Purr Art Bring me Peace: First Furry Model Mumu

Art is the beautiful creation of human beyond imagination. Painting and Drawing are considered as the most popular subject in art because without them there will be no history, no present or no future and also known as the most effective medicine of mental relaxation as they are the window to a human soul that show the unique personality of each human.Even first Homo sapiens recorded their hunting and daily lifestyle on the walls of caves by painting and then through Ancient Egypt to present day, these drawing, painting is priceless to everybody on earth.I love art because not only it can improve the level of creativity but also can take me to infinite imaginations.

cat deawing MS point

Therefore I do believe this is one of the subjects which must be in daily school routine because these young children can be world top most famous architects or fashion designers. I was born to be an artist as it is mine by born ability.I started my first picture when I was 2 years old though mother disposed of my gift. In my family, some people were gifted in arts and handicraft by born.Grandpa played violin very well while grandma was a skilled tailor. At the same time, uncle used to illustrate lots of cartoons in childhood, mom, and my youngest aunt was well known as artistic talented people while high school.

Now my dear reader may curious why they did not support me for being professional in painting.The reason is that they never had chances.In my country, most artists are poor and hardly feed the family while engineers, doctors are in very high demand and government schools support by heart learning instead of praising unique thinking and imagination.AS the result of this system, gifted citizens have to choose reality and wanna be because money is the main factor for life.So they denied their talents including my family.My parents had never supported me for this.Mom and dad never want me to an artist because they believe that it is not a kind of professional stable job to earn money. They want me to be a scientist that is totally out of my interest.

They set my life in a fixed mold of what they want but not what I wanted to be. Instead of spending my life in Laboratory, I rather wanted to be a free and independent singer, designer or whatever.When I tried to join vocal training class, that idea was kicked out.And I also tried to go fashion designer school then also denied and film class? No way. And then, I was just going to University of parents’ choice, sitting in microbiology class and pushing virus and DNA into the brain by force. However, hobby gene is the hardest one to press so I secretly learn about arts and crafts from books as much as possible.

Leonardo da Vinci was my childhood idol and then famous designers, singers, even amazing digital artists.So I trained myself with self-practice almost daily whenever in free times because I was punished seriously when mom found out that I was learning secretly in high school art class for 2 days. Whenever I tried to impress her, she always insulted and sometimes fully ignored my trying as she wanted me to lose hope on my dream and she wants me to believe that I will never be OK to live a good life as an artist, dancer or singer. Therefore my artistic virus had been pressed over years by the antibody called parent’s power but it couldn’t destroy my ability so I was slowly enhancing myself though I couldn’t reach too far like a professional for the lack of proper support and teaching. I created fashion designs, fantasy drawing like beautiful mythological creatures, fairy, angel and mermaid etc but all were ended in forgotten paper bundles on dusty bookshelves.

I remember once I draw a vampire for Halloween then mom tore the picture pieces to pieces and almost send me to a mental hospital. After I married, my husband inspires me, praises me for my gift. So he advised me to draw a subject which is related to my hobbies and also I really love. So I started the realistic art of pets especially cat because I am crazy cat lover though I like all animals.I had never been tried a realistic picture of fur babies before as only cute cartoon kitties I normally do as far as I reached. Later I decided to do it along with feline related fashion designs so I requested to one of my good friends who own several furry friends. He sent me photos of his adorable cats and among them, I picked up the easiest photo of the lovely baby named Mumu. She was missing when he sent me a picture and he was heartbroken but after he received the drawing he found his lost baby back so he made fun that my drawing is lucky.

It was really kind of difficult for me with problems like mixing right colors,fur details because I didn’t want to mess up while trying to step on professional path and I also didn’t to let my beloved husband down as he is only one who accepts me, embraced me for who I am, for my ability.Being a house mom and teacher, I have very little time to create my art.I could take only 1 hr per day, therefore, a picture took 2 to 3 days to finished but I didn’t give up.I used Microsoft paint because my PC is aged and not suitable to load Adobe Photoshop.The happiness is beyond compare to see own best trying after it was finished even though there was few mistake.

So dear hey meow fan, I hope you enjoy my arts even though they are not 100% professional and feel free to send inspired paintings of your gorgeous kittens, never hesitate to send us along with a 500 words minimum short story, your name, and country. Meow family is always welcome to share your wonderful imagination with the world.

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