Best 20 Iconic Korean Names for Your Cat

Are you a fan of Korean pop culture and foods? Korean drama, Kpop, foods are widely inspired worldwide. Very talented and handsome South Korean singers and actors become dream princes of female fans. Their rich culture with unique delicious foods is so amazing too. This article is dedicated to Kdrama and Kpop crazy cat parents who are looking for a best Korean name for cats. I am going to offer you not only famous idol’s names but also yummy foods and meaningful beautiful names too.

Korean popular creatures, gods, goddesses names for the cat

You can see people from Korea respect histories and legends very much. Film industries made the country’s ancient culture famous in the entire world. Even though most of the population are Christian, some still perform traditional shamanism. It’s not enough knowing only pop culture because real Korean fans should know the enchanted myth about gods, goddesses, and mythological creatures.

Whanin– Son of the Creator God who is believed that he created Korea for the first time. He has three assistants from heaven wind, cloud, and rain. Whanin is perfect for a gentle and cuddly fur baby which loves to help his human.

Hae Soon– She is one and only mighty goddess of war of Korea. If you are the owner of cocky female kitty, you can call her Hae Soon.

Gumiho– Gumiho aka Kumiho is the Korean version of the Japanese nine-tailed fox Kitsune. They are fully malevolent and prefer to eat human hearts or liver. Don’t get me wrong because Gumiho is an elegant creature. It is also one of the most popular creatures in K dramas and films. This is a Purrfect match for an elegant mischievous feline daughter.

Imugi– Imugi are Serpent like dragons. Actually, they are not actual dragons because they have to wait one thousand years to be a truly powerful dragon. However, they are still powerful. Imugi has both evil and good ones but most of them are benevolent. This is a strong powerful name for the male cat.

Famous Korean food names for the cat

Sometimes giving favorite foods names to fur babies is funny and cute. As I mentioned above that Korea has very unique authentic delicious foods and sweets which reflect the rich culture. I pick up the best food names which are easy to call. Enjoy my beloved foodie cat parents.

Soju– Soju is the most traditional alcoholic drink in Korea. 99% of adult men and women drink Soju with meals or Bbq. Due to the high alcohol volume, it will make you clumsy. This is the best match for a clumsy funny cat who acts like a drunk sometimes.

Kimchi– This is the most basic side dish in Korean culinary culture. There is no one in Korea who does not eat Kimchi in daily meals. I love this wonderful spicy cabbage pickle. Kimchi is every day necessary to all Korean people just the same way your kitty is important to you.

Mandu– Mandu is a Korean traditional stuffed dumpling. You can eat steamed or fried. This is the same with Japanese Gyoza. this is a good name for a round puffy cat.

Japchae– It is a very yummy side dish but people eat it as the main dish too. Japchae noodle is made from sweet potatoes. It is chewy in texture and translucent. Stir-fried Japchae can make you crazy with amazing taste and beautiful sesame fragrance. Your fur baby may not be a chewy food but can have a sweet personality.

Gimbap– Gimbap is one of the most popular Korean street foods. This is actually an alternative version of Sushi roll. Gimbap is loved by not only Korean people but also people from worldwide. if you have a kitty who loves to sleep in a roll, you should name it Gimbap.

Most famous Korean drama/ films idols and characters names for the cat

Korean dramas are very popular next to Hollywood television series. Actors and actresses are very elegant while they can act their roles perfectly. True fans always put beloved idol’s names to beloved pets. Now, let’s have fun with the most popular K-drama character’s names for your fur babies.

Lee Min Ho– You can say” Min Ho” as a shortcut. This charming alluring actor became famous overnight with the” Boys Over Flowers” drama series. Later, he again hit the heart of fangirls with the” City Hunter” spy series. Do you have a charming fur son? you just can call him “Min Ho”.

Lee Yo Won– She captured the heart of Korean and Asian people with the role of mighty queen Seon Deok of Silla Kingdom. This historical series is about the first female queen of Silla Kingdom. She is smart, beautiful and kind, therefore, Queen Seon Deok was loved by all her citizens. You can call your kind gentle fur daughter ” Lee Yo Won” or ” Seon Deok”.

Shin Min-ah– This is the time for the most popular adorable fantasy romance drama ” My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox”. Yes, this is about cute Gumiho girl falling in love with a human boy. Shin Min-ah showed perfectly showed that legendary creatures are beautiful. This is a good choice for a sassy classy kitty.

Jumong– Well, this not focus on the actor names but Jumong became one of the most popular pet names in whole Asia because of actor Song II Gook. He brought this character perfectly to life. Actually, Jumong is the real-life legendary founder of King Dongmyeong of Goguryeo Kingdom. This is for a smart, brave male feline.

Ha Ji won– Al thought she is an action stunt star, she did well in fantasy romance drama ” Secret Garden”. She is famous for her cocky boyish nature. You should name your kitty ” Ha Ji Won” if she is a little bit cocky with “Cattitude”.

Meaningful Korean cat names

This is a bonus paragraph for my beloved viewers who want to consider simple meaningful names instead of Idols and foods. Do not worry, I will pick up beautiful traditional Korean names for your kitties.

Hyun– This is the unisex name which means ” Intelligent or Virtuous”.

Bong Cha– It means ” The amazing girl” in Korean.

Min Jee– It is the beautiful female name called ” Bright Beauty”.

Dae Hyun– If you have a male cat, Dae Hyun is great because it means ” great honor”.

In Su– In Su ( Everlasting Wisdom) is the Purrfect name for a smart furry son.

This is great to give uncommon cat names instead of common titles. Giving them names from countries that were rich with cultures. You can check out some Japanese cat names too because these countries are neighbors and cultures also kind of nearby. I hope K-pop and drama fans will enjoy my great tribute to their love of Korean tradition. Feel free to comment if you ever want to give good advice about meaningful Korean cat names.

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