Unique male cat names: Strong and almighty titles

It is not that easy to pick up a name from the tip of the tongue because it needs several thinking too. I normally did not give common titles to any of my feline friends except Elizabeth and Sharon because handling 4 extreme wild forest cat hybrids made no time to think special peacefully. Now I want to expose wonderful unique male cats names just for your handsome toms.

Unique Male Cat Names

Male cat names from Greek gods and Heroes

I respect different views and choices of each owner because some are looking for funny and cute ones while other some think boy furry babies must have mighty titles. I am always to drown in gods and mythology. And I motto is “Special one deserves highest majestic names”. Therefore, I present the ancient Greek and Roman mythological names as writer’s choice. I wish you enjoy even you do not wish to choose because reading is fun and these are all creative and phenomenal. Let’s start with immortal powerful titans.

Hypnos- The fearful Greek god of sleep who owns part of every human life because all humans have to sleep anyhow. His parents are the god of Darkness Erebus and the goddess of night Nyx. His mother Nyx is respected and feared by all Olympian gods including Zeus. Cats do love sleeping and this is the best name for a lazy fat kitty who is always finding the chance of napping.

Apollo- He is well known as one of the Olympian gods but actually he is a pure titan. This young and handsome god of the sun was widely worshiped by the Pythia Delphi priestesses. People from Greece believed that spirit of Apollo possessed the oracle to reveal the future. He is the brother of famous moon goddess Selene and also the last generation of titans. He drives the golden chariot every day across the sky. His Roman version is Helios. This is a nice choice for red tomcats.

Eros- Kitties are affectionate and loving little creatures just like Cupid. Yes, this worldwide famous tiny little love maker icon was originally based on super handsome Greek god Eros. He is the only son of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. Although he is well known as a matchmaker between women and men, actually the god of sexual desire and attraction. This youthful god married to a human princess named Psyche. Love is blind so complain to Eros unless you can embrace the whole love that your feline gives you.

Hector- The popular hero from Trojan war who is also a prince of Troy. He fought very bravely with the most fearsome Greek hero Achilles even he always knew that he is going to lose. When he died, he left his beloved wife and little son. Such a brave heroic title to call your mighty furry son.

Hercules- Son of Zeus and a mortal noblewoman. As a demigod, he possesses the superhuman strength. He is the most popular hero of Greek Mythology for his 12 labors given by Goddess Hera who dislike him. He slew fierce beasts like nine-headed hydra and Nemean lion etc. He easily tamed three-headed underworld dog Cerberus which is feared by people and gods. I see some kitties with Hercules name so why your strong furry buddy should be called?

Perseus- Another demigod son of Zeus and beautiful mortal queen Danae. He is well known for slaying the monster Gorgon Medusa. After that, he killed sea monster Cetus to save Princess Andromeda by turning it into stone with the power from Medusa’s severed head. Although he does not have superhuman abilities, he is very intelligent and very good at quick thinking. So this is for very smart and intelligent kitties of any breed.

Orpheus- A demigod son of sun god Apollo. Just like other descendants of gods, he possesses the power of music. He is a great musician who plays the lyre. With his extraordinary power of music, he can even tame wild animals and stop the river flowing. While he was traveling with Jason to get golden flee, he saved Jason and his soldiers from Sirens’s tempting song by playing his lyre. He almost got his deceased wife back from the underworld as a favor of his musical skill from Hades and Persephone but he broke the promise. So his wife vanished forever because he lost one and only very rare chance. If your feline is quite talkative and loves to meow then Orpheus is a good choice.

Unique Japanese and Angel male cat names

Unique Japanese And Angel Male Cat Names

There are some more favors of amazing name choices for my dear readers which can give you extra fun and idea in searching names. Famous and common heavenly angels and unique Japanese gods names are given for feline buddies.

Michael- The most powerful leader of all angels. He is an angel of protection, justice, and motivation.

Gabriel- The messenger angel with trumpet.Gabriel is known to be patron guardian of writers and artist.

Raphael- Archangel of healing physically and emotionally. He is also a symbol of peace and harmony.

Ebisu- Famous Japanese god of wealth, prosperity and also the sea. Fishermen from all around from Japan worshiped him in ancient time but normal people also worship him as one of the seven gods of luck in present time.

Daikoku- While Ebisu is a patron of fishermen, Daikoku is the patron of farmers. He is also one of seven gods of wealth and luck.

Most people believe that names influence life’s of living things, for example, names of luck bring good fortune and majestic strong titles make the owners powerful. Therefore you can choose the best creative and unique male cat names for your feline sons from my research.

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