Top 38 popular Japanese name for your cat

In Japan, almost everything is cute apart from glorifying rich cultures and histories. And they love the cat too because furry babies are a symbol of cuteness and good fortune. They even have the specific shrine for kitty. The worldwide famous Hello Kitty is started in Japan. I do love Japanese culture, anime, and foods because they are so cute. Therefore, I am going to find Purrfect Kawaii and meaningful names for cat parents who love culture and history of rising sun country Japan. Tanoshindekudasai ( Have fun)!

Japanese cat names

Powerful popular Japanese gods and goddesses names for the cat

Some people are not the fan of Anime pop culture but they inspire ancient traditions and mythology. There are a variety of interesting gods, goddesses and folklore creatures in Japan. They are widely described in Literature, poetry, and films. These legendary entities play a very important role in Shinto religion that majority of people worship the whole country. Let’s find out which deity is for your fur baby.
Orochi– The most fearsome serpent god of the sea. He is described as eight heads eight tails dragon. But sometimes he is known as a big sea serpent. Legend said the heavenly storm god slew him. Their battle is similar to Thor and Jörmungandr in Norse version. Actually, this is the best name for make fun with naughty feline which dislikes taking a bath.
Izanagi– The primal male god of life and creation. The creator of the sky and heavenly realms. He represents light side and everything good. Good and friendly fur buddy deserves this title.
Fujin– One of Shinto supreme gods. He appears as a Dark body with leopard skin. He is the god of the wind. Black kitties are matched with this title.
Ebisu– Guardian god of Fisherman and sea. He is one of 7 lucky gods which are widely worshiped by people. Tuna and salmon crazy fur balls should be called like this.
Raiden– the Mighty God who reigns Thunder and lighting. This is for strong male cats.
Baku- The good spirit who devours dreams especially nightmare. Parents pray Baku to protects their children from the nightmare.
Inari– This god is both female and male gender but normally known in female form. This is important Shinto deity of rice and fertility. Foxes are the sacred animal of Inari. Felines are fertile and protect rice from rodents like mighty Inari.
Yuki Onna– Fearsome and powerful snow queen. Best choice for a white furry daughter.
Kiminari– The queen of Heavenly Noise. She is another Thunder goddess. If your new kitty is entertaining you with heavy vocal at night, you can consider the name of heavenly noise.
Marisha– She is the supreme goddess of Light, sun, and moon, also known as the heavenly queen of light.

Most popular Japanese Anime character names for cats

Cute and adorable anime/ manga culture is overwhelming around the world. I am an anime/manga fan because they are so awesome to watch and read. My feline daughter Lulu Belle name is actually from a manga. Manga Otaku cat parents may have trouble finding purrfect favorite character name for beloved kitties. I am glad if I can help you choose with my epic selections. There are hundreds of important very famous characters but I am going to offer only easy, cute and unique names.
Goku– The main character of worldwide legendary Dragon Ball Manga series. He is the Japanese version of Chinese mythological Monkey King Sun Wukong who is most powerful entity between heaven and earth. Playful felines are little money kings for us.
Luffy– This is a short term of Monkey D. Luffy from Manga ” One Piece”. The brave, jolly pirate captain who has the ability to stretch the whole body like rubber. Best choice for playful and fun ginger male cats.
Naruto– Yes, one of top 10 well-known anime protagonists of the 21st century. He is a ninja warrior from the fictional village. He is possessed by very powerful demonic nine-tail fox. Despite inner demonic fox soul, he is loved by his friends for being silly, fun, loyalty. Naruto is for fun loving active ginger feline sons.
Gaara– A cocky, attractive bad boy from the fictional sand village from Naruto manga series. He is a serious rival of Naruto group. Gaara always carries a big bottle of sand in case he can use his power anywhere. You should consider this title for cocky bad-ass fur sons.
Pikkoro aka Piccolo– The green demon with supreme fighting skill from Dragon Ball series. He has a very cute name for an evil demon. He was the great enemy of Goku but later they became very good friends after he was defeated by Goku. Some male cats are adorable fluffy fighters so this Pikkoro is a good choice for them.
Nyu– The main character from Elfen Lied. She is a good split personality of heartless, sadistic killer Lucy. Nyu is cute, innocent and childish. When she says “Nyu”, her voice is so cute like little kitten meowing.
Usagi– She is the main protagonist from Sailor Moon manga series. When the moon kingdom was destroyed, Princess Serenity reincarnated in Tokyo along with her Sailor warriors. She is super dumb, clumsy, careless girl but she will never give up to protect people she loves. She is a symbol of healing, caring, and love. You can call your kitty Usagi or Serenity.
Seras– Her full name is Seras Victoria. A powerful vampire demon soldier from Hellsing Organization. Despite her 19 years old young attractive figure, she kills evil creatures fiercely to protect human citizens.
Misty– She is also known as Kasumi. A traveling Pokemon trainer from fictional Pokemon World. She can handle Water based Pokemon very well. She travels from town to town along with Ash and Brock to be best Pokemon Trainer.

Meaningful common Japanese cat names

This is a bonus short content which will give you more wonderful choices. I will present fun and meaningful names in short brief for who are searching for common Japanese names.
Neko– Simply ” cat” in Japanese.
Tanuki– Powerful Racoon Shapesifter spirit.
Okami– Wolf spirit which helps people sometimes depend on its mood.
Haru– Spring.
Ninja– Mysterious ancient shadow assassin.
Samurai– Ancient noble warrior.
Tora– Tiger (especially for ginger tabby).
Kei– Lucky.
Sora – Sky.
Rei– Spirit.
Chibi– Tiny little thing.
Mai– Light, Brightness.
Kabuki– Japanese masked dancer.
Ichiro – First son. Very suitable for your first kitty.
Hiro– The main protagonist of Big Hero 6. Hiro means generous.
Sumo– Japanese fat wrestler. The Purrfect choice for chubby cats.
Sushi– Traditional food from Japan.
Ayame– Iris flower.
Momo– Peach fruit, the best choice for puffy short hair kitties.

These names are the awesome and meaningful choice for furry babies. Are you looking for unique cute Pokemon and Digimon names for your cats? Please support my coming up articles. Thanks for viewing this selected famous Japanese cat names and have fun finding a Purrfect match for your beloved felines. Arigatougozaimasu!

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