Lulu Belle: The first and Last Daughter

Every cat I had before were my siblings from furry family so I really wanted to be proud kitty’s mama of course.My that wish came true 5 years ago when I met Lulu.After graduated from university I worked as an assistant teacher for 1 year but I had to quit the job because the salary was very low. After that, I got a job in pizza restaurant as in charge of appetizers, salad and beverage sections.That was very busy and tired period for me but at least extra saving possible.

Lulu Belle cat story

For being in-charge, I was in morning shift mostly so time started at 7 am and ended at 4 pm.Pizza shop was only 5 mins walk from my apartment so I used to eat something in a nearby cafe before going home almost every day when my shift had done.The day I met her was a rainy day and yes, it was very heavy rain. Therefore I was taking shelter inside the cafe with a glass of wine and slice of cheesecake while watching outside people and environment.

Most of the time, I don’t bring an umbrella with me even in rainy season So I just flipped into a cafe or bus stop to avoid getting wet.Like I was stuck in a coffee shop when I supposed to meet my tiny angel. Suddenly I saw a trash cleaner from municipal who was carrying and moving garbage bins outside but something wasn’t normal. Little basket tied with ropes was on the pile of junks and the cleaner was talking with a girl.

With curiosity, I walked toward them to know what was going on.The girl was forcing the worker to take the basket and throw it away while tiny meowing coming from it.I realized that the girl wanted to cast away a little kitten. I was so angry on that cruel person so I took the helpless baby after saying the girl that she doesn’t deserve to be a human. I opened the basket then I saw 3 or 4 months old little cat and it was a female.

She reminded me of Cinnamon, the brave kitty that saved my life because they have some color patterns.I held her with my hands and covered with the jacket. I run straight to home because I really didn’t want little one get wet. When I reached home, first thing was to make her dry and feed her some food. Without cat food or milk, I had boiled a big piece of fish, took the bones out, smashed and gave her as I saw that she was old enough to eat some normal meals but not too hard.She was watching curiously while I was making her bed and humble emergency humble litter box. The combination of a shallow plastic bin and my old blankets became a nice and cozy bed for her but for a litter box, shredded newspapers instead of sand. After that, name choosing time was coming as that was such a struggle because I didn’t want to give her dumb names.

Thinking right name from hundreds of goddesses, flowers, foods, celebrity was a headache, however, I suddenly remembered the anime character called Lulu Belle from D-Greyman series.I decided to call my new feline baby that like that anime because it is pretty, classy, cute, girly at the same time.This was how she entered my life and it was such a gift from God.She didn’t use the litter box instead she did on floor and sofa.It would take a while to train with patience. The next day was shopping time at the pet store to buy some food, scratching post and a package of sand.

I couldn’t feed her all-time cat food because of the financial problem so fish and rice system was best for her while dry food is a special treat but she looked OK with it. Lulu has dark gray and light orange patches of white color, cute pink nose, and honey color eyes. She was a smart little girl though quite naughty as I gave up training her to use litter bin for at least I could make her use the bathroom floor Luckily that is easy to clean.

She loved to share milk with me sometimes cake. She was my only one companion for me as my parents were busy and away from me. Every night she slept on my bed and it was the time of mental peace when warm fluffy fur ball purring on me just like a soft pillow. For being so active and jumping cat, sometimes I had to let her play with my hands even I was bitten or scratched. Every day she waited for me when I came back from work. Slowly she grew up into adult lady cat.

I was worry that my daughter falls in love and leave me alone like my fat cat Diamond did. However, I always knew that if the cat is in heat, can’t be stopped the nature. Soon my beloved furry baby girl showed the system of being pregnant. Yes, of course, she might have some romantic dates with boyfriend while I was at work. Although I was happy for being the grandma of the coming new kittens, also worry about the space for them to live freely. I was a busy person but gave an extra care to my feline companion so I bought special vitamin supplied for pets after consulting with my veterinarian aunt on the phone because she was in Singapore that time.

At the same time, I was brain burning by searching bigger box for upcoming big family and finally one of my friends bring TV box from her home.I cut a hole at the one side of the box so mama and babies can come out easily. For surely, I couldn’t get any saving that month.A few months later, Lulu gave birth 4 beautiful kittens, 3 little Gingers and the itty bitty clone of mom. Though only 1 male from all that was one of the happiest days of my life so I bought a small cake for me and Lulu as the celebration of new mom and granny. She became kind of overprotective and didn’t let me near the babies for few days. I wouldn’t mind for that because I understood her motherly love.I took chance to close with them slowly until she trusted me to touch her children.

About 2 weeks later, one of the tiny gingers became sick, I tried to take care of it but Lulu started the trust issue on me again as she thought I am going to hurt her child. I called a vet but could not check properly because of furious mom. Soon the kitty died without getting proper medical care. I was so sad but I could not blame her because she was just trying to protect her baby that cat can’t think like humans. I was just really grateful that other children were still okay. I had to take the body to my mom’s farm for a burial place.

Mommy offered me to move the feline family to her farm for the reason of having plenty of free spaces. I refused as I was afraid to be alone without my daughter and grandchildren. Months passed and my small apartment was full of 3 super active playful fur balls including their mama. They were full of curiosity which brought dangers to them so I had to focus on their detail security like closing all windows and main door before I go to work and also had to make sure the bowls full with food and clean water. I had to do overtime soon for extra cash and became hard to handle extreme playful cats alone plus I couldn’t give attention to the job.

Later on, I was going to marry with my boyfriend so arranging things for wedding plan made me exhausted and the main problem was to move mother in law’s home where any types of pets aren’t accepted. Finally, I made a heartbroken decision that I might give my fur family to a farmhouse where the place is safe and free because I didn’t want my beloved pets tortured by the mother in law. After sending them to the farmhouse, I had to finish my marriage plan and moved to parents in law’s house.After married, my husband and I tried to adopt a kitten but later we had to send him back to original owner within few days just because of husband’s parents. But I was still hoping to have a feline family as soon as I got a chance and for my son, of course, he definitely needed a furry sibling because a child who has a pet is more kind and gentle than others by knowing how to feel and share the love with the animal.

So my dear readers, let’s see my dream of having a kitty family will come true or not.May God bless those who love and cares pets.

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