Izidor: Lovely kitty found forever home with loving daddy

The human mind is very complicated just like the world.Not all humans have humanity inside by being considered the smartest and most cruel race on earth.They do not hesitate to torture or abandon own pets heartlessly when they do not want to care.However, there are few good people still remaining who has kindness and humanity inside.Now I am going to tell a story about an abandoned cat and his wonderful new dad.If you had read about handsome star Apollo Bug, of course about Izidor should not be missed because they are adopted, brothers.

Izidor hungarian cat

Their father is a busy man but he never missed to give caring time to each of his fur babies.They all are well treated, properly cared little felines.While other people are facing a struggle to care even for a single one, my this loving Hungarian friend is taking care of 11 kitties. Izidor is 10 years old Tomcat but he is absolutely adorable his brothers Apollo, Zeus, and Frady but he did have heartbroken past.You may think he had the behavior problem or made mistakes with the previous owner.Actually, his cruel former owner just left him with kind of silly reason.Is it a lame reason to leave him for allergic after living together for 6 years?

Actually, his former master brought up a fake allergic case to break up 6 years of friendship.They post on the internet about free cat giving away and if no one took him, they were planning to throw him in street as a stray instead of finding a good proper home for this poor boy.As soon as my friend saw the post, he decided to save the kitty’s life and give him the love he deserves.There was a problem, Izidor’s place is quite far away from my friend and he does not have a car.Therefore he immediately rent a car to get there and bring this heartbroken little feline before his mean owner throws him out to the street.And then, my dear friend brought him home happy as he has full of confidence to give the furry baby boy happy future.When they arrived home, Izidor was introduced to other new brothers and sisters such as Apollo Bug, Gina, Fredy, and Zeus etc.

Soon his new daddy found out that new fur son is astonishingly calm and well-balanced attitude for a cat.When I saw him, I am sure to say that he is really cool and calm kitty who acts like a graceful tiger though so lovely and cute in real.He is friendly and loves like fatherly, brotherly figure on other siblings that reminds me of Simba from Lion King movie.He is never selfish or greedy on the new family and normally stays peacefully by himself so I secretly chose nicknames such as Zen cat or monk for him.He loves treat though not a greedy one.After Apollo and Bagle, I was looking for another fur baby’s photo to draw.So I discussed with this proud father of 11 kitties.He suggested me to draw Izidor this time.

It’s so honored for me and I am really happy to create art of this fur baby’s image.After all, he is such an adorable little thing.I thought it is quite easy for me to draw because he has only deep orange and white but my humble PC Windows Paint did not let me in a trouble-free way, unfortunately.The color plates from Microsoft window paint cannot be mixed or adjusted professionally. However, I tried my best to get the closest color and then it made me really happy and proud to see the cute art that I created.I sent it to his daddy and he looked so happy too.I do wish I made my Izidor and his loving father proud of my art from the heart.

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