15 best Indian inspired names for your cat

Nameste, Meow lovers! Your peaceful Purrvana felines may need spiritually deep strong names. It is time to relax, take a deep breath and let our purrs flow to glorious India. Yes, this is not only a country of rich culture but also full of wonderful legends and history. Some fur babies do yoga. Well, you can see a lot of adorable puffy funny yoga cats on the internet. If you inspired by Indian culture, you will enjoy these amazing titles for your kitties.

Indian names for your cat

Popular Indian gods and goddesses names for the cat

Let’s start with almighty beings who bring spiritual and physical knowledge to humans. These powerful Hindu gods, goddesses are very crucial for the daily life of people in India. Therefore, every single Hindu tradition is strongly related to religion. Cats are well known for the symbol of balance and peace. These little furry magical felines should have a celestial name.

Brahma– Brahma is the creator of everything in the Universe. He is one of the first 3 supreme trinity gods. He represents intellect in all human beings. This is the perfect name for smart kitties.

Shiva– He is the destroyer of cosmic order before renewing it. And he is also a father of several famous gods and demigods. He is widely worshiped in whole India for protection from evil forces. Little felines are the playful adorable destroyer. They love to break the household things so you can buy a new one. But they will love you and protect you forever like Lord Shiva.

Ganesha– Need a little luck? Give this name to one of your fur babies. He is widely worshiped as the god of luck and wealth. He is Lord Shiva’s first son and bringer of good fortunes and opportunities.

Parvati– The beloved wife and consort of Shiva. She is a benevolent goddess who keeps the universe together. Hindus worship her as a motherly figure. On the other hand, Parvati’s malevolent aviators Durga Devi and Kali are most feared and respected by people as a fierce protector from bad spirits. Best for felines which are caring and protector for you.

Saraswati – She is the creator of Universe along with her husband Brahma. She is Keeper of all knowledge. This goddess of eternal knowledge and learning is especially devoted by students. Not only India, her devotees are spreading in Myanmar Buddhism. She is known as ” Thurathati Dewi: the keeper of education and learning” there. A purrfect name for a brainy female cat.

Famous Great Indian Kings and Queens names for the cat

People from India are very proud of their great rulers whether they are women or men. Not only Emperors were magnificent and strong, some Emperesses were known for their bravery. Now it is time to think historic rulers names for our majestic felines.

Ashoka – One of the greatest Emperors in thousands of years of history. Although he was a fierce warlord, he turned into benevolent loving king after converting to Buddhism. His power even widespread to some parts of Persia. Dominant male cats will be like this greatest one.

Akbar– When India was under Mughal Dynasty, there are some powerful good Muslim kings who were loved by both Muslim and Hindu citizens. Akbar is one of them because he liberal ruler who believed in civil rights, gender equality, freedom of speech and religion. If your dominant feline boy has a mind of cooperating and sharing with others kitties. He must be little majestic Akbar.

Razia Sultana– One and only greatest first Muslim female ruler in Mughal Dynasty of Delhi. She was well trained in military warfare and governing the kingdom. This bold and strong young Sultana was loved and respected by the public within 4 years of her reign. Unfortunately, the throne was forcibly taken by her brother. She is like alpha mother feline for being motherly and protective of people.

Padmavati– The legendary queen Padmavati is not only popular for beauty but also well known for extreme bravery. She is a daughter of Siri Lanka king and later she became queen of Chittor. Even the terrible war happened with Sultan Alauddin just because of Padmavati’s extraordinary beauty. The evil Sultan attacked Chittor only to capture her. Fur baby girls are originally graceful and pretty just like this queen.

Meaningful common Indian names for cats

This not about history or legend. Some Indian names are very meaningful and beautiful in both physically and spiritually. They also represent strength and freedom of the soul. I will present the best of these titles for beloved furry friends.

Maharaja– In ancient time, Hindu kings are called Maharaja. It means” The almighty ruler/ emperor”. Maharani is the female version. Very suitable for pride spoiled feline babies which we treat like king and queen of the house. You can also call Rani/ Raja as same meaning.

Tagore-The short term of Rabindranath Tagore, the world-famous poet who is inspired for Indian and Bengali art, literature and music. Western people also respect his philosophy and arts. Good choice for bohemian cat parents.
Deva/Devi -God and Goddess in Hindi. Very strong, powerful and spiritual title.

Adnan– It is basically Arabic meaning of ” Lion, Bravery” but currently popular in all over India and Bangladesh.
Ishita- In Sanskrit, it means ” Supremacy, Wealth”.

Isha– This name can be given for both male and female. It means ” Lord or Master”. it represents both masculine and feminine side of lord “Shiva”.

There will never end for most wonderful titles. I chose and presented the best of the best to beloved cat parents who love Indian culture. You can even get some well-known names such as Rama, Yama, Krishna etc. I really wish you all enjoy finding a purrfect match for Purrvana kitties. Namaste!

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