Third Portrait: A Queen with Paws and Purr

Cats have many different styles of poses to attract humans’ interest. Kitties make funny faces, grumpy looking style or cute yoga poses and much more which people think so adorable. As the result, these lovely tiny felines are popular among social media, internet and inspired by thousands of artists to create wonderful unique fine arts, handicrafts.As I am one of the artists who fall in love with the beauty of furry babies, it’s so pleasuring to create feline related pictures and portraits.

I also make some DIY things that contain cute kittens images for example candle holders, postcards, wall decorations, poems.Poems about this cutest little beings are kind of rare because most people can’t see the words in their beauty.I have many animals lover friends mostly are crazy cat parents and they all have beautiful spoiled children covered with fur and talk with the meow.

bagle, the beautiful cat

I do believe every single one of small kitty is gorgeous not matter they are feral, adopted, old or young and they all need true love and forever home.If someone said they can not love or loyal, those person is one who doesn’t know to feel what is love and it’s not the easy thing to gain their trust too because they can see the deep into souls which humans hide under the mask of lies. If you were chosen by them, embrace it because these living fluffy fur balls are ready to share the entire love with you.

After drawing for a sweet one-eyed baby Apollo Bug, I was looking for another one to paint.One of my very good friends had 5 pretty furry friends but 2 poor little ones passed away unfortunately and being a lonely aged woman with only pets isn’t easy to cheer up in life, therefore, these babies are the whole world for that lady. I feel very sorry and heart broke to hear that so I comforted her and asked her if she wants me to paint the picture of kitties that passed away but she gave me the image of her cat which is still alive.I understand that the feeling of looking deceased one’s memorial image bring more sadness though some people like to keep it to remember old precious times.Her name is Bagle and she is such an amazing beauty.Let me introduce about sweet Bagle.

My kind friend rescued her when she was little and motherless but she is one of her mama’s favorite ones.Other adopted siblings are so active and playful though she loves eating and napping most of the time, especially warm sunlight. For being a mighty feline, a spark of playfulness still remaining when attracted with favorite toys such as a cotton mouse, feather stick and even toilet tissue papers sometimes whenever gets chances.Boxes are like beloved muffin cups because of her interest in small boxes instead of big ones.If she wants attention, she will disturb her mama anyway with every adorable action as much as possible.

Her owner doesn’t need an alarm clock because she is always right on time with meowing. Even though she is staying like a queen, never think that she is the mean one because of her gentleness and friendliness.Her good behavior and girly nature are always ready to make furry lovers’ hearts meltdown. There is a three-legged brother that became get along with fluffy princess very well.Her siblings love to tease while lazy fat spoiled sister is napping but that doesn’t make them enemies and they love each other so much as the same they feel on their adoptive mom.Before I drew her portrait, I was in fever as the result of taking shower very late.

Instead of medicine, all I wish is four jelly beans paws and a purr.You may think it’s funny talking but there is a serious reason.Purr is known to have powerful healing energy for mental depression, insomnia, and other normal illnesses because a purr came from peacefully sleeping or resting kitty contains soft vibrating sound waves that are effective in relaxing the mind, supporting deep peaceful sleep and even boosting body energy and stamina to recover from illness or mental pressures. Such an unlucky woman I am as I can’t have an amazing therapy with fur and purr just because of my mother in law who hates animals so I had to depend on chemically modified medicine.Though I need a rest, the duties of being a housewife, mother and also my promise on Bagle’s mom were holding me up not to be the bed rest.

So I started my work, art along with sickness. This kitty wasn’t difficult to sketch and paint but in the halfway, my old humble PC window software freeze and crushed.So I waited while putting a new window in PC.After that, I restarted my work.I made a basic sketch with a pen but my hands were shaking a little bit with weakness as the result of being in fever and strong medicine, also it’s hard to control mouse properly in the computer art. It wasn’t too much complex like Apollo bug because Bagle has mostly black, deep gray and white in color. The black color was put at the base and 2 types of dark gray color bushes were covered layers of layers until it became close to real hairs.She is so fluffy so I put some fur detail to make it more realistic.

Bagle has amazing beautiful green eyes what I really like because green and blue eyes are my favorite. I put Emerald green as basic and light brown and grass green as very thin layers to make it like her real eyes. By one hour per day, I finished my precious artwork on the third day. When I gave a try to the owner, she was so glad.I am so happy for her too because she is kind heart woman and like an angel for her fluffy children.She also allowed me to post on Hey Meow official Facebook page.Not only she shared on her timeline but also posted in groups of car lovers and parents.

I am so proud when people give like for my best trying because whenever I draw, I put focus, love, and energy on it so it’s worth for me to follow my dream as a self-learner unprofessional artist like me.

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