3 super easy tips to make your cat happy

How To Make Your Ca

Every cat parents want their fur babies happy and have a strong bond with them.Having a feline companion is same as having a new baby because kitty totally depends on you for its life, for loving family.I always compare kitties with a human toddler because I recognize every single one of my cats as own blood family, little sibling, own child.

How to make your cat feel loved

Feline companions can make you smile and comfort you even in darkest times.It is very important to be their trustworthy person because they give heart and soul for a lifetime once they chose you. Embrace and be honored if you are chosen by adorable fuzzball with paws and purr. For those who try to be good cat parents for the first time, some little trouble in bonding period. So these 3 simple easy ideas to make a happy cat with loving parents. https://www.youtube.com/embed/LoeKCadGte4?rel=0&showinfo=0

1.Give time and attention to response their affection

Kitties can be under stress and heartbroken if they are being ignored by owners when care and warm love is needed for them.Cats are very lovely little chatty fellas, the will tell you everything about anything they see, they feel by meowing.It is not a big deal to meow them back because even they know you cannot understand, having the conversation is such a fun for them. Those furry fellas have full of curiosity plus a bit of naughty mind. When you are working, cooking or doing homework, they will come near you and check your doing with curious wide eyes. After that cute funny disturbance starts by rubbing body, meow and sitting right in front of you. Please do not ignore those action as tiny felines want attention on them more than your work because they love you so much and they do not understand you are busy.
The better is to talk them back and at least petting the back and head.Give them cuddle time, sometimes physical close contact is very good therapy to comfort just like human babies.I suggest to let them sleep in your bed together. It is good for mental soothing, healing for both human and cat, also strong bond too.Do not forget to put an extra litter box in the bedroom for feline’s nighttime emergency nature’s call. Play with them and have fun.They may have own toys to play but having fun together with their beloved owners is the priceless moment for cats. Feather toys, laser light are best for getting enjoyment together.They are so funny and adorable when they play.This action also supports the health of feline.

2.Make own indoor fun amusement

All you need are cat condo or tree, scratching post, toys, boxes, and catnips. Change toys every 3 months or you can sprinkle some dry catnip on old to attract kitty. Make their fun world in front of the window that has the great view of outside.It is like having entertainment with big HD TV to see what is happening outside of the house. If you have own garden, let them go outside for enjoyment in nature as they love to chase birds, butterflies and climbing on trees.Having cat trap door on every door in the home can make them roam the freely entire house.Due to independent nature, they dislike trapping in a single room for a long time.Gently play with them, hurting the kitties with rough games will bring nothing but fear and disgust on you.

3.Keep healthy and clean

A healthy cat is a happy cat.Recognize any abnormal behaviors from fuzzy fellas and must take to vet if necessary.The important thing is for a regular medical checkup every 6 months in pet clinic to secure good health.Do not forget to take an annual vaccine. Feline groom themselves but they love to get grooming by their owners as it is the feeling of pleasure and calm for them.Keep the litter box clean or furry babies will spread urine and poop every possible place in the home especially on carpet, sofa, bed and cloth piles.The cleaner the environment, the less chance to be infected by outer diseases.Provide with healthy nutrient diet daily but you must know which types of foods are harmful to felines.Remember to give them treats, they love treats and it is very useful in training for good manners.

Those simple facts will help you to make the home sweet home with happy healthy feline family. There is no way they hate you for being such a good parents. I have written about some easy ways to calm scared poor kitty that you might want to check out. If you follow these tips, I hope you can make your cat happy.

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