How to soothe a scared cat: 3 simple tips

How To Soothe A Scared Cat

Owner or stranger whatever needs to calm down a frightened cat first for close approaching. Many people do not know how to deal with upset, stressed, the scared cat so wrongly makes that fuzzball more aggressive instead of soothing. Felines afraid of many things and there are many reasons which make them fear, nervous.If you are a stranger, I am sure you do not want to go near frightened, agitated kitty or you will regret it. However, animal psychologists and experienced cat owners started to study and seek the solution to this problem. Their hard work paid off as finally some valuable simple and easy ideas came out.But you need a lot of patience and awareness so if you consider yourself as short temper person with no patience, better walk away from poor scared kitty.

For helping the poor frightened fur baby, first, need to understand the symptoms afraidness and then follows the easy ways to calm him down.Can cats have stressed and anxiety same as humans? of course, they do, they are very easily sacred because it is their own nature which keeps them alive since thousands of year ago. Their very alert and attentive behavior ring the bell on every condition which they are being threatened.The symptoms are mostly found in ferals and even in friendly domesticated ones especially when they encounter with strangers or neighborhood dogs. Fur babies are absolute attention seekers and they want best love and care from their humans. Neglected and mistreated kitties have the higher chance of suffering from depression, stressed, phobia.There are noticeable signs that a scared cat shows the natural response to outside uncomfortable threatened feelings.The frightened cat will show the following noticeable signs.

1.Uprising hair and puffing tail
2.Hissing and growling
3.Aggression such as biting and scratching
4.Flattened ears and whisker
5.Widened or narrowed eyes
6.Bended back
7.Hiding or running away
8.Crouched position
10.Restless nature

How to clam a scared cat

How To Clam A Scared Cat

The signs of aggressiveness appear only when they are in the corner without escape.Normally ended up with running or hiding.Stray ones which do not have a good and proper connection with humans may be quite difficult to calm down than temporary stressed house cats.All of my furry siblings and daughters are naturally friendly and cheerful but sometimes they also faced fearful condition. Another thing, You have to know well about cat care systems perfectly. So lovely caring also can help a little bit in this case about clam a cat when it scared.
Therefore I had to soothe my frightened fuzzballs anyhow as much as I can.My childhood super brave fluffy brother Diamond used to hide under the bed if another tomcat around the house. My rescued daughter Lulu Belle was afraid of loudspeakers from any neighborhood ceremonies and carnivals. I am talking about one of their fears because of cats afraid almost everything. My parents and I once had to tame and short time take care of a group of wild kittens which are a litter of domesticated and wild forest feline. Their mother gave birth in an abandoned house nearby and killed by a dog a couple of months later.As the crazy cat lover, my dad could not ignore those poor helpless orphan babies. He took all 4 of them home and tried to domesticate them.
They were extremely wild and aggressive that took several months to discipline those fuzzballs though first 2 babies became friendly with 2 months.Even in the same litter, they have different mentalities.There are 3 simple useful ways to calm down the typically scared kitty that I would like to share.These are not only research from different sources but also from my own experiences with my fur family.

Respect privacy and give an own fun space

If the kitty is new to you, best is to give a distance between you and kitty instead of attempting to catch or touch by force all the time.As a result fuzzy fella may think you as a scary weirdo so even try to disappear and hide out of your sight every time.Do not try to catch by force and let them hide in a safe place as they are just taking time to analyze you are an annoying stalker or not. He will automatically come out when he calmed down and ready.
Avoid teasing and disturbing all the time in unfriendly condition because cats are so moody and sensitive enough to avoid annoying people rest of his life.Give them own space for fun.For example, cat tree, scratching post, toys are the best way to make a nervous and scared feline happy and relieve.Instead of directly interacting with humans, he better first adapts and stable in the new environment.For one of your fur babies which is suddenly frightened by a loud sound, lightning, and dog barking, let him hide any place where he feels safe.When he comes out, just comfort him with gentle petting on head and back while talking softly.

Create little fun world and play with them

Cats are by-born active fun lover so playing, bouncing indicate relief from fear, upsetness. Variety of toys such as laser teaser, feather teaser, balls, toy mouse are best items that they cannot resist to play. Make own small world with cat tree with a scratching post, toys, a comfy soft warm bed and yes, boxes of course because fur babies do love boxes.Even though they will not let you touch, they will be getting familiar and friendly to a new place and new people slowly.
If a scaredy cat is hiding under bed and furnishers, lure them with toys from a proper distance by acting normal and without staring straight into their eyes.The kitty may afraid and hide although his eyes will lock on your movement with awareness.For pre-owned kitty, this indoor fun world can provide safety and can relieve stress.Give him time to play together as felines are very affectionate and sensitive creatures in order to make them happy and distract from sources of fear.

Tempt with foods and treats

Tempt With Foods And Treats

Those fuzzy furry babies always love treats.Treats are always the best way to lure the scared kitty near you or out from hidden places.Put the treats trail lead to nearby you but not too close.Do not expect frightened cat will come to you immediately because of trust issue level. Like what I mentioned above, give them proper distance, act normally without freaky staring into their eyes like gargoyle status on the building.New unfamiliar fur baby hates being stalk all the time.
Patience and wait until he comes out for eating his yummy trails.Be sure also not to catch in on the first day as this process is for few days trust gaining protocol until he is brave enough to eat nom on your lap or beside you.In that time, you can try next step of petting him very gently on the back, scratching cheeks and chin.Do not worry, even though the first attempt is failed, second or third time may bring success.
My all cats started a good relationship with me by treat method except a wild kitty named Elizabeth ( Lizzy ) and Hell.Lizzy was the first one which closes to human by herself automatically without any trying and Hell was least friendly as he got this name with reason until he finally turned out to be daddy’s favorite cuddle boy Halo.

Note: Wear long sleeves dress, long pant, and even thick gloves if needed in case of avoiding savage bites and scratches.Avoid watching and staring them especially directly into eyes or they will fear you more. Use calm and soft tone voice to cool them down same like comforting human baby.
Never punish severely or do a rough behavior on your furry family. Stray kittens under 4 months are easy to be tamed but upper 4 months to adult ferals will not be easy to calm them down because poor kitties have painfully neglected and abused by humans before they were rescued.
This condition makes them phobia and paranoid with fear on humans and everything which lead them into a wild savage stage.Trying to soothe a scared cat needs fully patience and calm mind.If you cannot be patient, better learn to calm yourself down in anger management class before helping scared nervous cats.Some owners use Feliway pheromones chemical which is same from feline’s gland so they can get a friendly smell in the new house and on people to adjust very fast.

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