Mr.White: farewell my first kitty

Cat lovers have own beautiful memories about childhood furry friends that are unforgettable and sometimes sweet, sometimes distressing moments.I want to share you about my very first fur sibling which I got when I was 5 years old.It was just a normal rainy day of July months.Even though the rain was not heavy, the soggy weather and dark gray clouds had made the environment cold.I was coming from nursery school with my mom.It took 10 minutes walk from school to home for my family had been living in a duplex nearby.

story of my My First Kitty

Being active playful girl, I didn’t like to take bus, or any vehicle because that made the less chance of enjoying side seeing, stopping by for street food stands so we are usually on foot to go nearby I always used to stop at dumpling stall because I am a fan of Chinese food and is never boring until now.therefore I stood in front of the dumpling stall and ordered freshly made hot puffy shows.Suddenly a tiny little sound of kitten pierced the air and then my mom and I were looking for where the voice had been coming from.Finally, we realized that the tiny shaky meow was from the box on the trash bags beside the store close by.We ran there and opened the box.

Dear lord, I had never seen such an unfortunate little fur ball.He was just about a month old and trembling with fear, weakness, and cold although he wasn’t wet.But when I stared into wide pitiful eyes, I believed that we knew we were meant for each other.I begged my mom to allow me to take him home.My mother, already a cat lover, gladly accepted him.I held my little fur ball in my arms so he could feel warm and comfortable.He was falling asleep in my arms until we reached home.As soon as we arrived at our house, my dad had to run to the pet store for bed, bowl, litter box, other necessary items etc and the rest of us were brainstorming to feed this little fella.

First, mama attempted to give him normal dairy cream milk with a tiny spoon.The baby sipped very little amount and fell sleep on my blanket.When my dad came back, we arranged the places and the pet shop advised to use a syringe to feed the baby.It was so peaceful for me to watch the Itty Bitty teeny furry puff purring and napping in harmony but without any worries.I decided to name him Mr.White for his color.A problem appeared after kitty woke up.He was gagging and looked like in tummy pain.My parents and I were so worried.

I started to cry with fear because I didn’t want anything bad happens to my poor fur baby.Luckily mommy had a cousin who was veterinarian that time but now she is living in Singapore with her family. Ok let’s continue, daddy instantly called her clinic phone number.My aunt had a pet clinic in another township.She got my house about two hours later.Mr.White was so afraid and hiding under the cabinet for that reason my father had to get him out carefully.

The vet checked, gave some medicine and put him to sleep.She consisted not to feed the infant feline creamy dairy products because his digestive organs could not absorb the cream and fat.She promised us to bring cat milk from her clinic soon but to give fat-free milk until she comes back.Life of an orphan kitten was so harsh also for his human caretaker. After all, he was an only sibling given by God for illuminating my lonely life.After that day, he was getting recover and slowly back to good health.This was how my cat met me.

May I introduce about Mr.White.He had beautiful white color short fur with light orange patches on it.Lovely green eyes were another symbols that melted my heart. He had funny and childish personality.People say cats don’t know love, maybe these people don’t know what is love.The bond between humans and their feline families are very strong and only these two souls can understand but not others.So we were, Mr.white and I rarely broke apart.He was such a curious furry ball and full of wonder.He loved to nap on my lap, chest, legs. every time was in serenity when I listened to his purr.

If there is any universal peace sound, that must be a purr.He liked to get tummy patting, rubbing his back.He was a spoiled prince in the whole family.Whenever he wanted a treat, he used to look at me with big eyes.People convinced me that cat doesn’t have loyalty or cat leave you when you are very sick.They were all wrong because my kitty baby never left me even I was feeling unwell and was in no way of not napping on me.I had lots of remembrances with him.For being very naughty and active cat, he had a bad habit of catching mice and spider just for fun and put everywhere around the house.

When he has grown up, he was so fond of dry cat food though he hated canned food.He wasn’t so much familiar with strangers.One day, I was playing in the garden and a coil of centipede was under flower shelve behind me.All of a sudden he aggressively ran under the shelve and killed the centipede.It is not a big thing you may think but at least it’s true that he saved me from being bitten by poisonous insects.Mr.white had been with me for nearly six years as my best friend, as my brother.

I knew that one day he will pass away because of the live timing between cats and humans is very different.But I didn’t expect that would be so fast since happy and fun times blinded my awareness about death and life.The day which took my heart out started normally, I was in school and he was at home, playing, trying to catch insects and having fun.We rarely let him out from the gate because of cars, stray dogs etc but unfortunately, my mom was busy and super snooping Mr.White snapped out of the main gate.Suddenly mommy heard a painful sharp scream of a cat, she rushed outside of the house but she was too late.

A group of stray dogs tore him into pieces viciously.Mom cried out for help and then some neighbors scared them away only to see the lifeless body of my beloved feline sibling laying in the pool of blood.when I came back from school, I saw cheerless faces of my parents plus they were watching silently at the same time as I was calling out my sweet furry brother. Before he ran to me whenever I called him but today, I didn’t even see his shadow.

My father tried to calm me down, carefully said what happened and pleaded me to accept the reality.I couldn’t do anything except crying hysterically with a broken heart. I really didn’t expect that death will make us away from each other so fast.Soon there was a proper burial in our garden for Mr.White. We put him in the beautifully decorated crystal box and buried under my favorite rose shrub.Whenever roses bloom, I remember him. Days, months and years pass he still owns part of my soul as my foremost sibling, family.

Sometimes I pray if a kitty can go heaven. After all, our pets are our pieces of soul. We all have a spark of memories for those animal friends that passed away.

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