Chit Thae: Little furry master of house

After Izidor‘s portrait, I could not be heading to new drawing due to another important article writings and housewife stuff.After that, I was thinking to make new drawing and story.Luckily one of my Facebook sister ( close sisterly friend ) asked me if I can draw their fluffy spoiled prince.

chit thae , may bond's cat

Of course, how could I say no to such a wonderful request and poor kitty was sick that time.He had to go vet clinic emergency and took vest amount of medicine and drippings because of severe diarrhea and vomiting.I felt so sorry for him so I also wanted to do something from far.

Do not worry as he is finally ok and healthy now.I already had a lot of photo of this adorable feline for being the bombshell of loveliness.Therefore I just need to pick up the suitable image for him to starting my project.This is easiest cat post-trial art that I had ever done until now though there was a silly mistake.

First I did extra big eyes for getting cuter but it became out of natural and turned into cartoon face by ruining the original photo.So I repaired the eyes and the art was finally in a good finishing touch.I requested his human mom for rescue story but this kitty boy was not a rescue cat. But his mom gave me wonderful life experience story which I am now going to represent.When my friend was in middle school, her mother brought him home from aunt’s house.Her aunt said she could not keep him and searching caretaker of re-homing.

My friend’s parents gladly accepted the tiny furry baby as a surprise gift to my friend and her sister when they came back from school.The two crazy cat lover sisters were speechless with beyond happy to see their new adopted family member.He was such a cuteness overload and so small though he was aged enough to start normal food.They named him Chit Thae which is same with ” My love ” in English meaning.

Chit Thae is a super curious baby boy and wants to know everything.According to the word ” Cat dies with curiosity “, the adventurous little kitten fell from the fifth-floor apartment but miraculously survived with nothing but a few scratches.Even though he was saved physically, poor kitty has a phobia about going out until now.For that reason, this handsome boy is still single as there is not a chance of meeting with lady cats without hanging outside to do tomcat things and becoming a little furry master of the home. Chit Thae becomes just like his name as his entire human family adores him, spoil him and treat like a prince. He has a Pinky little nose, orange patches of white fur and cute big eyes.

Despite innocent cuteness, he is one of a kind naughty and stubborn feline.This little furry master occupied everywhere in the home as his places and also quite a short temper. He is also super picky about food because he eats only dry shrimp and rice and nothing more for not having interest in any other foods and even cat foods.If my friend tried to feed other food, he was upset and angry for the whole day.Using big eyes charm to get extra dry shrimp is his daily job.

Chit Thae does not dare to go outside but he is super active and playful inside home.He loves “hide and seek”, playing with earphones, sleeping with his favorite teddy bear.He is now 6 years old but still like a kitten for his humans and their love will be going to be forever.I do believe Chit Thae is the lucky kitty for getting such a wonderful family with full of love and caring.You will fall in love with his charm if you ever meet him too.

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