Top 20 cute Pokemon and Digimon cat names

Some of us used to play Poke Desk and Digi Desk in childhood or some simply enjoyed the anime series. This is for 90 born cat parents who were fans of adorable creatures from Pokemon and Digimon animation TV series. These Japanese anime creatures are so adorable along with their Kawaii names. They are also the wonderful choice of names for your loving cats.

Best Pokemon character names for the cat

Best Pokemon Character Names For The Cat

Let’s start with worldwide favorite Pokemon creatures. I always wanted to have my own one to be a trainer. Maybe you will have a dream to own cutie pie poke creatures. It is not a problem because you can give as the name for furry companions. I skipped very common characters like Pikachu or Charizard because I want to show there are more very pretty interesting character names apart from this.

Weedle– Adorable bug Pokemon which enjoys living in green forests or parks. This little baby bug loves to eat green leaves of its weight. Do not touch it carelessly because it has very sharp stinger on the head which has powerful venom. However, this little creature is naturally peaceful. It normally hides in grass, under bushes and chomping leaves. This is a good name for felines which loves to nibble catnip and roll around near catnip plants.
Chansey– Cute egg Pokemon with healing power. It appears as puffy one who carrying an egg. Chansey is not a fighter but a healer and caretaker. Do not worry, we already have own furry Chansey with us. Yes, they will heal you with universal peace sound purr purr purr.
Pichu– The basic level of Pikachu and Raichu. Pichu is super adorable tiny electric Pokemon. It is a suitable name for amusing kitty which loves to tease parents and having fun for it.
Kirlia– I offer this name to honor our furry emotional healers with a purr. Kirlia is the psychic fairy Pokemon which supports the trainer with cheerful positive emotions just like what our fur babies usually do.
Jirachi-A cute wish granter with very powerful wish-granting power. Jirachi can grant any type of wish when it wakes up only 7 days from every a thousand years of sleep. Kitties may not be a wishing creature but having them at least gives you wonderful moments every day.
Glameow– The glamour cat Pokemon which can dance it’s ribbon tail very beautifully when it is happy. But feed your poke cat or it will sink claws on your nose. It can put enemies in mild hypnotic stage with a watch. It is a Purrfect title for elegant feline companions.
Purrloin– Purrloin is a mischievous kitty cat which loves to steal things from people for fun. No victim can resist its superpower of cuteness. Be careful this cute little furry devil will attack the victim with claws too. If you have a naughty yet adorable cat, this is a good match.
Torracat– Torracat is fire cat Pokemon. It can breathe fireballs and can break iron bars and stones with unusual strong front paws. Just like other poke kitties, it can be spoiled and can give owners some love scratches.
Diancie– Our feline babies are the precious jewel to us just like fairy princess Diancie. She does not only has a beautiful name, she can create diamonds with her crystal rock power.
Minccino– Super cute puffy chinchilla Pokemon. It has a powerful charm that everyone will fall in love. Minccino is attracted to shiny items and it will steal as soon as possible. It always grooms thick fur to keep itself clean. Oh, I love this Pokemon so much because it’s little cuteness capture me. If you have a tidy cat which is always grooming, just call your baby “Minccino”.

Best Digimon names for the cat

Digimon names for the cat

Here this is time for cute and powerful digital monsters! Do you want to adopt one? I think yes because once it was most popular in Japan, China, Korea and in Western world too. However, you do not need to have real digital monsters if you have furry feline companions. You just can name them with your favorite Digimon names. I will help you with cutest and mightiest names for your cats.

Aldamon– This Almighty winged knight Digimon has the power of fire. He will offer protection and warmth when you feel cool. Yes, same as your kitty which loves to curl and purr beside you when you are feeling cold at night.
Angemon– Graceful angelic Digimon is a blessing of God. He is a protector and healer. He can comfort you in the darkest day just like fur babies.
Andromon– Andro came from Andriod. A humanoid robot digital monster which is loyal to lucky human partner. Our cats are loyal and android are supposed to be a loyal caretaker of humans in futuristic sci-fi movies.
Astamon– Do not judge his past from whom he evolved. This super handsome demonic Digimon is not a bad guy. He is a wonderful partner of a human girl. His power of hellfire will burn bad creatures who try to harm his beloved human. He is so handsome enough to fall in love easily. yes, so it is not a bad thing to call our charming feline sons “Astamon”.
Caprimon– There is a cuteness comes with fluffy cat-like Digimon with a metallic helmet. Do not underestimate this furry adorable baby because this cuddly one can make powerful Digimon paralyze even the large ones.
Chocomon– Who love this super cute slimy little one? If you are a chocolate lover, this is the best name to give kitty.
Gummymon– For the love of Gummy candy, Gummymon is coming. You can not eat this cutie pie but you will love to keep it forever beside you. This is a Purrfect name for gummy bear lover Digimon Otaku cat parents.
Chibimon– Chibimon is a baby dragon digital monster. You can not resist it’s big eye cute charm for sure. The name also perfectly match for cats.
Gigimon– Another adorable baby fire Digimon. Be careful about the hot bite on fingers if you get him spoiled a lot. Does your cat like to bite? just give him this name. But this is Ok for both genders.
Cocomon– It is not a Disney’s Coco but this crawling baby will capture your heart at first sight. Cocomon is a cute name to give both male and female cats.

I hope you have fun to choose Pokemon and Digimon names for beloved cats. Some may not your favorite characters but I find you easy and cute tiles to call. Stay tuned kitty parents because there will be more interesting articles are on the way.

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