Wild days with 4 kittens: Domesticating forest cats

When I was in class 8, my dad had to move new town for his government job.That place was dry, hot dessert like the little town but it is like Asia Nevada, not totally desert. My father lived in a wooden cottage where other officers’ cottages all together in the same compound. There was the main highway road in front of government compound. Resident housings in left and back side but only new young aged timber wood forest followed by cemetery and desert on the right side which meant the compound is totally edge of town.
Father was there for temporary green project assignment for 2 years.After my class 8 final exam, mom and I visited there because we sorely miss him and he was alone there without family for several months.Although I was not in good mood for hot, dry boring place, I had to for daddy’s happiness of staying family together even just for a while.Highway express did not reach that area so we changed the little mini bus at nearby district town.After 3 hours uncomfortable journey on rusty, bouncing, narrowed seated bus, we had arrived destination. The minibus stopped in front of the compound main gate where I could see dad was waiting for us. He greeted us with a sweet wonderful smile and hugged me so tightly.

Wild Days With 4 Kittens

I could feel his unmeasurable happiness to see family again in this lonely deserted place.The cottage was made of wood and tin roof.For few days, I struggled to break my boredom by helping mommy, daddy and watching TV channels because I was the only child in the whole compound as other officers’ family still not there yet.The weather was so hot every day.Even though we had AC, we could not use it because electricity was insufficient and unstable. Luckily, some of my father’s junior officers’ family arrived so finally I buddies of my age and younger ones too.
We explored everywhere nearby pagodas, one and only 19th century abandoned building, timber forest, and even cemetery became our playground.We were a group of girls but instead of playing like girls, we named ourselves as the league of adventurers who carried camera and flashlight everywhere we explored.Those times were one of the best I ever had in my life. Soon my parents celebrated my birthday in compound happily together with buddies and families.

At my birthday evening, office clerk informed my father that he found a bunch of kittens in an empty cottage and the dead body of momma cat was on the ground with lethal bite wounds as there are stray dogs in office compound.Orphan fur babies might meow loudly with hunger while their death momma wildcat could not get them anymore. Now, dad and his officers had to take responsibility for those babies but not all officer want the entire litter. However, daddy took all of them home instead of breaking them apart. They were extremely wild and aggressive as their mother was wild feline even they look like normal domesticated in physical and color structure.For first several weeks, they did not come out of secret hideout except at night time when everybody asleep.
So we prepared food and water before we went sleep.We named them Elizabeth, Sharon, Lindsay, and Hell.Father chose the last boy name and he said the kitten deserve that name because Hell was worst among other siblings. While his sisters were hiding any spaces inside the house, he attempted to escape several times so we had to search him again and again even with fleshlight at late night. Luckily Hell could not go far away and we found in hiding under the house because he was still afraid of savage dogs. No one could ever touch Hell with bare hands when we took him back inside and 3 or 4 people needed to catch him by blocking his running paths.
They were so bad and aggressive but so cute.All are ginger, alley and tortoise tabbies except Elizabeth.Her tabby gene may faint away even she has because the body color is white based with only 2 orange patches on back and tail but no pencil lines and “M” on the face.Soon Lizzy started to come out of hideout with her curiosity about us but still with full awareness.She came, checked us out and hid back again when I tried to pet her but no more aggressiveness in her.And then I lure her out with treats, feather toys etc and she showed interest in it but still hiding.One night, I was watching television with my parents, Lizzy came out like before but she slowly came toward me and suddenly climbed onto my lap for resting and purring.

I was beyond happy and I could not expect that she chose me as her own.from that day, Lizzy was the closest one to me even though Sharon and Linsay started to come out.Every morning, I found my adorable little furry baby sharing my pillow and curling near my neck which made my every morning perfect and sweet.She loves me more than anyone else at home.Later Sharon and Lindsey became domesticated and befriended with me and my parents though Lizzy was sticking with me always.When My friend visited me, Lizzy and her sisters tried to be socialized with them too. How about Hell? He was still in wildness and so stubborn.
He refused to come out even his sisters tried to help him to adapt but my family was still not giving up on him especially dad.Parents love bad child may be.Time passed and I had to go back for new school semester enrollment.It was so hard to leave my buddies and kitties.One of my friends even cried with sorrow.I tried not to think Lizzy will search her favorite human every day because that thinking made me heartbroken. Anyway, daddy promised me to take care of Elizabeth very well instead of me. I felt empty in my heart and the homecoming journey was silent and gloomy.In July, my school started and I was busy with student life and everyday study but I still remembered my sweet cats. Dad talked us on the phone every weekends night. He reported me update news about kittens and he said Elizabeth is a very good girl.
A few months later, dad said he changed the name of Hell into Halo. I was surprised and said that little feline is so bad. Actually, things turned out, Hell became my dad’s beloved little sweet boy. Therefore he was changed from tiny devil to an adorable little furry angel. I was so happy for him and salute my dad for amazing talent of taming most aggressive wildcat.My father was with them until government ordered to move another place. That time, all 4 of them became adult felines so other officers and some resident people took them by rehoming from daddy. I really miss them until now because they were part of me even wee lived together for only a few months. It was a big pain when I had to leave my cats, and I got the main pain when after Mr. White passed away.

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