Leon: A Feral Became King

writer’s note: First I have to admit that the story is not mine but I was shared by one of my cousins about how she met with her little king.

my cat leon

When Nadia was in class 9, I just finished high school and preparing to study in Thailand.As a brilliant student, I got a scholarship from one of the top 5 universities in Thailand with Environmental Science subject.I am one of a kind animal lover because there is no one in my family who dislike animals except my father in law as he doesn’t like any kinds of pets though mother in law is very fond of pets.

I already had a pair of lovebird and a puppy in my home so it was very hard for me to leave my pets even I knew my parents will take care of them.I had a crybaby for the whole day before I went to the airport but I knew myself that I am going to have any kinds of pet wherever I live because that is inside our DNA of loving animals. Months passed, even I was busy with my study, my parents and I had not lost contact each other.

I got a good rental apartment very close to my university compound with cheap price with the help of the head professor of my department because the professor was a very good friend of dad. Every holiday, I talk via Skype with my parents and cousin Nadia.I showed them the photos of famous places in Thailand like beautiful beaches, marketplaces, food streets and wonderful new friends I got yet I still felt empty without my bird and puppy.

One day, I found a kitty was being tortured by local children and condition was not really well as his one eye gone, skinny, weak and badly injured by naughty kids. I paid some cases to the children for saving the kitten’s life and I had to run with him to nearby pet clinic.The poor baby was in pain shock so the Vet told me to take him to the animal hospital immediately.I had to skip the classes for the whole day but it didn’t matter because main was to save dying cat’s life.The hospital staff asked me if I want to take responsibility for the kitty or they are going to send him to shelter but I gladly accepted to take him home.

The poor little feline had to stay in the hospital until he recovered from major injuries as his left eye was stabbed with a pencil and tail’s bone had broken while the schoolboys abusing him. Therefore, I went to the mall for buying cat foods, bed, scratching post, name tag collar etc.I couldn’t skip the class anymore so I came to the hospital for checking the fur baby’s condition 2 times per day until he was ready to bring into my apartment.I named him Leon because he is the beautiful medium hair ginger baby so even looks like a lion cub and he was only 2 or 3 years old that time.Even without one eye, he is still majestic like a king of the jungle which occupied my lonely heart.

I showed dad and mom the photos of Leon and they also really love him because he is wonderfully adorable fur puff.Leon became mommy’s little-spoiled prince for me.Some of my friends praised me, supported me for giving motherly love to poor orphan kitten but some people looked down with humiliation for bringing a handicapped pet.I was so angry with them and then I left those people who insulted my tiny king’s weakness because I believe that a person who doesn’t have any kindness or love on animals will never be a loyal friend or good person to humans too.

My little lion is kind of smart because he seems to understand how he was saved so he shows caring, love, loyalty to his human companion.he loves to stay on his human mom’s lap or chest and enjoys while getting tummy petting.I am having wonderful times with my fluffy companion. For being such a pretty adult woman, lots of boys loved me so I had to choose a good life partner who can love me and my tiny fur prince truly. Some men think only richness could bring my love but true soul can’t be hide when animals reveal it.

The behavior of a man can be seen by how he treats on pets and helpless people but not a just for show in public because there are some tricky men who pretend to show love and kindness that they don’t have actually. One of the men who proposed me almost got my trust but one day, that guy visited my apartment at the same time me and my roommate who moved to home since second year beginning was in hurry to go nearby grocery store so we told him to wait in the living room until we came back.

It was the big mistake that I left my Leon with him.When we came back, kitty was curling in the corner with pain.I was in terrible shock and asked him what had happened then he lied that he thought someone from outside beat my baby and I didn’t expect that man abused my boy because he was showing love to Leon in front of me.I immediately carried poor little one to vet and luckily only minor injuries on the back he got. Even though kitten was going to be OK, I am still angry at an unknown heartless person who hurt my Itty bitty king and also felt something fishy about that Romeo guy who had visited my apartment a while ago. Therefore I decided to check on security camera video records that wicked fella didn’t know.

Unfortunately, I have kind of trust issue problem on the human than animals so I put hidden cameras in all rooms so my roommate was upset for not trusting her until the video records showed what is friend or foe then she understood me finally.According to the security camera footage, Leon was going closer to him usually, then suddenly he caught my cat, beat with heavy glass ashtray on the back and threw him hard against the wall while he was swearing like a trooper with nasty words.

My roommate and I still couldn’t believe our eyes to see how low-class disgusting attitude that man was.So we prepared to teach him lifetime lesson for hurting my beloved feline friend.D-day had come along with my birthday very soon so I invited all my friends and also that wanna be Romeo.Everything was normal until I requested that guy to give him speech while we were showing sweet memories of me and Leon with a big projector. As I expected, he started to talk fake sweet words about how he respects and praised my kind heart, how much special my kitty is, and how this fur ball occupied his heart.Such a wonderful perfect speech, wasn’t it?

Suddenly a video file popped up on the screen that made everyone freezes in terror. Yes, the true show was on in-front of entire audiences about what he did on my poor cat. Before angry mob tried to beat him, he just slipped away with shame from then, I had never seen him later.Later I heard he even moved out of the city because his reputation was totally down in society.Do you think I am evil and vengeful for what I did on that person? You can criticize me but I believed that I brought justice on a bully with my own way.After the dishonest one knocked out, I decided to stay without interest in any proposal and passing my life happily with handsome lion king. However human fate is really unpredictable as I found my soulmate while I was in the middle of the master year.

It was a sunny day, I had to take Leon to the clinic again because he was vomiting after eating a lizard but the vet was on the trip so I run to another animal doctor from another clinic where I started meeting with future husband. He is a friend of kind doctor and that time he was holding his sweet lovely Siamese kitty. He smiled at me and gently rubbed Leon’s back.He introduced himself and his beautiful feline princess ” Sophie “. We became friends and then I found out he is real animal lover because not only Sophie, there are also a cute fat and fluffy Scottish fold named ” Freya” and a majestic Bombay black kitten named ‘midnight”. He loves my baby lion so much at the same time his 3 beautiful daddy’s little girls got my heart.

We had been best friends for a year and then he proposed me so we dated while my Leon hit a jackpot with 3 adorable girlfriends. Finally, we married to combine true lovely sweet family including 12 newborn kittens grandchildren. Now our family is Purrfect than ever so at the end of the story, 2 humans and big cat family live happily ever after.

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