious. Of course, you can share with your fluffy little love but there are some foods that can harm them and some are ok and even healthy to feed them. I already informed you about harmful human foods that cats can’t eat, now it is time for reading about healthy human foods for cats.

Which human foods cat can eat?

Though felines are a protein eating carnivore, some domesticated ones have vegetable and fruit. Therefore I am going to present with 3 sub-main titles, Proteins, Fruits/Vegetables, and others like carbohydrate sources and irregular foods that are not common in fur babies’ daily diet. Now let’s start with,

Proteinsproteins for cats

Just like jungle cousins, the main diet of kitties is meat or fish as they are primarily carnivorous predators. However, house cats are not perfectly adaptable to the raw meat chewing wild lifestyle. For that reason, I am here to help with perfect healthy protein for them.

1. Cooked meatcooked meat for cats

Definitely, meat is their topmost favorite meal as their body is designed to take all needed nutrition from it. But make sure to cook well before you serve your little fur kings and queens because they are not in wildlife and raw and spoiled things can bring harmful digestive diseases like food poison and diarrhea. If you do not eat things that make you sick and do not let your pets have too. Chicken is best recommended for health because of its softness, rich in protein, easy to cook, and easy to digest. Though there are a variety of wet canned meals, some owners believe home cooking is the safest and healthiest for feline friends. Turkey slices are also good if there is no salt or fat. IT is very easy to prepare and not a time-consuming process. I used to make for my Fur daughters sometimes when I felt they are bored with fish.

First boiled the boneless chicken breasts well and shredded. Though chicken is kind of costly, it should be an occasional treat. How about red meats like beef and mutton? Of course, they are super proteins but chewier and harder than chicken. Therefore it is not suitable for kittens which starting to adjust to adult food but OK with an adult. Beef is tough and needs to be cooked well by taking the time. The better one is chopped or minced before cook or fry in the pan. The usage of a grinder may cause better results and time-saving. Remember not to give bone whether cooked or raw because bone fragments are very hard to digest and can cause choking and damage the digestive system. Boiled chicken and rice or bread paste is very suitable for kittens who start to eat adult food.

2. Cooked Fishcooked fish for cats

Cats love fish of course! Not only protein but also rich in minerals and low calories healthy thing. The most common in the cat food market are Salmon and Tuna because mostly wet canned ones are based on fish. Tuna and salmon are really good for kitty as the content of essential Omega fatty acid in salmon and polyunsaturated fatty acid in tuna. However everything excessive can bring risk. The mercury level in carnivorous fish like them. Therefore instead of feeding directly, it is better to be mixed with bread, rice, or editable vegetable for the feline.

Do not take a risk by giving them fish bones as it is fatal. My mother had a Momma cat when she was a teenager, a neighbor fed her fish bones one day. Poor kitty was stuck with needle-like bones in the throat and died before my mom could not save her. When I had my own, I boiled tiny fish and blended them into the paste with a mixer so they can eat easily but I had never given them big fish without taking out bones. Tuna cans which are for humans contain salt that is dangerous to fur babies. Eating raw fish may have a chance to get diseases from parasites like tapeworm, roundworm. Therefore whenever you prepare, make sure it is a boneless fillet.

3. Well boiled or fried eggfried egg for cats

The egg is another super protein-based food for kitties unless it is raw because a raw egg is very risky for health. Consuming uncooked eggs can lead to lethal diarrhea, food poisoning by infectious bacteria. However, boiled or fried egg is healthy not only for humans but also for our furry friends. A single egg contains a vast amount of protein and very high calories so a single one is more than enough energy for whole day activities. Therefore it is necessary not to feed excess or obese and unwanted health problems will happen as a side effect. Fat cats are so cute and funny actually they are living risky short-term life.

There is a system I used when I was with my furry babies. If I boiled an egg, I feed them half at the morning and another half at night apart from the main course but when I fried, I scrambled the egg. And then half mixed with rice for the main meal and another half also too as my felines eat 2 times main meals per day. It is up to you how will you feed them. Newborn and milk feeding age kittens are not suitable to eat egg in form. It is OK to keep fit but healthy but over giving this type high calories can make nothing healthy but a chubby fluff ball.

Vitamin-basedVitamin-based foods for cats

These are mainly vegetables, fruits, and rice or wheat. Felines are not vegan and cannot be vegan even being forced to be for being protein eating predators. As the matter of fact, additional vitamins are necessary for the immune system and empower internal organs. This type of food is not daily needed but can be given as treats irregularly. Another reason is furry friends chew on houseplants when their body needs fiber and other nutrients. Some houseplants are poisonous to cats. In order to avoid toxicity problems, we should give proper vegetables and fruits. Now let’s see how and why they are healthy for our fluffy balls.

1. Vegetable

These are not major components of everyday diet but they are kind of need to know things. Broccoli is one of the most powerful anti-cancer agents. The enzyme which is inside broccoli fights cancer but consuming an excessive amount can badly affect thyroid function. Carrot is rich in not only beta-carotene but also other vitamins that support digestion, eyes, and skin. Green bean contains vitamin A as well as vitamin C and K. Not only those compounds but also folic acid, iron, and calcium are also carried in the green bean. Pumpkin puree is very good if the kitties have a hard toilet problem.

Asparagus is rich in fiber and known as a healthy superfood. Raw vegetables are the very hard fiber that cats cannot digest and also parasites can attach if it is not washed thoroughly even before you cook them. Instead of letting you’re fluffy eat raw, the best way is to boil, bake, fry with a little bit of healthy olive oil or fish oil. Let me share my experience with you here. My feline daughters were not a fan of vegan though they tried to chew some house plants. So I had to make a system for avoiding being poisoned. I boiled or baked the vegetable and made it puree which I mixed in the main meals every two days per week. There is not strict to give all healthy at a time as one kind of one day is enough. It will be a little bit busy if your kitty baby is so picky because some do not need to give puree but some do.


Actually, cats are not too much passionate about fruits and very few kitties chew it. There are some fruity things that are safe to consume. I do not recommend raw apples but applesauce is full of vitamin C and antioxidants. It can be mix with pellet treats, home-cooked meals. Be careful if your fur babies attempt to swallow raw apple with seeds because apple seeds are very intoxicated even to humans. Blueberries ( do not mistake with nightshade berries ) contain a compound named Resveratrol which is one kind of cancer-fighting agent that supports urinary function well. Cantaloupe is well known as super eye fruit because of its excellent content of Vitamin A that enhance vision and prevent eye problems.

Cranberries’ vitamin C content is even higher than the citrus family and also antioxidant and fiber. By consuming cranberries can have benefit in the urinary system, digestive tract, having healthy skin and teeth. Watermelon is the best summer fruit for every people as well as for kitties too. Even my picky eater fur daughters and brothers love to bite some piece of juicy, watery, sweet cold watermelon at hot summertime. But do not give them seeds for their sake. Watermelon contains lycopene, vitamin A, and C which is a nutrient for the body. The watery and juicy nature of this fruit can cool the abdominal tract and relief from thirst. Very high in potassium and fiber and yes banana is a healthy safe snack and a good solution if your feline has a hard dump.

Carbohydrate-based and uncommon foods

Cooked rice and bread are a very good source of carbohydrates. Though humans need carbohydrate-based healthy nutrition, cats need protein-based ones as their metabolism is fat different from humans. However whole grain pieces of bread are also a source of protein but it has a small amount of salt and baking powder which is not suitable for our fluffy friends. Rice is best but only Asia countries mostly feed rice and meat or fish. I give cooked rice mixed with boneless fish pieces or meat pieces or even vegetable puree sometimes. It is OK to small portions of bread as a yummy treat and even can be mixed with protein and breadcrumb for the main meal. Remember this is not for days and do not feed white bread but instead, whole grain bread every good for an excellent source of carbohydrate, fiber, and protein. Fish oil is sometimes added to extra Omega 3 fatty acid but no need to add if you prepared salmon.

Olive oil is healthy not only for humans but also for cats. Therefore use some olive oil when you boil, bake or fry the meat and vegetables. Salt, onion, and garlic must not be added because they can bring risk to health by internal organs failure. This is not preparing for humans so don’t need to worry about how the taste will be. Cheese and yogurt are rich in calcium and protein but most of the felines are lactose intolerant. Tried to let them lick a tiny piece of cheese or yogurt from their finger and then feed a little more if they seem Ok with it. Some dairy products are with sugar content like ice cream. Therefore it is Ok for a small lick for those kitties which are free from lactose problem. Giving excessive sugar can lead to diabetes.

Note: Unlike dogs, cats are independent thinkers so they must choose what they like to eat. Try not to force them foods that they refuse to swallow. Never repeat the same meal every day as they can easily bore on the same item.
The system is like that different meat, fish, canned food as rotate plan and vegetable or fruits and dry cat food as an occasional treat. When you prepare food, paste or normal is depend on their choice.

I had 2 fur brothers and 2 feline daughters. Though my daughters and 1 brother chew some vegetables and watermelon, my chubby brother diamond never ever touches any kind of things that are vegan. For baby kittens, I suggest making mixed protein and vegetable puree for starting. Always check the expiration date before you buy commercial fur baby food products especially for tin canned ones because spoiled things can harm their health even in a lethal way. My next topic will enlighten you about common diseases and symptoms which will let you notice if your little feline is sick.

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