Majestic Feline Apollo Bug: There is not Handicapping in Cuteness

Being the 21st-century housewife, I use internet and social sites in very little free time from website and house whole works.Because the internet is very useful for searching needed knowledge and facts.How many of you ever search cute meowing competition videos or super adorable kittens videos from Youtube? Yes, I do because it’s my most pleasurable mental relaxation apart from cooking.

cat with one eye drawing

Normally I love to use FB because Facebook is a very wide famous social network where I can find everyone who has some hobbies, interest with me.Sharing cooking recopies, DIY handicrafts and decorations to my timeline is kind of collecting for self-learning and becomes daily schedule.And the second reason that I stuck on social sites is a bunch of beloved friends who have same interests in Itty Bitty felines and foods like me.My friends are animal lovers, animal rights activists so I am so proud of being part of their life. Every day I enjoy watching, sharing or writing comments under adorable kitties, puppies pictures they post.

Some are funny but some are sad their beloved pets family crossed the rainbow bridge.I do believe that they also go to heaven for being loyal and wonderful companions of humans.Every single one of my buddies is owned by at least 3 cats.These feline babies are mostly rescued and adopted by their kind heart human parents.These cats were orphans and abandoned since childhood even some of them had been believed to end in shelters.A friend from Hungary has adorable 11 members of the furry family.

I don’t remember every name but Frady, Izidor, Zeus, Gina and Apollo bugs are stars among them. All of them are lovely and cuteness overload but there is one especially kitty sparks in my eyes. He is a handsome one-eyed kitty and his name is Apollo Bug as unique as well. This lovely kitty was found starving and without an eye when my friend rescued him from wondering helplessly in corner of streets. Maybe this sweet baby would never expect for having forever home and best dad in the world.He didn’t know that it was a just accident or someone tortured the poor kitten and left it to die.

There are some people who love to abuse animals their own satisfaction and most people abandoned or throw out helpless deformed pets and they also like to humiliate and insult on those who take care of poor little things.Apollo was rescued in time and raised like the own child by new owner until he became little-spoiled king.Being a handicap is never going to be a weakness for him because he is a strong, healthy and handsome boy that every cat lover adores him. His best friends are Frady, Izidor, Gina, and Zeus the graceful black mini panther that is in my future bucket-list for fine art.He loves to play and nap in the sunshine or on snow.

Apollo is not only incredible as a family member but also a stunning and loving father of lovable newborn fur balls as absolute caretaker of own children. Since the first I saw his photo, his cuteness won over my heart and soul.I have never felt that missing body parts perish the charm away as the majority of society press down instead of showing perfect humanity on them. One of my cousins who lives in Thailand also saved one-eyed ginger cat with a broken tail. So I requested his human dad to allow me for drawing this amazing baby’s portrait because I really wanted to give him something special as a present of my love. And I also wanted to show the world that there is nothing wrong with his alluring charm.

Apollo’s owner gladly accepted my offer so I download some images of him to choose the best one to draw.After comparing one by one with different styles of body poses.Finally, I picked up the one in where Apollo bug is sitting under sunlight while the head is slightly up to look somewhere above.I felt is not only adorable but also have a right angle so it was decided to be the right one to create portrait so I started my sketch and paint the detail.Even though I am a busy woman, I gave my time and full attention to create perfect art as much as I can for this pretty fur prince.It was really difficult and even more complex than the first drawing because when I draw Mumu, there were Black and white so it didn’t give too much confusion. But this one has 3 or 4 colors in a mixture, therefore, mixing the right colors became kind of brainstorming for me as I had to paint layers to layers to get close with the original one. There are orange, light gray and brown as the basic colors and white tiny hairs were created with smallest size brush I can from my humble paint software.

I couldn’t make my art micro features detail due to lack of proper digital software.The first, I thought to make the sunlight and bright background like an ordinary image but I decided to make the black color for the background because I wanted to make it not only different, clear, modern but also to expose the main cat’s image. No matter how much difficult it was, I didn’t quit because I am trying to improve my skill with practicing while my love on Apollo the handsome fur baby energized me to keep going on.After 2 days later, I proudly finished my art and also glad to show his majestic appearance even without one eye as nothing can destroy this gorgeous cat’s grace.

With this special art, I pay admiration to all humans who don’t have ignorance and have a big heart on poor helpless animals.These people and their rescued babies are most wonderful companions for each other while they expose true humanity, love, light, and kindness by the proofs for the word ” All cats matter”.With pride and pleasure, I show the real beauty of humans and animals with this my humble artwork.

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